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Lifeloc Technologies Inc (LCTC) – low float pot ticker

19 Feb Lifeloc Technologies Inc (LCTC) – low float pot ticker


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Today we came across a very interesting young ticker that grabbed this researchers attention for a few different reasons.  The ticker is Lifeloc Technologies Inc (LCTC).


1) Fresh Ticker

Lifeloc Technologies Inc (LCTC) has almost no trading history.  Before today, LCTC traded less than 2,500 shares in its entire history.  Mostly at $4.50/share.

LCTC only just filed to go public through a Form 10 registration statement back in March of 2011.


2) Tiny Float

When LCTC filed to go public it only had 2,422,416 shares outstanding of which 2,257,549 shares were held by the officer/directors of the company making them restricted.

That gave LCTC a free trading share count of just 164,867 shares after going public.

After going public, LCTC has only added 10,000 shares to the outstanding share count and those shares went to one of the directors of the company making them restricted.

The LCTC float sits at an amazingly tiny 164,867 shares.


3) Real Products

LCTC was incorporated as a business in 1983 in Colorado and operated as a private company for 28 years before filing to go public.

LCTC is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of portable hand-held breathalyzers and related supplies and education.  They design, produce and sell fuel-cell based breath alcohol testing equipment.

In 1989, LCTC introduced their first breath alcohol tester, the PBA3000.

In 2001, LCTC completed and released for sale an additional product line, its new FC Series, designed specifically for the law enforcement and corrections markets.

In 2005 and 2006, LCTC introduced two new models, the EV30 and Phoenix 6.0, which constituted their Workplace Series of testing devices.

In 2006, LCTC commenced selling breath alcohol equipment components that they manufactured to other original equipment manufacturers for inclusion as subassemblies or components in their breath alcohol testing devices.

In 2009, LCTC released for sale LifeGuard, a personal breath tester that incorporates the fuel-cell based technology employed in the FC series.  LifeGuard is sold direct to consumers in the U.S. via the LCTC website (, and through distributors worldwide.


LCTC also has another website for their workplace, law enforcement, and educational devices found here.



4) Real Revenues

Revenues for LCTC have been very impressive.

In each of 2008 and 2009, LCTC did over $4 million in revenues.

In 2010 LCTC did over $6 million in revenues.

In 2011 LCTC did over $8 million in revenues and was cash positive by over $750,000.

In 2012 LCTC did $6,838,551 in revenues and was cash positive by almost $500,000.

For 2013, LCTC is on pace to have its highest revenues to date exceeding $9,000,000 for a cash positive net income of over $900,000.

Being cash positive for the past 3 years, means that LCTC will have almost no risk of future dilution.  Business is paying for all business expenses and salaries with plenty to spare.  The LCTC balance sheet shows over $5,000,000 in assets including nearly $3,000,000 in cash and not one single debt Note.



5) Marijuana - icing on the cake

As if everything in this report isn't enough to make LCTC sound like a good ticker to get involved with already, LCTC is also involved in the marijuana industry.

LCTC offers courses for the work place to train work places how to understand and prepare for the changing laws involving marijuana.  Since LCTC is based in Colorado, the leading state in marijuana legalization, this makes good sense.  Learn more at this link.


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But it doesn't end there.  From the Shareholder Letter found on the LCTC website.

 "2012 we staffed a new senior management position to investigate and identify promising technologies and possible acquisitions that will enable Lifeloc to participate in the growing market for the detection of illegal drugs."

LCTC is actively working on trying to get more involved in the pot industry by expanding its substance abuse detection devices to include illegal drugs.

A press release about anything that has to do with marijuana could send LCTC into a MDBX or even CANV type of move with the tiny float that LCTC carries.

MDBX has a float of around 3,000,000 shares, around $2,500,000 in revenues in 2013, and went as high as $93.50.

CANV has a float of around 900,000 shares, less than $1,500,000 in revenues in 2013, and went as high as $124.00 today.



As of now LCTC hasn't started producing and manufacturing marijuana detection devices.   If that day ever comes, LCTC could become a very popular ticker with the potential for some big moves up in share price.  For now LCTC is a very undiscovered ticker that pretty much only the PSS chat room has eyes on at this time.  Today the ticker gave up about 2,500 shares at $4.50/share and many of those went to our members.  If LCTC offers any more cheap shares in that price range or a little higher, it might not be a bad gamble to buy a few shares with some spare cash then tuck those shares away to see if LCTC ever becomes a full fledged pot ticker in the future.



  • handyman
    Posted at 11:37h, 26 September Reply

    Not sure you noticed but last week they announced they got a grant from the govt to develop a weed tester

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