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IFAN paid promo

16 Oct IFAN paid promo

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We've had IFAN listed in our daily update for a few days now as it has climbed its way through the teens and through the $.20s and into the $.30s.

Tonight we can confirm that IFAN is officially a paid promotion.  15 page hard mailers began hitting as early as Tuesday for some people with more hitting yesterday and today.




An online landing page has also been located at

Don McShane is a pretty common newsletter author so his name bears little importance to the overall success of the promotion.  What does matter is 1) the budget and how that budget is used and 2) the share structure.


The Budget

We can assume that all the free trading stock is controlled by one small group of insiders that are completely in control of the selling and the price action as is normally the case in these types of paid promos. 

According to the disclaimer Mintefor Investments LTD has budgeted $3.5 million for the promotional campaign.

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In most cases the listed budget ends up being a huge exaggeration compared to what really ends up being spent on the promotion.  The number is listed as a big number just to give investors more confidence in the promotion.  At this point there is no knowing for sure how many hard mailers will actually go out and how many rounds of hard mailers will be used.  It is also impossible to know how much money will go into supporting the share price through wash trading and bid support.  The best promotion use all sorts of expensive manipulation tactics to extend the life of the promotion and improve its overall success.  It takes money to make money and the cheap insiders that are unwilling to spend money to make the promotion run well usually end up with short promotions with low volume/interest.  The insiders that are willing to spend a pretty penny to help the promotion along usually end up with strong volume (a lot due to wash trading) and longer promotions that can eventually breakout because of money spent to support the price and keep the promotion alive trapping in premature shorts and building momentum and investor confidence.   Stock Tips is the best example of that type of promoter and sometimes we see some nice hard mailer promotions that are run with good money behind them like VEND was for example.


The Share Structure

IFAN started as your prototypical future paid promotion ticker.  Some anonymous person or group created a shell company with nothing but a forward looking business plan called Infantly Available Inc and incorporated it in Nevada using a common incorporation company for these types of shells, Incorp Services Inc.

These anonymous insiders then hired a nominee CEO to represent the company on paper through the going public process.  In this case they used a 21 year-old food server with only a high school diploma named Danielle Joan Borrie.  

The forward looking business plan for Infantly Available Inc was to raise money by going public then start an organic clothing line for kids.  The company had $4,000 cash to its name and no inventory - just the forward looking business plan and a cheap website at

The website was registered by Marc Crimeni of 7744 Kingsway, Burnaby, British Columbia.  Marc Crimeni has a long history with penny stocks going back more than 15 years.    With Eduverse (now known as TappImune Inc (TPIV)), Crimeni worked with Diane Dalmy.  He also was an officer for iCall (now known as Beacon Redevelopment Research Corp (BCND)).  Prior to his time with those public tickers, Marc Crimeni earned himself a criminal record by getting arrest in 1995 while serving as a director for Vancouver based Boswell International Technologies Ltd for cultivating and trafficking in marijuana and the storage and possession of illegal weapons, including a .357 Magnum handgun and nunchucks. The drug charges were dropped in November 1995 and in January 1996 Crimeni was placed on six months probation for improperly storing a firearm.

Danielle Borrie's past experience amounted to her helping her younger sister get dressed for school while growing up.


Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 8.44.47 PM


So how does Marc Crimeni know Danielle J Borrie?  Marc's good friend Bruce Borrie is the wife of Jackie Borrie and the father of Danielle J Borrie.


Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 3.10.36 AM


Here is a nice picture of the Borrie family.  Bruce, Jackie, Danielle (in the sunglasses), and the younger sister, Kymmie, that Danielle liked to help dress.




And a more recent photo of Danielle our nominee CEO on the left from August of 2014 (she's the one on the left) followed by a photo of Danielle (Dani) from January of 2013




Marc Crimeni then hired an attorney with experience taking these types of insider enrichment schemes public named Andrew J Befumo of Befumo & Schaeffer, PLLC.

An S-1 was filed on December 29, 2011 registering up to 3,000,000 shares for sale to some hand picked anonymous insiders at $.02/share.  Infantly Available Inc told the SEC they would need to sell at least 750,000 shares to initiate their forward looking business plan.

Somehow the SEC was impressed enough by this young lady's experience and forward looking business plan that they granted Infantly Available Inc public trading status on May 29, 2012.  Infantry Available Inc was given the trading symbol, IFAN.

After going public only 214,000 shares were sold to our anonymous insiders conveniently allowing Infantly Available Inc to fail at its forward looking business plan and setting it up for the very common next phase of the insider enrichment scheme = the change of control, acquisition/merger, forward split phase.

Danielle Borrie would end up selling her shares and control of the shell to J. Christopher Mizer on April 25, 2014 for $20,000.  It took a while but Danielle's babysitting role was over and it was time to move on with the future pump&dump scheme.  In 2012, J Christopher Mizer spent some time as an officer for Bio-Matrix Scientific (BMSN).  J. Christopher Mizer was also the long time president of an investment company called Vivaris Ltd where he worked with Steve Scholl.   Scholl would become the new CFO for IFAN.

Mr. Mizer did a 140:1 forward split (probably as part of his prearranged agreement with the anonymous insiders as a trade off for purchasing the shell for so cheap) and changed the name of the ticker to IFAN Financial Inc.

IFAN would end up doing an acquisition agreement with IPIN Debt Network Inc use and distribution of IPIN’s technology, systems and products in the nature of electronic payments processing and its United States Letters Patents in exchange for $5,000,000 to be paid in annual installments over the next 10 years assuming IPIN achieves certain licensing and sales goals.

Mostly likely Mizer got hooked up with iPin Debt Network Inc through its Senior Vice President, John De Puy (also President of Oaktree Ventures) who was nice enough to do a testimonial for Mizer's company Vivaris Ltd at the :23 second mark in their video. and his business partner, Steve Scholl, who worked as the Technical Advisor for iPin.

John De Puy would be brought into the IFAN family when IFAN signed an agreement to acquire Mobicash America, Inc. D/B/A Quidme for 61,858 preferred shares convertible into 43,300,600 common shares of IFAN stock and $500,000 cash.

IFAN now allegedly will have a mobile system in place within the next 60 days for secure online credit card payments.

They even did an interview on Good Morning San Diego discussing the device:



The new share structure now looked as follows:

Shares Outstanding - 79,960,020 shares
J. Christopher Mizer - 35,000,020 shares (restricted)
Steve Scholl (CFO) - 15,000,000 shares (restricted)
Mobile Cash America shareholders - 61,858 preferred shares convertible into 43,300,600 common shares (restricted)
Anonymous Seedshareholders - 29,960,000 shares (free trading to be sold during the paid promotion costing just $.00018/share)


With a starting price in the $.30s and a float of 29,960,000 shares, IFAN does have a chance to turn into a decent promotion if some good money is spent running the promotion.







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