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Our Member’s Top Potential Trade Opportunities for September 12, 2016 – September 16, 2016

16 Sep Our Member’s Top Potential Trade Opportunities for September 12, 2016 – September 16, 2016



  1. REN was a great trade idea going at the end of August after consolidating in the low $16 range. The ticker which has been a big play for us since the upper $4s in July worked its way up towards $17 early in the week then took off on Friday, August 29th with a strong day long push to new highs $22.12/share. REN has continued to push to new highs hitting $25.48/share on Friday, September 16th for a potential increase of about 58% from the new trade idea and around 420% since we first started following it in early July.    screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-5-24-10-pm
  2. CLCD - we posted positive news about its Phase 3 drug study as soon as it hit at 7:48 am on Tuesday morning, September 6th, at $14.11/share. CLCD gapped up huge from the news all the way to $19.50/share then pushed even higher during regular hours to $25.75/share the next day for a potential increase of around 82%.  After pulling back to $19, CLCD began working its way back up again reaching a new recent high this week of $28.44/share for a potential increase of 122% from the first mention.   screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-5-29-18-pm
  3. CRBP first got our attention in the chat room on August 19th early in the session as it began to hit new highs in the $3.60s after a strong session the day before sparked by some insider buys.   The ticker reached a high of $4.19 a couple of days later then pulled back a little bit to below $4.00/share.  By September 1st CRBP was back inching to new highs working its way up daily into the low $5s coming into this week.  This week CRBP saw a big jump in volume putting the ticker back at the front of our radars and helping it push to new highs almost daily eventually reaching $7.88/share on Friday for a potential increase of around 115% from August 19th and 32% from when we started tracking it again on Tuesday.   screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-5-30-32-pm
  4. AIRG was posted in the chat room the day it opened trading as a new IPO on August 12th at $8.00/share because of its good share structure then mentioned again on August 24th gapping towards $11.00/share in the pre market largely because we liked the way the ticker had been trading to date. AIRG continued to work its way higher this week to $15.39/share for a potential increase of over 40% from the August 24th mention and a potential increase of 92% since it opened trading at $8.00/share.   screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-5-36-26-pm
  5. GLRI - when this one perked up past $.10/share at the open on Thursday we mentioned it in the chat room.  GLRI ended up spiking to $.22/share soon after for a quick potential increase of about 100%
  6. NWBO caught our attention at $.36/share on Monday morning getting mentioned in the chat room shortly after the open because it was showing a little perkiness.   NWBO saw a decent climb on the day to $.40/share then ripped the next day on heavy volume to $.69/share for a potential increase of 91%
  7. ACST got our attention shortly after the open on Wednesday when the lowish float ticker saw a nice little pop up towards $1.70/share on higher than normal volume.  Later in the day the ticker saw another huge volume move taking off to $3.09/share for a potential increase of about 80%
  8. CDOR was mentioned right when news hit at the open on Friday because of the small float.  The ticker immediately started getting some taps working its way up towards $2.00/share then spiked to $3.14/share for a very quick potential increase of over 60%
  9. ATEC was first mentioned off information about an FDA approval the morning of August 30th around $4.10/share.  ATEC struggled to get going for the next few days but this week the ticker picked up some momentum with a $5 break on Wednesday followed by new highs on Friday after posting several company updates reaching $6.34/share for a potential increase of 54%
  10. BSPM - we caught this low floater moving fast towards $2.50/share right after the open on Wednesday.  BSPM was down well off its highs from when it made a huge run from $1.37/share to $6.59/share in early June.  BSPM hit $3.75/share later Wednesday afternoon for a potential increase of about 50%
  11. NVAX was a nice bounce idea coming into Friday's session after the ticker fell from the $8s to the low $1 range following after hours news about failed results.   NVAX bounced back as high as $1.68/share Friday morning for a potential increase of almost 50% from the bounce idea
  12. EXEL was mentioned in the chat room right at the close on August 3rd around $9.60/share because it reported stronger than expected earning.  The ticker saw a some heavy trading the next day with a big push to $11.66/share.  EXEL held its gains pretty well the next four weeks eventually hitting new high on September 6th which we mentioned in the chat room when it happened.   This week EXEL continued to climb to new highs reaching $13.66/share fore a potential increase of 42%
  13. DRYS we put on bounce watch at $.45/share coming into Tuesday's session.  The ticker did offer a pretty nice reversal bouncing back to $.569/share by Thursday for a potential increase of 32%
  14. WATT was a nice mention in the chat room just after the open on Monday perking up from its recent lows back towards $15/share.  The ticker went on a strong week long climb hitting $19.54/share on Friday for a potential increase of 30%
  15. EVBG was an IPO of interest to us on Friday mentioned in the chat room from the low $12s when it started trading.  The ticker had a nice day long climb to $15.49/share for a potential increase of 28%
  16. SORL was a big trade for us back during the week of August 6th from around $2.00/share to $3.19/share off news for a potential increase of around 60%.   The ticker was back on our radars starting September 6th with a mention in the chat room around $2.75/share shortly after the open after a strong first 30 minutes of trading on the day.  The ticker held in that $2.80/share range the rest of the week then opened this week with a strong session on Monday getting our attention in the chat room after it broke $3.00/share and began approaching its previous high of $3.19/share from August.  SORL easily broke $3.19 then continued to as high as $3.85/share by Friday for a potential increase of 40% from last weeks mention and over 25% from Monday's session



