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RGSE Near Perfect Bottom Call, Moved up 330%

01 Oct RGSE Near Perfect Bottom Call, Moved up 330%

Being one of the only trading sites that actually provides strong value added content for real and serious traders, we are often far ahead of the crowd on which stocks to place on our member's radar. Many sites and services that post "buy alerts" and follow the "gurus" picks are either relying on the actual alert to provoke a movement or are waiting until the stock is already moving to scalp the momentum. With this type of an alert, the members of these services often have little to no time to react and are forced to buy at a much higher price than the alert (or the guru) if they do choose to trade.

At, one of our goals is to identify the potential opportunities for our members before the retail trading crowd is aware. We are continually searching for the next big mover before the large move occurs.

RGSE is a prime example of a ticker that our team identified as a potential big mover long before the trading crowd jumped on.


On September 21, 2016, our Pro Veteran Trader and Moderator, Natty (known for calling tops and bottoms), posted in our trader's chat room, "RGSE close to bottom", when the price traded around $1.86. This was a full day before the price started up-trending and several days before the massive move up (see the chart posted above).  On September 27, the price reached a high of $8.00, providing a potential increase of 330% for traders that bought near the bottom.

We are a true pro traders site. While our trade idea was solid, the post was not a buy alert, it was not an ego driven "follow my trade" hyped up post, and we did not cause a spike. Our members are serious traders looking for solid trading opportunities. No manipulated trade alerts, no egos, no hype, no attempts to influence a stocks price for the benefit of a guru's trades;  just solid information for real traders.

If you want hype with little value added information, join the other guys. If you want to be part of a community of real professional traders that share and identify the top potential opportunities before the crowd, join our team!

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