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Northumberland Resources Inc (NHUR) – stock research report

08 Mar Northumberland Resources Inc (NHUR) – stock research report


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Northumberland Resources Inc (NHUR) had its first day of significant volume today and saw a nice steady climb in share price to go with it.


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I have been watching Northumberland Resources Inc (NHUR) for well over a year now because of its ties to Kenneth Liebscher, Kevin Murphy, Jake Bottay, Fortunato Villamagna, Peter Hewitt, Andrew Godfrey and others in this group of insiders that have been basically running the same M.O. of using foreign entities to hold shares to be used for insider enrichment for over 10 years now going back to when their company, ThermoElastic Technologies Inc was named in the big FBI sting operations known as Operation Bermuda Short in 2002.

"Operation Bermuda Short, a two-year undercover securities fraud investigation, was
designed to expose and prosecute individuals who attempted to engage in the fraudulent
purchase and sale of stock of U.S. publicly-traded companies. The outstanding efforts of
a team of prosecutors and law enforcement officers resulted in the return of 23
Indictments charging 58 individuals, from the U.S. and elsewhere, with conspiracy,
securities fraud, wire and mail fraud, and/or money laundering. The securities fraud
activities charged in these Indictments involved the securities of 21 U.S. publicly-traded
companies located throughout this country and Canada. Although this investigation was
conducted in such a way that resulted in no actual loss to any investor, the combined
attempted securities sales exposed by this operation totaled over $200 million."


Much of what will end up going into this NHUR report is stuff that I already mapped out in our National Graphite Corp (NGRC) research report back on September 9, 2012 when NGRC became a paid promotion.  Read that report here for a better understanding of the NHUR insiders and the patterns they follow.

In that NGRC research report, I mapped out all of the tickers this group can be tied to and pointed out that NHUR, TGRO, and Rockford Oil Corp were set up to become the next in line after NGRC for possible future paid promotion action.  Today's trading activity makes it look like NGRC might now be setting up for that possible future paid promotion.  We did a Rockford Oil Corp research report on August 3, 2012 found here.


Before reviewing some of the NGRC / NHUR connections and mapping out the set-up for NHUR let's first reveiew how the NGRC promotion played out.

NGRC got promoted by Mike Casson (MicroCap Marketplace) starting on September 5, 2012.  Mike Casson got paid $2 million for the promotion and used the following landing pages -,, and


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Holeinonestocks who also piggy backed the GRPH promotion joined in with the NGRC promotion.  See the two very similar holeinonestock reports here and here

NGRC saw 312,496 shares traded on September 5, 2012 after not having any noteworthy volume prior to that date.  The stock price stepped up from $.40/share to $.50/share that day before it ended up closing at $.46/share.

The following day on September 6, 2012, NGRC saw an even bigger increase in volume to 642,778 shares hitting an intraday high of $.55/share.

Starting September 9, 2012, the promotion for NGRC didn't go so hot.  Barely any volume came in and the price didn't move up at all.  It wasn't until one month later on October 8, 2012 when google ads started to hit hard for NGRC that the share price really took off shooting up way past a dollar to a high of $1.24/share on October 16, 2012.

After NGRC dropped to below $.40/share in November it got a nice bounce in December with the help of a Hack The Stockmarket re-pump all the way up past $.90/share.


Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 2.48.01 PM


So we suspect that NHUR might be preparing for a possible future promotion of its own.  Let's take a look at how NHUR matches up with NGRC and other tickers all controlled by this same group.

Tickers associated with this group include:

Tiger Oil & Gas (TGRO)

Starting in 2008, Ken Liebscher was the Chairman of Tiger Oil & Energy,  Howard Bouch was Director, Fortunato Villamagna was the CEO, Lionel Welch was a major shareholder, Sharon Marin was a major shareholder, Peter Hewitt was a major shareholder, Kevin Murphy was a paid consultant and shareholder through Wannigan Capital, James Parsons was legal counsel, Harold Gewerter was legal counsel.

TGRO insiders use 3 Belize based entities to hold their shares

The Excalibur Group A.G. (Lionel Welch)
The Sundance Capital Group (Sharon Marin)
The Palm Harbour Int'l Inc (Robert Bandfield)

David Craven (Ceramatic Inc and Celtric Lyon Ltd) was also a large shareholder
Jake Bottay (International IR, Inc) was also a large shareholder

Andrew Godfrey and Robert Bandfield of IPC Corporate Services LLC helped set up the anonymous entities in Belize:


National Graphite Corp (NGRC)

Kenneth Liebscher - shell owner/chairman/CEO
Howard Bouch (and family) - large shareholder/director
Jake Bottay (and family) - large shareholder
Peter Hewitt (and family) - large shareholder
Fortunato Villamagna - officer
Kevin Murphy - large shareholder
Anonymous foreign entities


