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United Consortium Ltd (UCSO) – nodummy side research

28 Sep United Consortium Ltd (UCSO) – nodummy side research


United Consortium Ltd (UCSO) is basically a dead ticker now, but in the past it was one of dozens of shells hijacked and abused for insider enrichment by an organized crime organization that to date has somehow avoided disciplinary action from the SEC, FBI, and DOJ.


Early History

The UCSO shell started out as Cascadia Capital Corp.

Cascadia Capital Corp was incorporated as a Nevada business entity on October 29, 1999 by attorney, Gerald R Tuskey of Vancouver.   Gerald Tuskey listed himself as the sole officer/director of the entity at the time of incorporation.  Tuskey would join forces with William L MacDonald in 2008 forming MacDonald Tuskey.  The law firm has been involved dozens of paid promotion tickers since 2008 including some of the biggest name pump&dump tickers in the past 6 years like LEXG, JAMN, AENY, GNIN, HHWW, LTUM, BGBR, CPOW, IDNG, TAON, and PEPR which included names like William Scott Marshall, Mario Aiello, Phil Kueber, Francisco Abellan, Alnoor Ramji, and Shane Whittle.

Cascadia Capital Corp would file an SB-2 to go public and to register up to 100,000 shares for sale at $1.00/share on April 27, 2000.  At the time of the SB-2 filing, Cascadia  Capital Corp had no actual business operations.  They told the SEC their plan was to use the money raised from the offering to "to acquire assets or shares of a business that generates revenues".

By the time the SB-2 filing was done, Gerald R Tuskey was no longer listed as an officer.  He had switched to the role of providing the legal opinion for the shell and Keith Ebert was listed as the sole officer/director.  Keith Ebert was from Vancouver where he spent the last the last 2 years as a self employed stock trader and the three years before that in Corporate Finance with both Marleau, Lemire Securities Inc. and C.M. Oliver & Co. Ltd. in Vancouver.  Keith Ebert was issued 2,500,000 shares.  He got 2,250,000 of those shares for serves rendered and paid $250 for the other 250,000 shares.

2,200,000 shares were also split up (50,000 share a piece) to a group of 44 "seed shareholders" made up of friends and family of Keith Ebert and Gerald Tuskey.  The group paid $.001/share raising $2,200.

The original SB-2 filing would end up being withdrawn and on May 23, 2001, a new SB-2 filing would be done this time instead of registering 100,000 new shares for sale at $1.00/share it would be used to register the 2,200,000 seed shareholder shares for resale to the public.  By this point a second officer had been added to the team, Gerry Diakow.   Diakow was from Vancouver and had been working as a project manager for Trilogy Minerals Inc which publicly traded on the Canadian Venture Exchange.  On October 21, 2000, Diakow sold two mining claims to Cascadia Capital Corp so that the company would now have a forward looking business plan to develop those properties as a way to get SEC approval to gain public trading status.  Diakow was paid $20 and issued 100,000 shares for Cascadia Capital Corp to use his relatively worthless claims to go public. 

Providing the legal opinion for the new SB-2 filing was Randall J Lanham.  Randall J Lanham had a long standing business relationship with Gerald Tuskey and some of his later associates like William L MacDonald, William Scott Marshall, David Naylor, Glen Harder, Sak Narwal, Paul Leslie Hammond, and Phil Kueber.     Lanham and Tuskey would also work together to take other shells public around the same time as Cascadia Capital Corp including Lions Gate Investment Limited (which also used Keith Ebert as its CEO and had most of the same seed shareholders as Cascadia) and Trend Technology Corp (which also used Keith Ebert as its original CEO).

Lions Gate eventually became Dobi Medical International Inc (DBMI) which went bankrupt and had its security deleted by the SEC in 2008.  Trend Tech eventually became Americas Energy Corp (AENY) which filed for bankruptcy in 2011 just months after a huge paid promotion sent the ticker from $1.50 to $4.50/share.  The SEC objected to the plan for AENY to go bankrupt and would end up revoking the ticker in 2013.


Acquisition of Storage Alliance Inc

After going public in 2001, Cascadia would make no progress with its mining claims. 

The company would end up doing a 3.25:1 forward split to increase the holdings of the insiders with the free trading stock in February of 2002.

In September of 2002, Keith Ebert would step down and Hilton Getz would take over as acting CEO. 

Within days of taking over, Hilton Getz would work out a plan of merger with Storage Alliance Inc. acquiring the company from DKJ Technologies Inc for 2,500,000 shares.    Storage Alliance Inc was run by Jeff Ascah.  The director for Storage Alliance Inc was Hilton Getz.  Storage Alliance Inc came with some very modest revenues and a fair share of debt.

