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Our Member’s Top Potential Trade Opportunities for September 11, 2017 – September 15, 2017

17 Sep Our Member’s Top Potential Trade Opportunities for September 11, 2017 – September 15, 2017



  1. XXII was mentioned in the chat room at about $1.50/share early in the trading session on July 28th picking up a little volume off FDA news regarding tobacco related diseases.  The ticker went into a big multi-day climb hitting $2.84/share on August 7th.  After pulling back the ticker went on a new climb to new highs hitting $3.34/share this week for an overall potential of 122% for anybody still holding from the original trade idea
  2. IDXG was mentioned early in the pre market on Tuesday, August 15th because it was gapping up into the upper $.80s with some volume.  IDXG saw the nice volume continue during regular hours going on a nice 2 day climb to $1.54/share.  Since that time it has continued to work its way a little higher hitting $1.77/share this week on Monday for a potential increase of around 120%
  3. TOPS was a good pre market mention on Thursday at $.44/share gapping up some off news from the previous evening.  The ticker went parabolic after the open quickly spiking to $.77/share for a potential increase of 75%
  4. ALDX with the ticker showing some big motion in the pre market on Tuesday we put the ticker on watch to possibly offer some nice range from both the long and short side because of the tiny float.  ALDX did offer some nice range including a big push to $11.90/share for longs for a potential increase of over 70%
  5. MRTX with other low floaters like ALDX and KURA showing big range this week MRTX became a nice mention after hours on Thursday when news hit.  The ticker made a big push the next morning from $9 to a high of $12.40/share for a potential increase of around 37%
  6. MRNS was mentioned in the chat room early in the premarket on the $4 break moving well off news.  The ticker continued its strong premarket move hitting $5.44/share by the open for a potential increase of 35%
  7. SAEX after a strong session on Monday we added SAEX to our morning report entering Tuesday's trading session to possibly see more positive price movement off the set-up.  SAEX did continue a little higher eventually hitting $3.20/share on Friday for a potential increase of 34%



OTC Tickers / Top Penny Stocks


  1. AZFL first started to become a focus in the chat room from $.0011/share back on August 21st.   The scammy ticker with a dirty past was getting some crazy strong volume setting it up for a nice possible breakout.  AZFL did see continued massive volume driving a nice break out to as high as $.0075/share this week on Tuesday for a potential increase of 581%
  2. HDYN we added this ticker to our morning report as a potential bounce play starting on Wednesday when the ticker was at $.07/share.  The ticker got that nice bounce on Friday with a big push to $.31/share for a potential increase of 342%
  3. PEKN was added to our morning report and morning email entering the September 5th trading session with a note to monitor the paid promo style ticker for new volume/action because of news.  The ticker opened at $1.40/share then got some new pump emails helping set off a nice high volume multi-day climb to $4.96/share this week on Friday for a potential increase of 254%
  4. FUTL was a nice trade idea in the chatroom midday on September 11th from $.0015/share after some nice day long accumulation.  FUTL went into a nice afternoon climb then broke out the next morning to $.0037/share for a potential increase of 146%
  5. HOMR we had done a research report on HOMR as a pre promo style ticker way back in September of 2013.  Finally after almost a 4 year wait, the ticker got active.  The first ever significant volume hit on August 17th getting our attention with us mentioning the ticker in the chat room.  The next morning we added HOMR to our daily report entering the August 18th trading session.  HOMR went on a nice 3 week long climb from around $1.10/share to as high as $2.02/share this week on Monday with strong consistent volume for a potential increase of 83%
  6. ADPTQ was mentioned as a trade idea in the chat room at $1.07/share back in late August.  The ticker hit $1.80/share this week on Thursday for a potential increase of 68%
  7. BWVI turned into a pretty good chat room mention on August 28 from the mid-$.40 range because of the chart and walk up pattern the ticker was showing.  BWVI has continued to creep its way higher hitting $.72/share this week for a potential increase of around 60%



One of our primary goals is to identify catalyst and chart set-ups that have the greatest potential for large moves on both the long and short side. Our intentions is to provide high quality information that is as unbiased as possible. The catalyst and trade plan ideas that we provide are not buy or sell alerts (trade alerts are a scam), they represent potential opportunities that we believe our members should look into further. The tickers mentioned on our post are the top potential trade opportunities for day traders. A day trader is looking for volatility and not an “alert”. A volatile stock provides multiple trade opportunities on both the long and short side for traders that understand how they work. Day traders also are looking for multiple trades throughout the day. These are the stocks that could provide the greatest range for day trading.

Since the stocks that we watch have the potential to make big moves, they can be easily influenced by additional catalyst in either direction. We highly recommend that traders have a good understanding of technical analysis along with a thorough understanding of the catalyst and other influential factors prior to trading. We recommend that a trader should only enter a trade if a good risk vs reward set-up is obvious and the trader has a solid plan. The stocks we watch are seldom good long term investments. Our team members are focused on potential day trades and swing trades only. Above is a list of our top potential trade opportunities that we had identified over the last week. In our list we have posted the price at the time that we had identified the catalyst or listed a potential trade plan idea. The potential increase / decrease percentage represents the highest potential move. It is unrealistic to ever expect to time the exact top and bottom of every move and it is our belief that traders should be looking instead to find a smaller, higher predictable piece of the larger moves when the proper setups appear.

Not sure about something? Our team of pro traders and world's top researchers are available throughout each trading day to help our members! Do you want to know all of the top potential trade opportunities each and every trading day? Join our team today!

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