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Morning Chat Update 12/21/2015

21 Dec Morning Chat Update 12/21/2015

(Dec 21-06:04) Pocoyo58: ERIC Ericsson and Apple sign patent deal, settle litigation
(Dec 21-06:11) Pocoyo58: LTBR
(Dec 21-06:21) Pocoyo58: RTTR Ritter Pharmaceuticals Enters Into a $10 Million Common Stock Purchase Agreement With Aspire Capital Fund
(Dec 21-06:32) Pocoyo58: AVEO AVEO and EUSA Pharma Announce Exclusive Licensing Agreement for Tivozanib in Europe
(Dec 21-06:54) Pocoyo58: BXLT Baxalta’s ADYNOVATE Meets Endpoints in Phase 3 Study of Hemophilia A Patients Under 12 Years of Age
(Dec 21-07:02) Pocoyo58: NTWK halted on pending news
(Dec 21-07:08) danlee: good morning
(Dec 21-07:12) Pocoyo58: gm
(Dec 21-07:17) danlee: RWLK & SUNE gap up
(Dec 21-08:00) delaney24: CAPN, 7am, Capnia Granted Orphan Designation for Nasal CO2 for the Treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia,
(Dec 21-08:03) delaney24: MNGA, 7:30am, MagneGas Advances Co-Combustion Testing with New Engineered Fuel; Files Provisional Patents,
(Dec 21-08:44) ALiVE: CAPN 4.2M float fwiw
(Dec 21-08:46) ALiVE: still really early but some gap building SPWZ see how she looks towards the open
(Dec 21-08:48) ALiVE: SUNE nice gap through that $6.65 resis spot Friday - eye open wash / dips - still think she can see higher
(Dec 21-08:49) nattygreene: U might see this circulate
(Dec 21-08:49) nattygreene:
(Dec 21-08:49) nattygreene: saw something similar to this back in June
(Dec 21-08:49) nattygreene: this current one is a spending bill
(Dec 21-08:49) nattygreene: none of this stuff matters until these "pot stocks" charts confirm bottom
(Dec 21-08:49) nattygreene: but
(Dec 21-08:50) nattygreene: they are all in the process of "bottoming" and should move big again into election catalyst in a few months just something to radar
(Dec 21-08:53) nodummy: Robert Stevens was granted Custodianship of VLNX (former APS ticker) so that might get a little attention today (sort of as a pre-reinstatement play) it has a small float that is probably less than 100,000,000 shares is the only reason i mention it. It started getting a little bit of attention because of the reinstatement late in the day of friday..... Just something ot keep an eye on if it doesn't gap itself up out of the nice current price range during the pre-market. With the litigation against Gregg Mulholland because of VLNX Stevens won't be able to sell the shell. I'm sure he just has old debt owed to him that he would like to get paid for in free trading stock but it has a good share structure if it picks up any volume for flip opportunity.
(Dec 21-08:54) nodummy: EGYF is supposed to launch their website today
(Dec 21-08:59) danlee: GENE - gap up - news 3 hours ago - Genetic Technologies Announces Publication of Key Scientific Validation Results in Support of BREVAGenplus(R) -
(Dec 21-08:59) nodummy: PNPL with news about a letter of intent to acquire THC industies its the first strong news i've seen PNPL put out. We've had it on watch because of the super tiny float.
(Dec 21-09:06) nodummy: COBI with some nice news for a subby ... Authorized share count being reduced to 1 billion shares .. currently $.0018... this one has moved ok at times over the last few weeks including from $.0004 to $.0016 and from $.0016 to $.0026 the last two time it saw decent volume... so it is a good one to eye for volume off the news
(Dec 21-09:08) nattygreene: so 50% reduction
(Dec 21-09:08) nattygreene: think its 2 bil right now COBI
(Dec 21-09:09) nattygreene: thats not bad as it is 2 billion pretty low for a sub 002 most of em 5-50 billion or more
(Dec 21-09:10) nodummy: yeah float is 256m on COBI as of November 16 O/S is 525m
(Dec 21-09:15) nattygreene: AVEO setting up nicely
(Dec 21-09:15) nodummy: nice gap up forming on SPWZ
(Dec 21-09:17) danlee: NTWK - gap up , 8:30am news. - NetSol Technologies Signs Contract to Implement NFS Ascent(TM) Valued at More Than $100 Million
(Dec 21-09:18) nodummy: CDII finally got a day off on Friday from the daily dilution and bounced a little - not sure if it will continue that trend today or not
(Dec 21-09:19) nattygreene: CDII over 005 it goes imo
(Dec 21-09:19) nattygreene: big break there
(Dec 21-09:20) nattygreene: several in the room in from 0032 or so so already up nice
(Dec 21-09:20) ALiVE: great job from Friday's bottom snags guys
(Dec 21-09:21) nodummy: i haven't been following TPIV but they just put out news about starting their Phase2 drug trials
(Dec 21-09:21) nattygreene: Yah we alerted TPIV last week around .58 for a swing/bounce play
(Dec 21-09:21) ALiVE: small gap up WNDW on watch ffor day 2 short - if bids start getting hit g/r could see a waterfall - they been holding it up decently even on the smashes
(Dec 21-09:22) ALiVE: love to the bid evap waterfall for the day 2 - we'll see
(Dec 21-09:24) nattygreene: TPIV needs to clear that .65
(Dec 21-09:24) nattygreene: where CANT was shorting on friday
(Dec 21-09:24) nattygreene: gets past that should leg up nice again
(Dec 21-09:26) nattygreene: SNGX gapping some
(Dec 21-09:26) nattygreene: watch for follow thru from Fridays big chart break area 1.1
(Dec 21-09:27) nattygreene: MDBX some decent news
(Dec 21-09:27) nattygreene: explains the frontload on Friday
(Dec 21-09:27) nattygreene: worth a radar on dips
(Dec 21-09:29) nattygreene: gl all
(Dec 21-09:30) ALiVE: CAPN lt vol tap - eye it might go
(Dec 21-09:30) ALiVE: AVEO the pull and now wait for soak and eperk off $1.25 if gonna have legs
(Dec 21-09:31) ALiVE: back to $1.2 max to hold and soak imo
(Dec 21-09:31) nattygreene: in some MDBX
(Dec 21-09:32) ALiVE: CAPN pretty on lt vol
(Dec 21-09:32) ALiVE: SPWZ like buttah
(Dec 21-09:34) Pocoyo58: NBY r/s moving up
(Dec 21-09:34) ALiVE: AVEO too heavy
(Dec 21-09:34) danlee: RWLK pop to $15
(Dec 21-09:34) ALiVE: careful still can soak pop but heavy
(Dec 21-09:35) ALiVE: first pull SPWZ
(Dec 21-09:36) nattygreene: SNGX beauty
(Dec 21-09:37) ALiVE: CAPN iif lower high or hod fail it prob done so be careful - very lt vol play but still has chance for one more rip
(Dec 21-09:38) Pocoyo58: NBY boom
(Dec 21-09:38) nattygreene: MDBX nice for otc players
(Dec 21-09:40) ALiVE: so we obvi had frontloaders / earlies on the SPWZ as we were on top of it so if they slowly work out the early size here on the dip and let i it breahte again will be healthy
(Dec 21-09:41) ALiVE: and *if they let it breath again / dip buys come in - with vol it moves very thin as you can see
(Dec 21-09:42) ALiVE: SNGX
(Dec 21-09:46) nattygreene: out SNGX all out from around .75-90

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