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Airing out some dirty pink sheet laundry – research

    The following information is partially for my own personal reference in my ongoing research into the entire world of penny stocks - not just the pre-promo area.  The promoters are just a front for the insiders (in some cases they are the insiders), but there...

Tracking Kimberly Graus (aka Kimberly Rudge)

  Just a little spread sheet tracking Kimberly Graus (aka Kimberly Rudge) that I did as a personal project.   I am posting it here for possible future use as a reference tool. Kimberly Graus has been involved in writing Attorney letters for penny stocks and...

Q Lotus Holdings Inc (QLTS) – research

    Recently Q Lotus Holdings Inc (QLTS) has been seeing a nice upward trend in the share price rising from $.017/share on January 11, 2013 to $.1075/share as of the last close on Friday, January 18, 2013.     What significant event has caused the share price to increase...

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