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The Penny Stock Opportunity

29 Aug The Penny Stock Opportunity

The Penny Stock Opportunity

Have you ever wondered how gains of 10, 20, 50, 100, or even 1000% can be  achieved in short order with the capital markets? I have seen these types of gains over and over again by people trading the top penny stocks. I call this the Penny Stock Opportunity. Whenever there is opportunity for great reward, there will also be risk at hand.  That is where Promotion Stock Secrets comes in to help you navigate the shark infested penny stock waters and help you capitalize on the penny stock opportunity.

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According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website, the general definition of a penny stock  is a security issued by a very small company which trades at less than $5 dollars a share. Quite often, penny stocks trade at a far lower price per share. Many securities are priced below $0.01 per share and in fact, all the way down to the bottom basement price of .0001 per share. These low prices allow for the huge percentage movements and big opportunities for profit with penny stock trading. This is a great market to get started in for those with low capital on hand.


Penny stock season is almost upon us - now is the time

During the summer months, the OTC markets tend to slow down as vacation time sets in and as a result, money flow is diminished.  As you can see by the OTC dollar volume table below, the penny stock opportunities usually pick back up after Labor Day, which is September 1,2014 this year, and then goes strongest through the month of March.


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Promotion Stock Secrets will be one step ahead of the crowd in finding the opportunities for profitable trades. This past year the marijuana industry stocks becoming the latest top penny stocks in the microcap markets, the OTC saw a huge influx of money and penny stock opportunity. Promotion Stock Secrets was ahead of the pack the entire way, finding the top penny stock trade opportunities in not just the marijuana space or the OTC markets, but with low float Big Board tickers as well.

2013 was by far the hottest OTC year since 2007 and looking for a hot finish to 2014 into Spring 2015.


Where do I find penny stocks to trade?

Have you been curious about trading penny stocks but not sure where to get started? Promotion Stock Secrets is the place to learn the ins and outs of the penny stock world. Opportunities for profitable trades appear daily in the 6 am update email, the pre market and nightly updates, and the real time finds in the chat room. There are many experienced traders and top notch researchers to help find opportunities daily within a close knit team framework. There are no egos, no sheep, and no shepherds. The moderators are available via private message and email and the site boasts the top researchers in the game to help separate the penny stock wheat from the chaff.

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