The attorney processing the acquisition was Gerald Tuskey's future partner, William MacDonald, then working for Clark Wilson LLP another law firm notorious for getting involved with pump&dump penny stock tickers.

The completion of the merger came with a name/symbol change to Storage Alliance Inc (SGAL) in November of 2002. 


The SGAL pump&dump

Between November of 2002 and March of 2003 the stock price would push up from $.15/share to $1.93/share.    The price rise was helped by a promotion from The Wall Street Digest starting in January of 2003.  The Wall Street Digest which was controlled by Donald H Rowe.  In March of 2003, Citron wrote a report countering the promotion.

A key insider during this time was Konrad Ackermann who provided toxic financing to penny stocks through his Liechtenstein based company Alpha Capital.


Shell is Abandoned

By 2003, SGAL stopped reporting any revenues but continued to do press releases about acquisitions while issuing more and more stock to Konrad Ackermann in 2003 and and early 2004.   In January of 2004, SGAL stopped doing any more required financial filings.   The ticker was basically abandoned.  Last reported SGAL had 12,321,987 shares outstanding. 

The company failed to file its annual reports with the Nevada SOS in 2004 and 2005.  In August of 2005 the resident agent for the company resigned and in October of 2005, Storage Alliance Inc was revoked by the Nevada SOS opening the door for hijackers to prey on the shell.


The Hijacking

In September of 2006, Michael Anthony (formally known as Michael Anthony Pollaccia) filed for custodianship of the abandoned still publicly traded shell with the Nevada SOS hijacking it.

Anthony immediately deregistered the stock via a Form 15 filing despite the fact that it was not current with its SEC filings moving the ticker to the pink sheets where it could hide more easily from SEC scrutiny and where it would be much easier to issue millions of shares of unregistered stock to be dumped into the market to him and his organized crime group of friends.


Chasing the Hijacker

For the next 5 years there would be absolutely no filings done by the shell.  No public disclosure at all.   But there were plenty of corporate changes, share issuances, and press releases being done.

Just days after the hijacking, 85,000,000 shares would be issued to Century Capital Partners LLC, a Florida entity, controlled by Michael Anthony (aka Micheal Anthony Pollaccia).

250,000 shares would also be issued to Donald Clarke in October of 2006.  This brought the total stock issued and outstanding to 97,571,987.

On November 27, 2006 the name/symbol for the ticker was changed to ReBuilder Medical Inc (RBDM).  The change came with a 1:100 reverse split.  This brought the O/S down to 975,750 shares.

The plan was to merge the ReBuilder Medical business into the Storage Alliance Inc (SGAL) shell, but for whatever reason, the plans changed.  Just 2 weeks later the shell would do a change in direction.  On December 14, 2006 the name/symbol was changed again this time to Pizza International Inc (PZZL).

In January and February of 2007, following the corporate changes, 12,000,024 shares would be issued MJSC Enterprises LLC, a Minnesota business entity controlled by Mark T Johnson, without any restrictive legends (free trading) accompanied by an opinion letter from Marc D Manoff.

Marc D Manoff and Mark T Johnson, would end up pleading guilty to Securities Fraud in 2010.  Manoff and Johnson were involved together in a company called Marck Capital Partners LLC that described itself as a consulting firm that helped raise money for both public and private companies and assisting in "reverse mergers".  In reality, Manoff and Johnson were in the business of manipulating the share prices of thinly traded penny stocks.  They got busted in 2008 when they met with an undercover FBI agent about manipulating the stock price of Exit Only Inc (EXTO) and CX2 Technologies Inc (CXTO) through their company, Marck Capital Partners LLC.  Manoff is currently serving a 5 year suspension.

Exit Only Inc (EXTO) is now known as Bayport International Holdings Inc (BAYP).   CX2 Technologies Inc (CXTO) is now known as Grillit Inc (GRLT).


More on MJSC Enterprises LLC

The names MJSC Enterprises LLC and Rebuilder Medical would both show up again when Sycamore Development Group Inc (SYVG) merged with Rebuilder Medical becoming ReBuilder Medical Technologies Inc (RBRM) in 2007.  Shortly after a 1:100 reverse split, MJSC Enterprises LLC received 16,000,000 free trading shares which made up nearly the entire float for just $.03/share.  Another interesting character involved in this shell was Kelly Black as the IR representative.  Kelly Black was busted in an FBI sting operation for illegal kickbacks in several penny stock companies. This ticker now trades as Cannabiz Mobile Inc (LGBI).

