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Mining Minerals of Mexico Corp (WIIM) preparing to become CRWV part II – updated report

01 May Mining Minerals of Mexico Corp (WIIM) preparing to become CRWV part II – updated report


Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 7.00.25 PM    About 3 weeks ago, on April 14, 2013, we introduced the PSS world to a completely unknown pink sheet ticker call Mining Minerals of Mexico Corp (WIIM) - see that report here.

At the time I did the report, the OTC markets website was having issues with filing loading so I wanted to take the opportunity to go back and complete my original report.  The following is our original April 14, 2013 report followed by some updated information that has occurred since April 14, 2013.




While poking around looking for tickers with curious links to PWEI in hopes of identifying possible future Victory Mark picks, I came across a very interesting completely under the radar ticker known as Mining Minerals of Mexico Corp (WIIM).

Some of the things that WIIM has in common with PWEI are that both tickers:

1) share the same legal counsel - Thomas Russell

2) are pink sheet companies

3) recent reverse splits helping to set the shell up for a future paid promotion

Those three things don't do a lot to link WIIM to PWEI, but a closer look at WIIM gives us some more interesting points.

1) the ticker is based out of Mexico (common area for Luis Carrillo)

2) the ticker shares the same CEO as former APS promoted ticker, CRWV, Dane Peterson

3) the ticker now owns the same property that former APS promoter ticker, CRWV, used during its paid promotion

In fact, if WIIM were to eventually get promoted by either VM or APS, it would be the 3rd related ticker promoted by this group.  Following the CRWV promotion, CRWV passed one of its alleged properties on to another pink sheet company that got promoted by APS, ABOT.  One ABOT insider also linked to another APS promotion, MILV.

MILV, CRWV, ABOT, PWEI, and VLNX were the only pink sheet tickers that APS/VM ever promoted.

CRWV and ABOT also had connections to three other APS promoted tickers (WRIT, AMWI, and PEPR) through Phil Kueber (whose company was involved in helping with the publication of the CRWV and ABOT websites).

** Note, when CRWV and ABOT got promoted by APS, APS had not yet become the powerful promoter that it is today.  APS was still using its old domains back then.  More info about those promotions here.


A little background on WIIM

Mining Minerals of Mexico (WIIM) was formerly known as Cal Alta Auto Glass, Inc.

Cal Alta Auto Glass Inc was a non-SEC reporting pink sheet ticker that didn't do any OTC filings either.

In April of 2012, an entity controlled by Dane Peterson (former CEO of CRWV) called World Investments of Mexico Inc did a share exchange with Cal Alto Auto Glass Inc.

60,000,000 restricted shares were issued to World Investments of Mexico Inc in exchange for all of the outstanding shares of World Investments of Mexico Inc.

50,000,000 shares went to Dane Peterson
5,000,000 shares went to Mary Ann Baron
5,000,000 shares went to Steven Thompson (held in a Belize entity called Anvil International Inc)

World Investments of Mexico Inc came with a mining property in Mexico called the Gallo de Oro.  It was the same exact property that World Investments of Mexico Inc once sold to CRWV to help support a pump and dump for that stock.

Prior to the share exchange, Cal Alto Auto Glass Inc did a 1:200 reverse split which wiped out the previous shareholders and left Cal Alto Auto Glass Inc with 178,727 shares.

Coinciding with the share exchange with World Investments of Mexico Inc, WIIM issued 28,224,600 free trading shares of common stock to eliminate old debt Notes.

Both CRWV and ABOT also used old debt Notes to issue free trading stock before their promotions.

28,224,600 shares held by anonymous insiders is not a lot compared to past Victory Mark promotions, but WIIM still carries $340,000 in unconverted debt on its balance sheet, so that number could grow by A LOT before any kind of paid promotion kicks off.


More information about the CRWV and ABOT promotions

Visit the following links to learn more about the CRWV and ABOT promotions (links to some of my past research) and how both link to Phil Kueber making Kueber a likely key insider for the WIIM.

Link #1

Link #2



What has happened since April 14, 2013

On April 17, 2013, WIIM saw its first ever trade when somebody took out the $.25 bid we mentioned in our report.  Since April 17, 2013, the share price has climbed ever day that it has traded now back up past its original price at $.52/share.


Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 7.18.04 PM


On April 24, 2013, WIIM opened up a Vimeo account found here and posted a video.


