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Media Analytics Corp (MEDA) – updated stock research report

14 Sep Media Analytics Corp (MEDA) – updated stock research report


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Media Analytics Corp (MEDA) has been on my list to do an updated report since the start of September when the forward split cleared and the Issuer got its new name and symbol.  It has been on our list of tickers to watch for a future paid promotion since February 22, 2013.  I've been waiting for the website to go live and some updates on the new business operations to be disclosed.  Over the past couple of days those things finally happened and MEDA is now completely ready for a possible future paid promotion.

The following will be a re-post of our original research published on February 22, 2013 followed by all the updated information since that date.

The Set-up

The ticker was originally known as Fan Sport Inc.  FanSport Inc was incorporated as a business entity in Florida on March 16, 2011 by Steve Sanders.


The Players

Kristen Cleland

The sole officer/director of the entity is Kristen Cleland.

Kristen Cleland was a 2010 graduate of Florida Atlantic University where she played volleyball. According to Kristen Cleland's volleyball bio, she was a four year varsity volleyball player at El Dorado High School in Placerville, California in El Dorado County. Following graduation she went to junior college at Sierra College in California where she was all-conference both years. After finishing junior college, Kristen transferred to Florida Atlantic where she only played one game as a junior before a knee injury forced her out of the sport. Kristen Cleland was a criminal justice major. She is the daughter of Eileen and Bob Cleland. Her brother,Clint, played professional baseball for the Padres organization.

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 12.16.43 AM





That information puts Kristen in Florida for a maximum of 3 years when FanSport Inc filed an S-1 to go public on April 27, 2011. It also suggests that she graduated from high school in 2006.

Now compare that information to her bio in the FanSport Inc S-1 filing which says that she was 26 years old on April 27, 2011 and was a computer science major at Florida Atlantic University with 5 years experience (from 2006 - 2011) in marketing and software design and programming, that she is currently working at Sage Software Inc (in Florida) and previously worked as a purchasing manager for Lawson Medical from January of 2001 through May 2006.

That would put Kristen Cleland at roughly 15, possibly 16 years old, when she started working as a purchasing manager for Lawson Medical. Personally that bio seems a bid fudged to me.

Kristen Cleland owned all 9,000,000 outstanding shares at the time that Fansport Inc filed to go public.


Schneider Weinberger LLP

Schneider Weinberger LLP was used to provide the legal opinion necessary to help take FanSport Inc public.

James Schneider and Steven Weinberger are perhaps most famous for their roles as a facilitators for Matt Dwyer's dilution schemes using the RIGH, BCAP, TGGI, TOFS, AMNE, and ALFE shells. Other Schneider Weinberger LLP shells include FUEG, VOIS, IWEB, RACK, and QPON as well as dozens of others.  We did a report back in February of 2013 about Schneider Weinberger LLP and 10 mirror shells that were all taken public by this legal firm using almost identical set-ups.  So far FUEG, RACK, and MLGT have gotten promoted from that list.


ZS Consulting Group LLP

ZS Consulting Group LLP has been a common auditor found in the Schneider Weinberger LLP tickers.


Steven Sanders

The resident agent for FanSport Inc that helped set up the Florida business entity was Steven Sanders.

This was not Steven Sander's first time setting up a Florida business entity that filed to go public. On February 23, 2010, Steven Sanders set up Hidden Ladder Inc (now ASPU) which is an exact mirror to FanSport Inc. On May 11, 2011, Steven Sanders set up ShopEye Inc (still awaiting a trading symbol) which is also an exact mirror to FanSport Inc. On May 18, 2011, Steven Sanders set up Mobile Vault Inc (still awaiting a trading symbol) which is also an exact mirror to FanSport Inc.

- Like FanSport Inc, Hidden Ladder Inc used a young CEO from California (David Johnson - age 27), ShopEye Inc used a young CEO from California (Chris Marsh - age 30), and Mobile Vault Inc used a young CEO from California (Danielle Olson - age 26).

- Like with Kristen Cleland of Fansport Inc, David Johnson of Hidden Ladder Inc owned all 9,000,000 shares when Hidden Ladder Inc filed to go public, Chris Marsh owned all 9,000,000 shares when ShopEye Inc filed to go public, and Danielle Olson owned all 9,000,000 shares when Mobile Vault Inc filed to go public.