MJSC Enterprises LLC would also get 16,000,000 free trading shares of Vzillion Inc (VZIL) stock in July of 2007 immediately following a merger and reverse split making up nearly the entire float in that ticker. VZIL got suspended by the SEC earlier this year.   VZIL looks like it was probably hijacked just before falling under MJSC Enterprises LLC's control.  Legal Counsel for VZIL was Marc Manoff.  Also providing legal services was Roger W Malik.  Malik was involved in RBRM as well.



Pizza International Inc (PZZL) used the following address, website, and phone number:

255 NE 2nd Ave., Suite 231, Delray Beach, FL 33444

Phone: 888-439-1510

The website was set up by Gerry Parker (aka Gerald Parker).

The CEO was Timothy Simpson.


The PZZL pump&dump

Shortly after issuing those 24,000,024 free trading shares to MJSC Enterprises LLC, PZZL began putting out a serious of press releases starting in Late-February of 2007 which included the acquisitions of www.Pizza.Net, the largest Internet pizza search engine soon to incorporate on-line ordering, and, offering custom photo personalized DVD cartoons that put any child in the picture.

On March 21, 2007, a request from Cohiba Partners of Santa Monica, CA was mailed to the PZZL transfer agent to issue 2,000,000 free trading shares to be split up as follows:

150,000 shares to Christopher Wheeler
20,000 shares to OTC Picks LLC
20,000 shares to Expedite Ventures
10,000 shares to Blue Wave Advisors
1,000,000 shares to Cohiba Partners
800,000 shares to Sandias Azucaradas CR SA

Signing for Cohiba Partners was Regis M Possino.  Accompanying the request was a letter vouching for the request from Mark Johnston (MJSC Enterprises LLC) and a $270 check from European American Investments dba Shearson Foundation out of Santa Monica, California sharing the same address as Cohiba Partners.  In SEC filings for other companies, Colin Nix would sometimes be listed as the signatory for Cohiba Partners.

Regis Possino was arrested in February of 2013 along with Sherman Mazur, Colin Nix, and 11 others for their involvement in a $30 million pump&dump scheme that included tickers FROG, SENZ, EMPM, GENM, and HAIR.  Even prior to the 2013 arrest, Possino had a long history of pump&dump schemes involving penny stocks, offshore entities, and big name money launders going back to the 80s and 90s.  Just google his name with Adnan Khashoggi, Rakesh Saxena, Sherman Mazur, and Stephen Taub (just to name a few) then enjoy hours of fascinating reading that will make you wonder how so much information could be available in public forums and in journalist articles yet regulators did nothing to stop it.


Sandias Azucaradas CR SA

According to this share sleuth report, Sandias Azucaradas CR SA is a Costa Rican entity signed for by David Rushing which shares the same mailing address as Global Internet Stock Brokerage Exchange (a Costa Rican brokerage firm).  The article goes on to link David Rushing's sister Robin Rushing and Harold Bailey “B.J.” Gallison to Global Internet Stock Brokerage Exchange (GISBeX).   Rushing and Gallison were long time partners first running San Diego based brokerage firm, La Jolla Capital Corp, together in the 1990s.  In 1997 La Jolla got shut down after several disciplinary events.  La Jolla's successor, Pacific Cortez Securities Inc, got shut down in 1999 for the same reason.  Gallison was indicted in 2000 in connection with a “pump-and-dump” scheme facilitated by Pacific Cortez. He pleaded guilty in 2003 to conspiracy to commit securities fraud and was sentenced to five years in prison.  He was released from custody in 2006.

This 2002 Don Bauder article and this 2005 Don Bauder article back up the Gallison = GISBeX claim.

Not only does Sandias Azucaradas share the same mailing address as Global Internet Stock Brokerage Exchange.  According to the Share Sleuth report, its website was created and registered by the same company that created GISBeX’s site, and those of a handful of GISBeX affiliates, including Evalesco Trading and Moneyline Brokers.  GISBex instructed clients who want to open accounts by wire transfer to send their money to a Panamanian branch of HSBC Bank, for credit to Sandias Azucaradas.

Sharesleuth claimed to have obtained a letter that Sandias Azucaradas sent to a securities transfer agent in connection with shares it owned in another public company that was signed by Robin Rushing, as managing director.

