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REFG – radio ad promo

20 Aug REFG – radio ad promo


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We first mentioned ReFill Energy (REFG) in the chat room on Monday when the ticker was trading at $.31/share.  It got our attention because of the unusual trading action.  At that point we knew that the ticker was controlled by Jehu Hand.  Two other Jedu Hand tickers have been promoted in the past few months - GWYT and CWNM.  Both GWYT and CWNM got D list type promotions.  GWYT by Stock Psycho on 11/19/12 and CWNM by Global Marketing Media and Equities Awareness Group/Stock Brainiac on 1/16/13.   See our GWYT reports here and here.  See our CWNM report here.


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So at this point we expected that REFG was getting ready for a promotion, but we didn't know what type of promotion.

Today two message board posters mentioned hearing a radio ad promoting REFG and that REFG was getting promoted by the same promoter that recently promoted NRBT.  See these posts here and here.

NRBT is a ticker controlled by long time promoter, Dino Paolucci of Toronto. Back when NRBT was still known as ECIT, Dino Paolucci promoted the ticker using a new promotion company he had just started called The Bull Exchange (TBX).  Controlling the ticker, all the free trading stock, and the promotion company helped Dino Paolucci turn ECIT into a 1074% gainer. 

After ECIT, TBX went on to promote AGRT and several other tickers.  See the complete list here.

Recently starting on July 15, 2013, Paolucci ran a new promotion on NRBT using radio ads.    The price ran from $.03/share to $.35/share during the promotion.


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It now appears that Dino Paolucci has been hired by Jehu Hand and Adam Hand to run a similar promotion on REFG.

Trading today for REFG was very manipulated with 3 very big dumps at the bid followed by lots of small trades at the ask helping to manipulate the price up. 

A 45,000 share block was sold at the bid at $.35 today at 11:54 a.m. earning the seller $15,750 then several small trades went off at the ask pushing the stock price up to $.49.

A 41,300 share block was sold at the bid at $.41 today at 2:48 p.m. earning the seller $16,933 then several small trades went off at the ask pushing the stock price up to .52.

A 75,000 share block was sold at the bid at $.50 today at 3:30 p.m. earning the seller $37,500 then several small trades went off at the ask pushing the stock price up to .67.

It could be wash trading with one trader selling blocks to make money then using the money to turn around and help manipulate the price up.

It seems very possible to us that a big chunk of shares were probably put into the control of the promoter, Dino Paolucci, to allow him to be able to better control/manipulate the share price during the promotion.  I am nearly certain we will not see TBX on REFG, but there will be more radio ads in the coming days and possibly more price manipulation.

So now that we are all but certain that we have Dino Paolucci helping Jehu Hand and Adam Hand run a promotion on Refill Energy (REFG) what do we need to know about REFG?


More about REFG

REFG is a pink sheet company with a long history.

The ticker is controlled by Jehu Hand and Adam Hand (who have most of the debt) and Yuriy Semenov (good buddy of Hand who has been in several other Jehu Hand tickers including DANR, CWNM, CLTH, and GFMI).

Some background on these individuals from our CWNM report:

Some background on Jehu Hand's involvement with Wave Uranium (p&d ticker) here. Full court document about Wave Uranium P&D found here. Wave Uranium now trades under the symbol FBCD.

More found about Jehu Hand at his personal website.

Some tickers connected to Jehu Hand include - FBCD, CLTH, SKYC, DANR, GWYT, VTMS, Russian Athena Inc (revoked), WLSF, GFMH, and literally dozens of others.

Jehu Hand is a very litigious individual both as a Defendant and a Plaintiff.

Link with information about Jehu Hands history with Russian officers and his long time secretary Kimberly Peterson here.

Yuriy Semenov was involved in 3 past Jehu Hand shells - Dana Resources (was listed as the CEO), Cleantech Biofuels, Inc (CLTH) as a large debt holder and large shareholder, and GFMI as a seed shareholder.



On February 15, 2012, REFG did a 1:1000 reverse split setting the ticker up for the new insider enrichment scheme.

According to the pink sheet filings, earlier this year an REFG insider converted $10,000 worth of debt into 10,000,000 free trading shares of REFG stock.  That's a conversion ration of $.001/share.   If those same 10,000,000 shares are sold at an average of $.50/share the owner of those 10,000,000 shares will make $5,000,000 off of that $10,000 debt.  That is plenty of motivation to pay for a promotion which is why we believe that Jehu and Adam Hand hired Dino Paolucci to help promote their ticker.

Between Jehu and Adam Hand secretly controlling the debt in REFG and issuing themselves 10,000,000 shares for $10,000 worth of debt then writing the legal opinion to make those shares free trading then transferring shares to Dino Paolucci to manage the promotion we have quite the dirty set up in REFG, but a good set-up for running a paid promotion.

REFG claims to be a provider of integrated supply and distribution technology that has recently expanded its business by forming Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions Inc which plans on helping its clients to assure compliance with all applicable regulations that medical marijuana producers and distributors are required to follow under their respective state laws.  Yes REFG has entered the marijuana industry to help pump their stock.

In reality, REFG has no real business operations.  They have $2,916 in cash to their name and $0 in revenues to date.

Visit the REFG website here.


What can we expect from REFG from here?

REFG is already up 191% over the past 2 days starting at $.23/share yesterday and hitting a high of $.67/share today.

Since we have two major penny stock veterans in Jehu Hand and Dino Paolucci involved in REFG, it is possible that we haven't seen the highest price yet for REFG.   So far there is only a little bit of talk about the radio ads in the social media/message board worlds so as word about the promotion starts to spread it could help push the stock price up further.  How high REFG ultimately goes will depend on how quickly Dino and Jehu dump their shares and how much effort Dino continues to put into helping manipulate the price up.  Keep in mind that REFG is a pump&dump and eventually all pump&dumps come crashing down.





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