- Like with FanSport Inc, Hidden Ladder Inc used Schneider Weinberger LLP as legal counsel to take the shell public, ShopEye Inc used Schneider Weinberger LLP as legal counsel to take the shell public, and Mobile Vault Inc used Schneider Weinberger LLP as legal counsel to take the shell public.


Other very very similar Schneider Weinberger LLP shells include:

- Blue Sun Media Inc (BLES) [identical share structure to Fan Sport]

- BlueFlash Communications Inc (BLFL) [identical share structure to Fan Sport and used Steven Sanders]

- Teaching Time Inc [now Red Mountain Resources (RDMP) [identical share structure to Fan Sport, also used a California CEO and FL business entity, forward split, used Lorraine Sanders instead of Steven Sanders as the resident agent]

- InTake Communications Inc [now Face Up Entertainment (FUEG) [identical share structure to Fan Sport, forward split, Florida business entity, used a GA officer like RACK]

- MIB Digital Inc [now Rackwise Inc (RACK)] [identical share structure to Fan Sport, forward split, Florida business entity, used a GA officer like FUEG]

- MLight Tech Inc (MLGT) [identical share structure to Fan Sport, 20:1 forward split scheduled for 2/28/13 just like Fan Sport, Florida business entity, used a relative of Steven Sanders for CEO - Edward Sanders]

**Both BLES and BLFL used Brad German as a nominee officer.

**FUEG, RACK, and MLGT all used Alvin Mirman as the resident agent.


Rackwise (RACK) got a $1.8 million newsletter promotion in April of 2012.  Faceup Entertainment Group (FUEG) got promoted by PennyStockVIP and Tribeca in early September of 2012. See our FUEG report here. mLight Tech (MLGT) got a D list promotion capped off with Stock Psycho and Stock Mister in September of 2013.  See our MLGT report here.


The Business Plan

When FanSport Inc filed to go public it had no business operations, only a forward looking plan to try to develop a mobile app that will help fantasy sport enthusiasts to draft, trades, and follow their fantasy sport teams/players on their mobile phones. As a former fantasy sports nut I can tell you that this plan is flawed as each individual fantasy sports website uses a separate date base.

I do find it very interesting that Kristen Cleland's college used the website Fausport to track its athletes and that Kristen named her company Fansport (1 letter difference).


After going public

The S-1 filing got approved on August 12, 2011.  The shell was given the ticker symbol FPNC.

After going public, FPNC sold 1,200,000 shares at $.01/share to a group of anonymous insiders (seed shareholders). This is the exact same thing that the other 9 Schneider Weinberger shells mentioned in this report did after they went public.

FanSport Inc never built a website, never developed any apps, never made any progress towards their forward looking business plan. All FanSport Inc did was slowly run out of cash.

On November 27, 2012, FPNC proposed a 3:1 forward split in a Pre14C filing, but amended that proposal changing the forward split to a 20:1 forward split on January 31, 2013.

The forward split will be made effective on February 27, 2013. FPNC already had 500,000,000 authorized shares so they have enough room to handle the split which they already did an amendment for with the FL SOS on February 11, 2013.


New Share Count

Following the 20:1 forward split the new share count will look as follows:

Authorized - 500,000,000 shares
Outstanding - 204,000,000 shares
Kristen Cleland - 180,000,000 shares (restricted)
Seed Shareholders - 24,000,000 shares (free trading) - costing $.0005/share



What has happened since February 22, 2013


Change of Control

On June 13, 2013, Kristen Cleland resigned and Stephen Wong took over as the sole officer/director for the ticker.

Stephen Wong, age 28, has over six years of experience within the digital marketing and information technology industries.  Mr. Wong specializes in touch screen kiosks, web applications, web designs and social media marketing.  He is the co-founder and has been the Chief Executive Officer since 2010 of Social Media Broadcasts (SMB) Limited, founder and Director since 2010 of Faithvor Works, a webhosting, applications and e-marketing company, and founder and Director since 2009 of Deans Production Limited, an event management and live music service company.

The Social Media Broadcasts website can be found here.  Social Media Broadcasts would turn out to be a key link for the future business operations of the ticker.  More on this later.

Stephen Wong purchased 76,000,000 shares from Kristen Cleland for $300,000.  The other 103,000,000 shares owned by Kristen Cleland got canceled.

