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Marijuana stocks catch fire again

  We have seen this fad in the past.  The marijuana industry suddenly catches fire and virtually all of the cannabis tickers start to rise in unison.  The last time this happened as an industry was from January 31, 2013 to February 5, 2013.  Take a...

First Independence Corp (FICF) – stock research report

    On Monday, May 13, 2013, shortly after 1:3o pm, First Independence Corp (FICF) started trading for the first time ever and climbed from $3.2o/share to $3.55/share. The reason we are watching FICF is because it is #9 of 9 mirror tickers all taken public using an...

Neutra Corp (NTRR) – stock research report

    Neutra Corp (NTRR) has been a slow climber for several days now, but in this report I'm going to show you why the future for NTRR is going to get very very ugly. Neutra Corp is one of ten mirror entities connected to Florida accountant Peter...

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