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Our Member’s Top Potential Trade Opportunities for December 19, 2016 – December 23, 2016

24 Dec Our Member’s Top Potential Trade Opportunities for December 19, 2016 – December 23, 2016



  1. BCEI which we started following on November 30th (the day the OPEC deal was reached) saw a little more pop to kick off this week hitting $2.35/share for a potential increase of 135% then offered a short opportunity on Friday after announcing plans to file Bankruptcyscreen-shot-2016-12-24-at-10-51-51-am
  2. GSAT - some strong price action got our attention in the chat room around $1.05/share early afternoon on Friday, December 16th.    The ticker which was picking up some nice momentum because of proposed changes at the FCC with the incoming administration gapped up nicely on Monday then went into a big week long climb to $2.21/share on Friday for a potential increase of around 110%    screen-shot-2016-12-24-at-11-55-09-am
  3. SGY - we follow all Bankruptcy plays very closely so we have been tracking SGY since back in October when it announced it would be filing for Bankruptcy.  The announcement led to a nice slide in the share price down from the $10+ range to under $4/share.  SGY has offered a couple of nice pops off the lows in November and early December so we took notice on the 15th when the ticker saw a big gap down to around $4.50 share followed by a nice new climb which we tracked on Friday, the 16th, on into this week in the chat room.  SGY topped off at $12.49/share on Tuesday for a potential increase of over 100% 
  4. XGTI - we were eyeing XGTI for some kind of possible flip opportunity from the $2.50 range on Friday while the float was still very small coming off a reverse split.  The ticker put out news in the pre market on Monday kicking off a nice push to as high as $4.98/share for a quick potential increase of over 90%
  5. MPET which was a big mover in the chat room back in August from $2 to $7.17 got some attention in the chat room again on November 28th in the mid-$5s moving off some rumors of a GE investment.   MPET worked its way up through the $6s the past couple of weeks then began to break out this week with a huge push to $10.00/share for a potential increase of around 80% from the Nov 28th mention.
  6. INAP got our attention in the chatroom on Wednesday morning just after the open pushing into the upper $1.20s.  The ticker had already been on the move off its recent lows in the $.80s since late last week but was starting to pick up more volume.  The climb continued on into Friday's session where it reached $1.93/share for a potential increase of about 50%
  7. FRED - we posted news in the pre market on Wednesday about FRED buying up a bunch of RITE AID stores.  The news had caused a halt after which FRED saw a big gap up to the $15s.  From there FRED continued to climb to as high as $21.77 late Wednesday afternoon for a potential increase of about 40%
  8. TKAI we posted news about a share purchase/change of control agreement for TKAI in the premarket on Thursday.  After being halted the ticker gapped up to $1.30 then pushed higher after the open to $1.68/share for a quick potential increase of around 35%
  9. URRE - when URRE popped to $1.30/share Thursday morning thanks to a Trump tweet about expanding our nuclear capability we talked about it in the chat room.  Later that afternoon URRE started to climb some more hitting $1.75/share for a potential increase of 34%