SEC filings show that Sandias Azucaradas owned large blocks of stock in several companies with ties to Regis M. Possino.  GISBeX is not the only Costa Rican broker that can be linked to Regis M Possino.  There is lots of good reading material on the internet about Possino's involvement in Red Sea Management, another notorious Costa Rican brokerage and money laundering firm.

Other public tickers that have disclosed using Sandias Azucaradas to hold shares include:

a) Pure Play Music Ltd (PPML) in which Cohiba Partners signed a $300,000 debt Note in 2007 then tried to convert that debt Note into 29,101,221 free trading shares of stock in 2008, but ran into problems with the clearing of the stock eventually settling the debt with new share issuances starting in 2009.  PPML had its registration revoked by the SEC in January of 2014.  Five other Possino linked companies also got shares in PPML - October Fund Inc, European American Investments Ltd, Vanilla Sky SA, Shearson Foundation, and Donna Properties.

b) vSurance Inc (VSUR) which later became Ensurapet Inc (EPTI) which got revoked by she SEC in January of 2013.  Robin Rushing signed for Sandias Azucaradas and it is probably no coincidence that Cohiba Partners was also a shareholder in the ticker as well as Possino linked, October Fund Inc, Vanilla Sky SA, Shearson Foundation, and Donna Properties, as well as Taylor Nix and Meaghan Nix (possibly related to Colin Nix).

c) Notch Novelty Corp (NHNV) didn't have any of the regular Possino entities in it to go with Sandias Azucaradas.  It gave free trading shares to Mazuma Funding Corp, North American Funding Inc, and Warrior Capital LLC at the same time as Sandias Azucaradas back in 2005.  NHNV became Atlantic Energy Solutions Inc (AESO) and now trades on the grey sheets with no bid.

Who's Your Daddy Inc (WDYI) didn't have Sandias Azucaradas named in their filings, but they would also issue shares for debt to several Possino linked entities including Cohiba Partners, European American Investments, Shearson Foundation, October Funds, Strong Partners, and Rancho Malibu in this joint settlement agreement filed on May 1, 2008.  WDYI now trades as FITT Highway Products Inc (FHWY).  Two of the co-founders of WDYI, Edon Moyal and Dan Fleyshman would end up being arrested during a drug bust/seizure in San Diego in 2009.  Probably not too surprising so see people associated with Regis Possino busted for drugs since he has a long history of drug busts of his own dating back to 1978.

Sports Endurance Inc (SENZ) used four other entities linked to Possino to hold huge chunks of shares called Calbridge Capital, SLC AIR, Wellington Manor Holdings Inc, and Trilogy Expedition Inc back in 2009.

Other Individuals besides Colin Nix that were commonly used to sign for Regis Possino entities included Charles McGuirk, Dick McGuirk, Anthony Gallalizeau, Steven Earlman, and Henry Ward.

Off topic some, this article does a nice job of linking the Coldicutts to Harold Bailey "B.J." Garrison.


Christopher Wheeler

Christopher Wheeler and his long time partner, Mark McKelvie ran a serious of penny stock promotion companies falling under the Whispers from Wall Street (WFWS) umbrella including:

OTC Stock Exchange
Dealflo Advisors
Ticker Media Group

Wheeler and McKelvie tie into Select Stock Transfer.  Select Stock Transfer was largely controlled by Jason Wong who got busted with Irwin Boock for their involvement in hijacking 43 inactive public companies between 2003 and 2007.   Some people believe that Mckelvie, Wheeler, and associates of theirs were the true masterminds behind the hijackings not Wong.

Wheeler and McKelvie also tie into Global Sentry Equity Stock Transfer.  Global Sentry Equity was named in SEC litigation for illegally issuing Christopher Wheeler and his stock promotion company, millions of free trading shares of stock in three different penny stocks (Infinity Medical Group, Inc, Cannon Exploration Inc, and China Jiangsu Golden Horse Steel Ball Inc).    The Complaint against Wheeler can be viewed here.



Expedite Ventures Inc, OTC Picks LLC, BlueWave Advisors

These three companies are all small time stock promotions companies that have been closely tied in with WFWS.   BlueWave and Expedite have been listed as the paying party for many of the WFWS penny stock promotions.


To Summarize

Michael Anthony Pollaccia hijacks the Storage Alliance Inc shell in September of 2006. 

Michael Anthony Pollaccia sells the shell to Mark Johnson in November of 2006.

Original plans to merge in Johnson linked company, ReBuilder Medical, fall threw for some reason.

Instead Johnson finds Pizza International Inc to use as a merging company.

