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Airing out some dirty pink sheet laundry – research

    The following information is partially for my own personal reference in my ongoing research into the entire world of penny stocks - not just the pre-promo area.  The promoters are just a front for the insiders (in some cases they are the insiders), but there...

Halberd Corp (HALB) – late Friday surge

    The late day surge by Halberd Corp (HALB) was mentioned in our chatroom on Friday just before the close.  Our experienced traders didn't seem to impressed with HALB, but after reading that other stock research websites are speculating that Friday's late day surge may be...

Vision Plasma Systems Inc (VLNX) – Research Report

  VLNX became the official new AwesomePennyStocks pick this morning around 9:45 am.  As mentioned in this post, the alerts were staggered and inconsistent.  Some people that paid APS for the premium service never got their alerts and others that didn't pay for the premium service...

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