OTC Tickers / Top Penny Stocks


  1. MJPI - we put out an in-depth research report on December 4th for this ticker with a good set-up and some good connections. On Tuesday, December 6th, the ticker put out news about its recent acquisition and the volume started pouring in with some nice cross trading and solid support. MJPI went on a massive 2 week climb from $.49/share to $4.83/share this week on Tuesday for a potential increase of 885%    screen-shot-2016-12-24-at-10-55-49-am
  2. PTCO (formerly AREN) we have had on our watch list for future activity ever since the summer when filings showed that they had reset the ticker with a large reverse split then turned some debt previously owned by the majority shareholder into a bunch of super cheap new free trading shares. Last week an 8K hit after hours on Monday, December 12th, for a new acquisition and we immediately put the rarely traded ticker on watch to see some new trading activity. Volume started coming in on Wednesday, the 14th, with the first trade hitting at $.30/share and some trades going off under $.30/share then PTCO started into some heavy trading and strong price action pushing as high as $1.30/share this week on Friday for a potential increase of around 333%       screen-shot-2016-12-24-at-11-02-18-am
  3. INCT got our attention in the chat room on Tuesday, November 29th, at $.20/share because of the strong volume and price action it was getting off paid awareness. We quickly began to suspect that the new domain promoting INCT is actually very well connected. INCT inched a little higher this week hitting $.829/share on Monday for a potential increase of 314%    screen-shot-2016-12-24-at-10-58-25-am
  4. NDEV which was first in play in the chat room starting back in late September at $.07/share as one of the many cannabis tickers we were closely following at the time eventually hitting $.55/share on October 18th.  This month NDEV kicked off a new climb to new recent highs getting our attention at $.32/share on December 12th then became a daily figure on our site while it pushed to as high as $1.05/share this week on Friday for a potential increase of 228% from the new trade idea and an overall potential increase of 1400% since September.    screen-shot-2016-12-24-at-11-30-41-am
  5. VBIO caught our attention back on August 18th at $.64/share with a mention about the ticker in the chat room.  We were attracted to the ticker because of its history (was formerly STVF), set-up, and some of the players involved in the ticker sparking us to do an in depth research report for our members.  VBIO which is working on an S-1 registration started into a slow climb to the $.90s where it where it based for a while before starting another climb into the $1.40s where it based again for around 6 weeks while waiting for its S-1 registration to be made effective.  This month started with a little shake out followed by a new climb to the $1.40s where it exploded this week with some big volume and new highs breaking out all the way to $2.69/share for a potential increase of 186% from the date of our research report and 320% since we started following the ticker in mid-August.    screen-shot-2016-12-24-at-11-16-34-am
  6. LCLP was a nice trade idea in the chat room from around $.015/share.  The ticker perked up Wednesday afternoon spiking into the close and hitting $.04/share for a potential increase of about 230%
  7. LEOM - when this ticker with a history of some pretty outrageous sounding press releases put out an eye catching headline about a $300m sales contract Tuesday morning we posted about it in the chat room at $.08/share.  The ticker spiked to a high of $.21/share later in the day for a potential increase of 162%.  LEOM "corrected" the PR to be a $30m sales contract on Wednesday. 
  8. PSID - Some ugly dilution parked PSID in the trips where it settled at $.0005/share once the selling dried up.  PSID was a nice chat room mention on the 16th at $.0007/share showing some positive movement.  The ticker went into a pretty good 4 day climb to $.0014/share for a potential increase of 100%
  9. PSCR is another pre promo style ticker we had on close watch because we had done an in depth research report on the ticker back on August 16th so when volume started coming in (including some block trades) on December 15th we were immediately on top of the action in the chat room from $.50/share.  PSCR went into a nice climb hitting $.94/share this week on Wednesday helped by some boiler room calls and spam emails for a potential increase of 88%
  10. ESSI - when ESSI which has offered some nice trade opportunities already dipped well under $1.50/share on Tuesday we were watching it closely in the chat room.  The ticker started a new grind off the lows back to $2.45/share on Friday for a potential increase of around 60%
  11. BCDA which was a nice trade idea back in November was back on our radars in the chat room on Wednesday morning in the upper $.40s setting up for a $.50 break and push.   The ticker passed its recent high from November and went all the way to $.755/share on Friday for a potential increase of 58% off the new trade idea and 277% overall since the November 22nd mention.
  12. CANN - we spotted the price coming down on Tuesday to below $2/share setting up the recent runner for a possible new climb.  The ticker gapped up the next morning getting a mention in the pre market in our chat room from the $2.30s then went into a nice 3 day climb to $3.29/share on Friday for a potential increase of around 41%



One of our primary goals is to identify catalyst and chart set-ups that have the greatest potential for large moves on both the long and short side. Our intentions is to provide high quality information that is as unbiased as possible. The catalyst and trade plan ideas that we provide are not buy or sell alerts (trade alerts are a scam), they represent potential opportunities that we believe our members should look into further. The tickers mentioned on our post are the top potential trade opportunities for day traders. A day trader is looking for volatility and not an “alert”. A volatile stock provides multiple trade opportunities on both the long and short side for traders that understand how they work. Day traders also are looking for multiple trades throughout the day. These are the stocks that could provide the greatest range for day trading.

Since the stocks that we watch have the potential to make big moves, they can be easily influenced by additional catalyst in either direction. We highly recommend that traders have a good understanding of technical analysis along with a thorough understanding of the catalyst and other influential factors prior to trading. We recommend that a trader should only enter a trade if a good risk vs reward set-up is obvious and the trader has a solid plan. The stocks we watch are seldom good long term investments. Our team members are focused on potential day trades and swing trades only. Above is a list of our top potential trade opportunities that we had identified over the last week. In our list we have posted the price at the time that we had identified the catalyst or listed a potential trade plan idea. The potential increase / decrease percentage represents the highest potential move. It is unrealistic to ever expect to time the exact top and bottom of every move and it is our belief that traders should be looking instead to find a smaller, higher predictable piece of the larger moves when the proper setups appear.

Not sure about something? Our team of pro traders and world's top researchers are available throughout each trading day to help our members! Do you want to know all of the top potential trade opportunities each and every trading day? Join our team today!

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