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How our member’s knew EURI would be a strong promotion in July

09 Nov How our member’s knew EURI would be a strong promotion in July

While our team focuses on several types of trading opportunities, Promotion Stock Secrets was originally created to identify potential large budget stock promotions prior to the actual promotions. Not all stock promotions or stock promoters are created equal. The truth is all stock promoters are scammy and they are out to take advantage of traders, but there are a few that do provide extreme profit opportunities for traders that understand how to trade them.

Our team has not only identified nearly every major stock promotion prior to the promotion since the summer of 2012, we have also inform our members of which tickers are linked to the promoters that have the ability to provide the greatest potential for profit opportunities.

We informed our Premium members of a potential stock promotion on EURI back on July 24, 2015 through an extremely detailed research report (member only EURI research report here).  Not only did we predict that EURI would receive a large stock promotion, we also predicted that EURI would be promoted by the same promoters of the AREN promotion (see our open AREN report here - another strong promotions that we had predicted).  Our members have a detailed list of all the AREN connected promoter sites here (member only list).



On 10/30/2015, EURI was promoted by a small group of new promoter sites that we had already linked to the AREN promoters. On 11/02/2015, we provided a member only video on what to look for during the EURI promotion (member only video here). Throughout last week we provided our opinions daily on what to look for during the promotion and we predicted the Friday push down. Last night (11/08/2015), we released a member's only video predicting that the main group of sites would be promoting EURI and we provided information on what to look for (member only video here). Early in the pre market, prior to any EURI emails being sent by the promoter,  we verified that EURI was in fact the new promotions from this group.

This morning (11/09/2015), the main AREN promotion group released EURI as predicted. The price moved from $0.39 (our members had the opportunity to buy far lower) to a high of around $0.73 as of the time of this update. That is a potential increase of around 87% for today's move alone (not counting the additional opportunities our members had to buy lower.)

EURI has the potential to go much higher if the promoter continues to support the promotion, but the key to profiting from this type of promoted stocks is to trade when the odds are greatest in your favor. Our members were prepared to buy before the crowd and sell into the strength while others were chasing.

Over the next several months we will be making updates to our site and service. We realize the value of our information and we plan to limit this information to a smaller crowd. In the coming weeks we will be increasing our price for the Promotion Stock Secrets premium service form $189 to $299 for new member.

Do you want to find the next big stock promotion prior to the actual promotion?

Join today before the price increases!

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