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Endeavor Power Corp (EDVP) – getting ready for round 2?

    Endeavor Power Corp (EDVP) was a pump&dump back in 2009.  A 1:100 reverse split, 140,000,000 shares issued towards old debts at $.006/share, and 90,375,750 shares issued to acquire an Edward W Withrow III company later and EDVP looks ready for a brand spanking new pump&dump...

Journal of Radiology Inc (JRRD) – research report

    Journal of Radiology Inc (JRRD) doesn't follow the typical background of most pump&dump penny stock tickers.  JRRD was one of five pubic shells that were born out of the bankruptcy of AP Corporate Services Inc. AP Corporate Services Inc was a Nevada business entity formed in...

DIMI promoter research request

I had a research request made by one of our premium members.  This member asked: "Very curious if you can connect the DIMI promotion to any past ones. Very unusual volume & activity on 6/14 then up-tick on tiny volume since. is one promotion landing...

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