The new share count now looks as follows:

Authorized - 500,000,000 shares
Outstanding - 100,000,000 shares
Stephen Wong - 76,000,000 shares
Seed Shareholders - 24,000,000 shares (free trading)


Name and Symbol Change

On July 31, 2013, Fan Sport (FPNC) announced it would be doing a name and symbol change to Media Analytics Corp (MEDA).

An amendment had already been filed with the Florida SOS on July 28, 2013.

FINRA approved the proposed changes and they went into effect on September 3, 2013.


New Business Operations

On Saturday, September 14, 2013, MEDA put out a press release officially introducing the new CEO, the new website, and the new business operations.

The new website can be found at

Media Analytics Corporation offers social media tools and solutions enabling advertisers, publishers and agencies in the U.S. and U.K. markets to gather deeper social intelligence, generate true engagement and simplify promotional management. The company's product known as Klarity is a comprehensive and robust social analytics dashboard. Klarity provides detailed comparative metrics from the widest range of social platforms, and provides the added uniqueness for Western marketers to gain insights into the social behavior of Asian consumers.


  • Collects, segments, refines and analyzes data.
  • Tracks any public Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Sina Weibo or Tencent Weibo Social Profile.
  • Accesses all the relevant data, comparing performance and identifying market trends.
  • Compares up to 6 brands at the same time
  • Measures Reach, Engagement and Mentions
  • Obtains detailed analysis of Likes, Shares, Comments, Tweets, Re-tweets, Reposts, etc.


Basically what it sounds like is that Klarity helps to pool all your different social media sites into one easier to track data base.

The idea of Klarity was first introduced by Stephen Wong and Christopher Wong's other site, Social Media Broadcasts.

Klarity actually has its own separate website at and a separate twitter page.

Recently Technode did an article about the product found here.

From that article:

Klarity Analytics collects and analyses data about brands on social media. Brands who want to know about their social performance and all the metrics about competitors must need it.

It’s now tracking over 5000 global brands from over 100 social platforms. The social media include those well-known ones world wide and Chinese ones such as Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo. If Klarity database doesn’t have a brand, it can be added within 48 hours for any customer who asks for it. Over 100 metrics that include KPI’s, reach, engagement, demographics, influencers, etc., are available through Klarity dashboard.

For instance, if you want to see the social performance of BurgerKing on Sina Weibo, you will have a result page as below.


It will return a competitive analysis report if you want to compare BurgerKing with McDonald’s. Below is part of it.
You can also see rankings of brands on Sina Weibo by reposts or comments, or check out all brands one by one on Klarity dashboard.

I do not know how popular the product will be.  Even after all of that I information I don't see the major value.  So far the product doesn't seem to be available for public use through MEDA.  MEDA only offers a DEMO if you email them requesting the DEMO.  On the Klarity website there is the option to purchase the product.



Bottom line is that whether MEDA has a real product or not and whether that product is actually able to produce revenues doesn't matter if MEDA becomes a paid promotion.  What will matter is who ends up promoting MEDA and what sort of budget is used to support the promotion.  Will MEDA end up like another RACK, FUEG, and MLGT or will MEDA get a higher level promotion? 

MEDA has 24,000,000 free trading seed shareholder shares.  So far MEDA has seen no volume sitting with huge spread (bid of $.30 and ask of $2.00).   With the weekend news we could see MEDA become more active in the coming days.

MEDA remains on our list of tickers to watch for a future paid promotion.



The next Stock Report Baron promotion?

Recently a new website called the popped up teasing a promotion that will be coming up on Tuesday, September 17, 2013.


Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 9.33.08 PM


We already know that the business operations for MEDA is focused on the social media market. The press release on Saturday morning for MEDA pretty much matches up perfectly to that teaser.  In that press release, the new CEO, Stephen Wong, says "I am very pleased to join Media Analytics Corporation, and look forward to growing this company into the leading social media tracking company in the U.S. and Europe"

So now that it sounds like MEDA will be getting a paid promotion on Tuesday, the question is what kind of paid promotion will it be?  Since the Stock Report Baron is a new site we have no background information on this promoter.  We know that other tickers linked to MEDA didn't have wildly successful promotions (RACK, FUEG, MLGT).

A little research into the Stock Research Baron shows that in recent days, the site transferred a new domain onto its server at

The site uses parallel panels as the website host.  The is the same website host that SMA has always used for their sites. is very similar sounding name to SMA domain,  If you compare to SMA sites, and, there are some very obvious similarities.

So far the twitter page for has a handful of followers, but one of those followers stands out among the others - Michael Kang. 


Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 10.09.16 AM


Michael Kang is a long time associate of Francisco Abellan and was intimately involved in putting together LEXG from finding Alex Walsh (the CEO) to paying the printer to do the hard mailers. Michael Kang splits his time between Vancouver and Scottsdale, Arizona. Review our old SMA research for more details.   So is this the same Michael Kang?  We cannot be sure because Michael Kang is protecting his twitter information, but I do know that Kang was a big golf enthusiast (he would have meetings with Alex Walsh at the Scottsdale Country Club where he is a member), and this Michael Kang follows a Vancouver Golf and Country Club on twitter.   There are also some pictures and information about this Michael Kang that confirm he is Asian, link him to Vancouver and Arizona, and suggest that he is both a big golf lover and a big hockey fan.





I also know that less than 5 minutes after I stupidly sent a request to Michael Kang to let me follow him on twitter he rejected my request and stopped following the stockreportbaron twitter page.  Assuming this is the same Michael Kang, we do not know for sure that he is involved in the promotion.  If he is involved in the future promotion of MEDA, is he working alone or he is still together with Abellan and SMA?

On a side note, I also find it interesting that both the and share the same "Brokerage Partners" with one exception. has added an offshore brokerage/clearing firm located in Panama called Sterling Securities Group that we did a research report about found here  because we suspected that it might become a major clearing firm for penny stock promoters.  We believe that Sterling Securities Group was secretly formed by banned broker, Joseph Padilla, whose old brokerage/clearing firm, Scottsdale Capital, was named in SEC litigation for helping the nominee Argentine BIZM seed shareholders illegally sell their stock during the BIZM promotion.  BIZM was the last ticker promoted by SMA.


Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 10.05.49 PMScreen Shot 2013-09-14 at 10.46.09 PM


Joseph Padilla is not the only link between BIZM and MEDA.  If you review our BIZM research report found here, you'll see that between 2010 and 2012, somebody by the name of Jeff Lamson of El Dorado, California took over as the CEO of BIZM.  The original CEO of FanSport Inc, Kristen Cleland, went to El Dorado High School in El Dorado, California.  While Lamson was the CEO of BIZM he assigned a debt Note to a Florida entity called MBN Consulting LLC which is controlled by the original resident agent of MEDA, Steve Sanders, when it was set-up as FanSport Inc. While Lamson was the CEO of BIZM he hired the MEDA legal counsel, Schneider Weinberger LLP to be the legal counsel for BIZM.  Jeff Lamson also hired the MEDA auditor, ZS Consulting Group LLP, as the new auditor for the BIZM shell.   It was while Jeff Lamson was the CEO of BIZM that all of the outstanding shares of BIZM were passed from an anonymous Belize entity called Medford Financial to an anonymous British Virgins Island entity called LeMond Capital secretly putting complete control of BIZM into the hands of Francisco Abellan and his partners.  The rest is history.

That is a lot of BIZM/MEDA links.  One thing keeps me from being completely convinced that the and are the newest SMA domains is that both and are hosted out of the British Virgin Islands while was hosted out of the UK


Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 9.56.59 PM


Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 9.56.48 PM


This could be because Elliott Dobbs, the head marketing guy for SMA lived near Manchester which is just south of where the SMA sites were being hosted and after the BIZM bust either Elliott Dobbs cut ties with SMA or SMA felt like it was no longer wise to host websites out of the UK. 

Another thing that sort of doesn't work for me about the MEDA promoter being the next SMA pick is that MEDA has no foreign debt Notes.  At least none that have been disclosed yet.  Maybe that will change in the near future.  If MEDA is SMA we can be sure that the seed shareholder shares have ended up in nominee foreign accounts.

Also missing so far is the promo video that all good SMA promotions always have.  Of course that could always end up being embedded in the future online landing page like how BIZM did it.

So far has not been published.  It is very possible that the domain will host the future landing page for the MEDA promotion come Tuesday, September 17th.  Once that MEDA landing page is available it may teach us a lot more about what to expect from the MEDA promotion.

I'd like to close this report by reminding all Promotion Stock Secrets members that exclusive research shared on the PSS site is for PSS members only.  It should not be shared with anybody else off site.  The less attention a ticker gets before the promotion starts the better.  That means none of our members should be making IHUB posts or drawing any attention to MEDA or any of our other pre promo tickers before the promotions start.





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