Lone Mountain Mines (nka Dewmar International BMC Inc - DEWM) (fka Wannigan Ventures Inc)

Kenneth Liebscher - large shareholder
Kevin Murphy - original CEO
James Parsons - legal counsel
Lionel Welch (The Excalibur Group S.A.) - large shareholder
Sharon Marin (The Sundance Capital Group) - large shareholder
Andrew Godfrey (Chancery Lane Investment Group Inc) - large shareholder
David Craven (Virtigo S.A.) - large shareholder
Lone Mountain Mines had several anonymous foreign entities as shareholders


Aldar Group (nka NanoTech Entertainment, Inc - NTEK)

Kevin Murphy/Ken Liebscher (Wannigan Capital Corp) - paid consultant
James Parsaons - legal counsel
Lionel Welch (The Excalibur Group S.A.) - large shareholder
Andrew Godfrey (Chancery Lane Investment Group Inc) - large shareholder
Howard Bouch - large shareholder
Jake Bottay - CEO/large shareholder


Universal Potash Corp (UPCO)

Kevin Murphy - CEO
Jake Bottay - CFO
Kenneth Liebscher - shareholder/consultant


Blackhawk Exploration Inc (BHWX)

Kevin Murphy - CEO
Howard Bouch - CFO
Andrew Godfrey (Chancery Lane Investment Group Inc) - debt holder / large shareholder
William MacDonald (McDonald Tuskey) - legal counsel


Celtic Cross Limited (nka Fountain Healthy Aging Inc (FHAI))

Ken Liebscher - large shareholder
James Parsons - legal counsel
Kevin Murphy (Wannigan Capital) - paid consultant/CEO
Howard Bouch - CEO/CFO
Andrew Godfrey (Chancery Lane Investment Group Inc) - large shareholder


Silver Mountain Mines (never made it public - S-1 was withdrawn)

Ken Liebscher - large shareholder
James Parsons - legal counsel
Kevin Murphy (Wannigan Capital) - paid consultant/CEO
Andrew Godfrey (Chancery Lane Investment Group Inc) - large shareholder
Lionel R. Welch (The Excalibur Group) - large shareholder
David Craven/Steve Drayton (Megeve Capital) - large shareholder


Northumberland Resources Inc (NHUR)

Ken Liebscher - large shareholder/consultant
Kevin Murphy - large shareholder/consultant
Peter Hewitt - officer/shareholder
Andrew Godfrey (Chancery Lane Investment Group Inc) - large shareholder
David Craven (Celtic Lyon Ltd) - large shareholder
Jake Bottay (International IR Inc) - large shareholder
Fortunato Villamagna - CEO/large shareholder
Jill Arlene Robbins - legal counsel


Rockford Oil Corp (see report here)

Ken Liebscher - large shareholder
Kevin Murphy - CEO
Harold Gewerter - legal counsel
Steven Drayton (Ergo Investments Inc) - large shareholder
David Craven (Blue Olive Ventures) - large shareholder



More information about NHUR:

Northerumberland originally went public with B. Geoffrey Scales as the sole officer/director and owner of 3,500,000 shares.

Northumberland also had a group of 37 seed shareholders, many of which were related to the CEO, with 2,127,500 shares costing $.02/share.

Northumberland had a group of 4 mineral claims in Nevada called the BARD claims that it acquired from James W. McLeod for $11,000.

James W. McLeod has helped dozens of p&d shells go public by providing them with worthless mineral claims for cheap.  He was a big favorite of the Coldicutt family for the shell factory scheme.

The attorney helping with the S-1 filings for Nothumberland Resources Inc was Jill Arlene Robbins, wife of banned attorney, Joseph Emas.

The S-1 filing was approved on July 16, 2010.

Kenneth Liebscher and his group wasted no time taking over the shell after that - almost as if the shell was theirs from the start.  On January 11, 2011, Liebscher insiders were planted as the new officers.  Fortunato Villamagna, who was also an officer for NGRC, became the new CEO and Peter Hewitt, who was a large shareholder for NGRC, became the new CFO and secretary.  Fortunato Villamagna received 2,500,000 of the shares previously owned by B. Geoffrey Scales.  The other 1,000,000 shares went to an undisclosed individual.

Consulting agreement

Right away a consulting agreement was signed with another Liebscher insider, Kevin Murphy for consulting services through an entity he and Kenneth Liebscher share called Wannigan Consulting Corp on January 16, 2011.  Murphy was also involved with NGRC.  This same M.O. of paying shares to Wannigan for consulting is repeated over and over again with all of the Kenneth Liebscher group tickers.  Wannigan Consulting Corp (Kenneth Liebscher and Kevin Murphy) was paid $10,000 and 360,000 shares up front followed by a payment of $10,000 each month.

