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BIZM litigation – will the SEC follow the bread crumbs?

    BIZM Litigation Today the SEC issued a press release announcing that they had obtained a freeze on proceeds from the unlawful distribution of Biozoom Inc (BIZM) securities.  The announcement follows the suspension of trading of BIZM stock on June 25, 2013 because of issues with how...

BIZM Promotion?

    BIZM has been getting walked up slowly from $1.10 on some purely manipulative trades until today when an ask finally showed up for BIZM and the volume suddenly began pick up.  I decided to sweep the great world of the internet to see if there...

Biozoom Inc (BIZM) – updated research report

    Biozoom Inc (BIZM) started trading for the first time on Thursday, May 16, 2013 with a small 10,000 share block at $1.10.  On Friday, May 17, 2013, another 10,000 shares block went off this time at $1.15. Back on March 2, 2013, we did a research...

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