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Bluefire Equipment Corp (BLFR) – research report

    Today Bluefire Equipment Corp (BLFR) traded for the first time ever closing at $.55/share.  Some immediate little red flags like attorney David Loev taking the ticker public and a 2:1 forward split make BLFR interesting, but the following video found on the BLFR website make...

Neutra Corp (NTRR) – stock research report

    Neutra Corp (NTRR) has been a slow climber for several days now, but in this report I'm going to show you why the future for NTRR is going to get very very ugly. Neutra Corp is one of ten mirror entities connected to Florida accountant Peter...

Airing out some dirty pink sheet laundry – research

    The following information is partially for my own personal reference in my ongoing research into the entire world of penny stocks - not just the pre-promo area.  The promoters are just a front for the insiders (in some cases they are the insiders), but there...

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