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The Biggest Stock Promoter That Few Traders Know Of – MYXY, MJMI

16 Nov The Biggest Stock Promoter That Few Traders Know Of – MYXY, MJMI

While our team focuses on several types of trading opportunities (both OTC and NASDAQ / NYSE), Promotion Stock Secrets was originally created to identify potential large budget stock promotions prior to the actual promotions. Not all stock promotions or stock promoters are created equal. The truth is all stock promoters are scammy and they are out to take advantage of traders, but there are a few that do provide extreme profit opportunities for traders that understand how to trade them.

Our team has not only identified nearly every major stock promotion prior to the promotion since the summer of 2012, we have also inform our members of which tickers are linked to the promoters that have the ability to provide the greatest potential for profit opportunities.

Many less informed traders believe they know the main promoters to watch. These same traders also believe that there is really only one stock promoter currently worth following. The truth is identifying the top stock promoters is more difficult than it has been in many years. By the time the large majority of traders believe they know who the players are, the game changes. One of our main focus is on identifying the potential stock promotions and new promoters long before others to give our members an advantage.

The goal of a stock promoter is to convince people to buy shares of whatever ticker they are pumping so insiders can unload shares.  One method is to provoke as many traders as possible to buy at once, leaving most traders to chase due to poor executions; creating an unusual spike in price and volume. These type of promotions are often completed through email campaigns and tend to be short lived. The least risky potential profit opportunity is available only for the trader that know the ticker early and that have the ability to execute trades quickly. The better of the email promoters will also attempt to manipulate the price up to give holder a false sense of security. For stock promoters to remain in control, they need new naive traders buying their pumps and holding. They do not want a large group of experienced traders buying their pumps early since experienced traders will sell into the increase in price making it difficult for the promoters to manipulate and hold the price up.

While there are a few group of promoters that can conduct a successful promotion (the ability to move a stock up in price providing a good potential profit opportunities for those that know how to trade these types), these promoters have a short life span. The more popular they become the greater the odds that they will have a larger number of experienced trader buying early and a lower chance of holding the price up. Over the last few years, the SEC started cracking down on the popular promoters far earlier than they have in the past. For these reason, email promoters will often burn their list and start over with a new group of sites after a handful of promotions. It is important to know if the promoter that you are following is on their way up to build a strong list or on their way out and ready to burn their list.

Many well planned promoters avoid email style promotions until they have already pushed the price up through an under the radar style of promotion. The "under the radar type promotions" tend to last longer and reach higher prices when a fewer number of experience trader know about them. By focusing on investors, not traders, the promoter can slowly walk the price up with few investors selling. Since the bulk of the buyers are investors, the price slowly continues to climb over a longer period (often weeks to months).

The newest "under the radar" promoter on the block has recently pumped MYXY and MJMI. The bulk of these promotions were handled through boiler room operations. Most traders were unaware until the price had already reached near the peak of the promotion. Fortunately for our members, we had MYXY and MJMI on our radar from very early.



On 03/19/2013, we provide our premium members with a detail research report (member only MJMI report here) on MJMI (previously FEGY) predicting that MJMI would eventually become promoted. The ticker remained quiet for several years and traded as low as $0.11. In mid to late September, MJMI started trading low volume. We had kept an eye on the price action until early October, when we brought MJMI to our member's attention in our 6 am slow climber watch list The price traded around $1.02.

Over the following month we confirmed that MJMI was being promoted by a boiler room. On 11/09/2015, MJMI reached a high of $3.04, providing a potential increase of around 2,663% from its lows after our research report and a potential increase of around 198% from the time we placed MJMI on our slow climbers list.



On 10/26/2015, we brought MYXY to our members attention when the price traded around $0.20. Though we suspected a promotion had started, it wasn't until November 9th that the promoter put out their first email alert on the ticker. The first 11 days it climbed on boiler room calls only.

On 11/13/2015, MYXY reached a high of $0.70, providing a potential increase of around 250%.

Our members can find further information on this and all of the current top promoters here at this link.

Over the next several months we will be making updates to our site and service. We realize the value of our information and we plan to limit this information to a smaller crowd. In the coming weeks we will be increasing our price for the Promotion Stock Secrets premium service form $189 to $299 for new member.

Do you want to find the next big stock promotion prior to the actual promotion?

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