Johnson issues himself 24,000,024 free trading shares in February and March of 2007 then pays Christopher Wheeler/Mark McKelvie 150,000 shares and OTC Picks, Expedite Ventures, and Blue Wave Advisors another 50,000 free trading shares in March of 2007 to promote the stock.

Regis Possino also gets 1,000,000 free trading shares to mastermind the promotion and help with the offshore brokerage stuff.

Sandias Azucaradas of Costa Rica (Robin Rushing and Harold Bailey "B.J." Garrison linked) is paid 800,000 free trading shares to handle the money laundering side of things (setting up offshore brokerage accounts).

Johnson and Possino as well as the promoters dump their 26,000,024 free trading shares during the paid promotion in March and April of 2007.


May of 2007

After the first round of pump&dump activity was done, Pizza International Inc (PZZL) would use its previously announced acquisition of Look It's Me on TV to effect yet another name/symbol change to Look Entertainment Inc (LKEI) and another reverse split on May 23, 2007.

Just before the reverse split another suspicious round of shares were issued.  This time it was 23,711,997 preferred shares.  The biggest chunks went to:

Horizon Capital LLC - 9,735,997 shares
Big Dog Technologies Inc - 6,000,000 shares
Made in USA Industries - 2,440,000 shares
The Reiser family (who controlled Look at Me TV) - 2,960,000 shares
Timothy Simpson (who controlled International Pizza) - 1,600,000 shares

According to this April 2014 Indictment of James Wheeler, Daniel Starczewski, Carl Marciniak, Jeffrey Weinfurter, Danny Colon, and Louis Bounocore for the manipulation of Super Nova Resources (SNRR), Marciniak and Weinfurter control Horizon Capital LLC.   James Wheeler was one of the individuals named in the Karen Black kickback litigation.  Danny Colon was named in past penny stock litigation as well.

Big Dog Technologies Inc has been harder to pin point with certainty.

Made in USA Industries seems to be linked to Made in USA Magazine which was the subject of some pumper style press releases for Extreme Motorsports of California (EMOC) in June of 2007.  I could find no obvious links between EMOC and LKEI.

Perhaps at this point Possino, Johnson, Wheeler, and that group was done with the PZZL shell and so they sold it to a new group that was led by Carl Marciniak and Jeffrey Weinfurter and their pals.


May 2007 - April 2008

There is pretty much no information about the ticker between May of 2007 and July of 2012.

We know that on July 5, 2007, Look Entertainment Inc (LKEI) did yet another name/symbol change (its 4th in 9 months) becoming VTEC Inc (VTEC).   At this point Julie Reiser remained the CEO and the business operations continued to include and Look It's Me on TV.

From August of 2007 to January 2008, VTEC would do several press releases expanding its business operations to include CheckCollect USA, Virtual Life Systems, Picture Me, Kids Juke Box, and USA Group Inc.

I can only assume that during this time lots of new shares were being issued and dumped into the market culminating with a new name and ticker symbol to accompany yet another reverse split in March of 2008.  The new name and symbol would be United Consortium Inc (UCSR).  With the changes, Julie Reiser resigned and Gonzalo M. Lage took over as the new CEO.

When the 1:1600 reverse split cleared on April 11, 2008, the shell would end up with the name/symbol - United Consortium Ltd (UCSO).

USCO did four press releases between June 2008 and August 2008 then it went completely quiet.

Again we can only assume that lots of new shares were issued and dumped during this time because on May 5, 2010, UCSO did another reverse split (its 4th in 4 years).  This time it was a 1:1000 reverse split.

The reverse split brought the outstanding share count down to 14,914,448 shares outstanding.


2012 to Present Day

On July 30, 2012, UCSO ended its silence to announce that it had merged with its wholly owned subsidiary, Weston Capital Corp. 

That OTC filing was followed by the first real filing by the shell since 2003 when it posted an Initial Company Disclosure and Information statement.  From that Statement we can gather that in 2009, Gonzalo M Lage was replaced by new management and entered the music box industry.

With the merger of Weston Capital Corp, the business operations changed again.  Weston Capital Group Inc was a registered broker-dealer with FINRA located in New York. 

Richard Bach is now the new CEO of UCSO and majority shareholder with 44,548,586 shares.

Robert Winston is the director of UCSO.

Evercore Capital owns a big chunk of restricted shares at 7,785,000.

Jonathan D Leinwand serves as legal counsel.

In November of 2012, UCSO went dark again no longer offering any more public disclosure in the form of filings since then.  The ticker has rarely traded since July of 2012.






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