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Xumanii (XUII) – research report

    We have been following Xumanii (XUII) for a few weeks now because it has shown many of the basic signs of a shell being positioned for a future paid promotion.  Yesterday (January 7, 2013) XUII filed an 8K announcing a $642,242 toxic convertible debt Note...

DIMI slow steady climb

After a disastrous day one for the DIMI promotion, DIMI has had 11 straight days of price gains and the volume has increased each of the last 6 trading days. As the volume has increased so has the price gains. from 20,000 to 51,000 = $.03 price...

Don’t Fall Victim to a Classic IHUB P&D

The IHUB has become a cesspool for market manipulation at the expense of inexperienced and gullible traders.  The penny stock world is full of crooked CEOs that put out false and misleading press releases and use forward looking statements to fool investors into purchasing their...

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