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Airing out some dirty pink sheet laundry – research

    The following information is partially for my own personal reference in my ongoing research into the entire world of penny stocks - not just the pre-promo area.  The promoters are just a front for the insiders (in some cases they are the insiders), but there...

LDSI – Research Report

  Life Design Station International Inc (LDSI) got picked up by some stock promotion sites run by Drew Ciccarelli and Gabe Nix this weekend along with some other second rate promotion companies like Penny Stock Explosion and Stock Runway. In a pennystockcircle newsletter email spam sent out...

Why eyes should be on NVMN for a future promotion

A special thanks to one of our premium members, Rachid, for drawing my attention to Nova Mining Corp (NVMN). I'm going to dive right in and show the dots that Rachid connected that has me convinced that NVMN belongs on my pre-promo stocks watch list. Starting in...

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