NHUR also would end up issued 778,000 shares for services to officers/directors of the company over the next few months valued at $.02/share.


During the next few months, NHUR raised money through the selling of shares to an undisclosed individual at $.55/share.  All total, NHUR sold 1,545,455 shares to this individual.

On March 31, 2011, NHUR purchased at auction, from REH Oil & Gas LLC, leases of 280 acres located in the Sawyer field in Pratt County Kansas and 120 acres located in the Wildcat field, filed in Pratt County Kansas, for $260,000.

On September 27, 2011, NHUR acquired 2 more properties at auction located in Pratt County for $72,000.

On September 27, 2011, NHUR acquired 30% interest in Lassso Energy, LLC’s 80% Net Revenue Interest in three leases in Barton and Stafford County, Kansas.

Forward split

On September 30, 2011, NHUR filed to do a 20:1 forward split.  Suddenly the 1,545,455 shares issued for $.55/share became 30,909,100 shares issued for $.0275/share.

The 20:1 forward split rose the outstanding share count to 159,019,100 shares.

On October 4, 2011, NHUR received $400,000 from an unrelated party for 2,666,667 post split shares at $0.15/share.

At this point we are able to make out a partial share ownership chart

Outstanding - 161,685,767 shares
Fortunato Villamagna - 50,400,000 shares (restricted)
Paul Hewitt - 400,000 shares (restricted)
David Craven (Celtic Lyon Ltd) - 10,000,000 shares (free trading)
Andrew Godfrey (Chancery Lane Investment Group Inc) - 10,000,000 shares (free trading)
Jake Bottay (International IR Inc) - 7,200,000 shares (free trading)
Kenneth Liebscher/Kevin Murphy (Wannigan Capital) - 7,200,000 shares (free trading)
Seed shareholders - 42,550,000 shares (free trading)
Undisclosed Financier - 2,666,667 shares (free trading)
Not sure- 11,269,100 shares (????)
Undisclosed from the passing of the shell - 20,000,000 shares (restricted)


More Fund Raising and More Acquisitions

NHUR has continued to raise cash through the issuance of shares.  This time in a draw down funding agreement with yet another Belize entity called ThorFinn Partners which is controlled by Charles Patrick.  On March 21, 2012, 833,333 shares were sold to ThorFinn Partners at $.60/share to raise $500,000.

That money was used to acquire interest in several Kansas oil and gas leases.

In March, NHUR acquired 30% interest in 6 oil leases located in Crowley, Kansas.

On May 14, 2012, NHUR purchased 35 percent gross working interest and a 28 percent net revenue interest in two unproved oil and gas leases and one Salt water Disposal well in Stafford County, Kansas for $97,900.

On May 16, 2012, NHUR purchased a 12.5 percent gross working interest and a 10 percent net revenue interest in an unproved oil and gas leases and one Salt water Disposal well in Butler County, Kansas for $62,000.

 On June 4, 2012, NHUR purchased a 15 percent gross working interest and a 12.7 percent net revenue interest in an unproved oil and gas leases in Cowley County, Kansas for $100,000.


Preferred Shares and Share Conversions

NHUR authorized 2,000,000 preferred shares which can convert into 100 common shares each.

NHUR insiders then converted 80,940,000 shares of outstanding common stock into 809,400 shares of preferred stock.  Probably this was the 50,400,000 shares owned by Fortunato Villamagna, the 20,000,000 shares owned by the other person that received the B. Geoffrey Scale shares in the passing of the shell, and 10,540,000 of the shares whose ownership is unknown.  I suspect that all the shares that were converted were restricted anyways thus helping to reduce the market cap for NHUR making it more promo friendly.


To learn more about NHUR visit their website here.




We know that NHUR has interest in oil & gas leases.  All Kenneth Liebscher linked shells get set up with real properties (whether oil & gas or mineral).  What we are concerned with is whether or not NHUR will become yet another Kenneth Liebscher linked ticker to get promoted.  I strongly suspect that it will.  The ticker has all the normal trends of millions of shares being held in Belize and Nevis linked entities that ended up being acquired for very cheap (in this case $.0275/share) as well as millions of shares issued to common insiders for consulting services.  NHUR is set up to enrich many of the regulars in this group and I would be surprised if a paid promotion wasn't used to make sure these regular insiders can once again profit handsomely.  With the unusual trading activity today, a promotion may already be near.



  • nodummy
    Posted at 13:05h, 02 April Reply is no longer showing NGRC which makes it appear that it could be prepping to put up its next promo ticker … something to keep on watch especially since NHUR and NGRC are so closely related

  • nodummy
    Posted at 12:21h, 28 May Reply

    NHUR did get a big promotion back in April of 2013

    The ticker did a reverse split and name/symbol change to Super Nova Energy Inc (SPRN) in 2014 and still has the same insiders and set-up that it could eventually get promoted again.

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