OTC Tickers / Top Penny Stocks


  1. NEXS - we considered NEXS as the top candidate for the next Trader's Choice pick going all the way back to April 25th when we did an in depth research report on the ticker as PTAE. Trader's Choice ended up delaying the pick for around 5 months, but because of our research quite a few PSS members were able to buy shares in the low $.20s (and in some case even below $.20/share) with an opportunity flip them for around 100% profits more than once. Since announcing the pick starting September 6th, NEXS has gone to a new high of $.565/share for a potential increase over 182% for some of our members.    screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-5-39-27-pm
  2. ATLS was a nice trade idea from $.40/share in the chat room on Thursday, September 8th.   The ticker grinded its way up nicely all the way to $.90/share on Friday, September 16th for a potential increase of 125%   screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-5-41-07-pm
  3. CATQ - we have been following this ticker since before it even started trading because of its obvious mirror set-up to 2 other big name paid promo style tickers from the past 12 months so when the ticker started to get its first significant volume in the $.50s starting on September 6th, we were all over the action including offering our members an in-depth research report for the ticker.   The price action on this one with a daily chart build up to $1.09/share so far was no surprise at all to us or our members who followed our research.  So far CATQ has offered our members a potential increase of around 100% because of the information we provided them.   screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-5-42-08-pm
  4. ESSI was a big mover back in August so when it started a new climb recently we started tracking it from the mid-$.80s at the start of the week.  On Thursday ESSI approached its previous high from August at $.98/share.  Then on Friday the ticker broke its previous high kicking off a nice run to a new high of $1.52/share for a potential increase of around 78% from the idea
  5. LSYN - the chart caught our attention on this one coming into the week at $.59/share.  The ticker was showing a nice climbing pattern so we put it on watch to continue to climb higher.  LSYN did continue its trend up hitting $1.00/share on Friday for a potential increase of 69%
  6. SPYR got mentioned in the chat room because of some strong price action the morning of Friday, September 2nd as it climbed towards $.45/share. SPYR continued to show decent strength with a week long push to $.67/share this week for a potential increase of around 52%
  7. AGHI - when AGHI began to get some new paid awareness on Monday we added to our daily reports and morning emails because of its connections and past paid promotion history.  The ticker did offer some profit opportunity from the $.14/share range to $.22/share by Thursday for a potential increase of over 50%
  8. PGNPQ - back on September 1st when we put the main shipping stocks on watch after news about South Korea's biggest shipping company filing for Bankruptcy, PGNPQ was also mentioned at $.59/share.  PGNPQ saw a jump in volume for the day but not a lot of price movement.  Unlike some of the other shipping stocks like TOPS, SHIPS, and ESEA which offered short term gains, PGNPQ went on a slow steady climb that lasted into this week with the ticker hitting $.88/share on Wednesday for a potential increase of 49% off the trade idea.
  9. CANN was a nice trade idea in the chat room from about $.85/share on Thursday, September 8th. We were eyeing a few of the better cannabis tickers from the past as sympathy type plays after GWPH saw a nice price surge starting Tuesday morning. CANN hit a high of $1.09/share this week for a potential increase of 28%
  10. CBDS - we added CBDS to our morning email update coming into Monday's session because of the nice set-up.  CBDS opened trading at $2.62/share on Monday then saw a nice 2 day push to $3.27/share for a potential increase of 25% off the trade idea.



One of our primary goals is to identify catalyst and chart set-ups that have the greatest potential for large moves on both the long and short side. Our intentions is to provide high quality information that is as unbiased as possible. The catalyst and trade plan ideas that we provide are not buy or sell alerts (trade alerts are a scam), they represent potential opportunities that we believe our members should look into further. The tickers mentioned on our post are the top potential trade opportunities for day traders. A day trader is looking for volatility and not an “alert”. A volatile stock provides multiple trade opportunities on both the long and short side for traders that understand how they work. Day traders also are looking for multiple trades throughout the day. These are the stocks that could provide the greatest range for day trading.

Since the stocks that we watch have the potential to make big moves, they can be easily influenced by additional catalyst in either direction. We highly recommend that traders have a good understanding of technical analysis along with a thorough understanding of the catalyst and other influential factors prior to trading. We recommend that a trader should only enter a trade if a good risk vs reward set-up is obvious and the trader has a solid plan. The stocks we watch are seldom good long term investments. Our team members are focused on potential day trades and swing trades only. Above is a list of our top potential trade opportunities that we had identified over the last week. In our list we have posted the price at the time that we had identified the catalyst or listed a potential trade plan idea. The potential increase / decrease percentage represents the highest potential move. It is unrealistic to ever expect to time the exact top and bottom of every move and it is our belief that traders should be looking instead to find a smaller, higher predictable piece of the larger moves when the proper setups appear.

Not sure about something? Our team of pro traders and world's top researchers are available throughout each trading day to help our members! Do you want to know all of the top potential trade opportunities each and every trading day? Join our team today!




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