More about WIIM

The WIIM website can be found here.  The domain ( was registered back on May 22, 2012 using a private proxy.  From the website we get a little bit more information including a list of fellow cast members:

Dane Peterson - CEO
Jimmy Connor - VP/Director
Roberto Ortega - VP/Director
Francisco Rafael Camarena Macias - Legal Counsel
Rafael Ivan Camarena Rodriguez - Legal Counsel
Thomas Russell - Legal Counsel
Peter Messineo - Auditor

Corporate Address: 30021 Tomas, Suite 300, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688 (a virtual office)

Much of the information on the WIIM website was recycled from the CRWV website.  Crown Ventures Inc (CRWV) now trades as Grand Capital Ventures Inc (GRCV).  The CRWV website is no longer active, but an archived version can be found here.  My favorite is how the exact word for word description of the property used on the old CRWV website is also found on the WIIM website.


What the filings teach us

A review of the WIIM OTC filings (that were not available when we did our original report) shows us that back in April of 2012 when World Investments of Mexico Inc (Dane Peterson) did a share exchange with Cal Alto Auto Glass Inc, the legal counsel for the shell was Andrew Coldicutt.


Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 7.50.22 PM


Andrew Coldicutt gives us one more link between WIIM and APS/VM since 1 other ticker linked to Andrew Coldicutt was promoted by Victory Mark (PWEI) and 2 other tickers linked to Andrew Coldicutt were promoted by APS (VLNX, CDOI).

The old CEO of the WIMM shell while it was Cal Alto Auto Glass Inc (CAAG) was Wayne Bailey.  In our VLNX report and our PWEI report we showed how Wayne Bailey worked with Andrew Coldicutt as the CEO of CDOI and as the author of filings for PWEI, VLNX, and CDOI.

As if we haven't listed enough links between WIIM and past VM and APS promotions, the accountant for WIIM, Peter Messineo, is also a common fixture in VM and APS promotions.  Peter Messineo did work for PWEI, AMWI, TSLI, SWVI, SVEN, among others.

The author of the initial company information and disclosure filing done right after the exchange with World Investments of Mexico Inc was Anvil International Inc (Steven Thompson) which helps explain how/why he ended up with 5,000,000 WIIM shares.



The Share Count

Authorized - 250,000,000 shares
Outstanding - 88,403,327 shares
Float - between 28,403,327 shares and 33,403,327 shares
Dane Peterson - 50,000,000 shares
Mary Ann Baron - 5,000,000 shares
Steven Thompson (held in a Belize entity called Anvil International Inc) - 5,000,000 shares
Anonymous insiders - 28,224,600 shares issued towards old probably bogus debt Notes
Old CAAG shareholders - 178,727 shares



The mining properties mean nothing for WIIM.  Dane Peterson has already proven in the past that the mining properties only exist as promotional ammunition during a pump&dump scheme.  WIIM is loaded with insiders linked to past paid promotions, primarily past VM and APS paid promotions.

WIIM has between 28,403,327 and 33,403,237 free trading shares of stock, but if WIIM is going to become a future VM or APS promotion, the key will be the number $170,000.  That is the amount of debt owned by the anonymous insiders that is now over 1 year old.  CRWV and ABOT enriched the promoter and other insiders by converting debt Notes at ridiculous rates.  ABOT converted a very suspicious $150,000 debt Note into 150,000,000 free trading shares of stock.  CRWV converted a very suspicious $200,000 debt Note into 200,000,000 free trading shares of stock.   

If WIIM ends up being a future VM or APS promotion, I expect to see the $170,000 of WIIM debt that just turned 1 year old to become 170,000,000 shares of free trading stock controlled by the VM/APS insiders to dump during the promotion.  To fit 170,000,000 shares, WIIM would have to raise their authorized share count so keep an eye here for that to happen.   If WIIM isn't reserved for a Victory Mark or APS promotion we might not see the $170,000 in old debt come into play.

How to play WIIM from this $.52/share level is tricky.  It could continue to climb with such a tightly held float, but if it is eventually going to be a VM or APS promotion the normal pattern is for VM and APS to drop the price first to a level that can support the dumping of around 200,000,000 shares.

WIIM is definitely picking up interest so it will surprise me if we don't find out who will be promoting WIIM some time in the next few weeks.  Today I am adding WIIM to our list of tickers to watch for a future paid promotion.






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