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BIZM litigation – will the SEC follow the bread crumbs?

    BIZM Litigation Today the SEC issued a press release announcing that they had obtained a freeze on proceeds from the unlawful distribution of Biozoom Inc (BIZM) securities.  The announcement follows the suspension of trading of BIZM stock on June 25, 2013 because of issues with how...

Francisco Abellan Photo Album

  These are photos of Francisco Abellan (aka Francis Villena aka Frank Abel).  I am posting these pictures for two reasons:   #1) To get feedback about the photos of Francisco Abellan, infamous fugitive penny stock promoter named as a Defendant in SEC litigation in 2008 and allegedly...

A peek behind Stock Market Authority

  LEXG/RAYS - Michael Kang and Francisco Abellan - Stock Market Authority (SMA) Before getting into how Kang and Abellan set up LEXG and RAYS for massive pump&dumps, first some background on these two. Michael Kang (aka Kang Young-Ho) and Francisco Abellan (aka Francisco Abellan Villena aka Francis...

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