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Promotion Stock Secrets Comments on Recent DoS Attack

05 Aug Promotion Stock Secrets Comments on Recent DoS Attack

At about 8:00 am on Wednesday, July 31, 2013, the Promotion Stock Secrets server and website were crippled by a sophisticated and deliberate cyber attack. The site was not hacked; users' secure information, which is not stored on the site, remained uncompromised. 

The malicious action was a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. The PSS server was hit with thousands of requests per second, mostly from Asia. The overwhelming traffic overloaded the server's CPU and memory, causing a complete shutdown. The incident has been reported to the FBI.

In the wake of the attack, Promotion Stock Secrets has added anti-DoS security designed to thwart any future attempts. Users will notice an added IP scanner when entering the site. Some features may be affected by the new protective measures; any problems will be addressed as they occur.  The site should be fully functioning for all members now.

The downtime only affected the report blog and the integrated chat room. Daily reports, real time alerts, and external/mobile chat were all working normally. We also set up a backup site. All reports and the integrated chat room can be accessed from this backup site.


DoS attacks are by nature anonymous; typically, remotely controlled bots are used in their execution. We cannot identify the attacker, but it stands to reason it was an individual or entity who felt threatened by a recent public report.  The PSS site was not created with a long or short bias, but as an informational site featuring detailed research reports on a large number of penny stocks and the people associated with them. Most of those reports may be viewed only by subscribers, but a few of special interest are made available to the general public.

Because the purpose of PSS is to give users the tools they need to make informed trading decisions, these reports offer the bad along with the good. It appears that last week, someone took extreme measures to silence us. While the attack was a serious inconvenience for us and our users, we're flattered by this confirmation of the value of the information we provide.

The Promotion Stock Secrets Team

About Promotion Stock Secrets

Promotion Stock Secrets is an informational website that offers extensive research on penny stocks that are of current interest, or may be of future interest.  Unlike most of the myriad of sites covering OTC issues, we do not accept payment to profile stocks.  Our aim is to build a subscriber base of knowledgeable and experienced traders who will use our reports to their own advantage. Other features of the site include a daily morning snapshot, discussion forums, realtime alerts, and mobile alerts and chat. Non-members can sign up for our free newsletter at our homepage.


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