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Harbor Island Development Corp (HIDC) – Carrillo Huettel shellgames in action

13 Oct Harbor Island Development Corp (HIDC) – Carrillo Huettel shellgames in action

[b]HIDC[/b] [i]Harbor Island Development Corp [/i]

HIDC has been on our radar for quite some time. nodummy has a fantastic body of research on the Carrillo Huettel shells on ihub and of course we have more here on PSS.  We have been waiting on this shell to take it to the next level and the time is now. Let's take a look:


[color=red][b]HIDC History [/b][/color]

The legal opinion and work on the S1 which was amended 6 times, was done by the now notorious and number 1 attorney on our list, Carrillo Huettel, LLP

The CPA is the Carrillo Huettel /APS favorite M&K CPAS, PLLC. They have been involved in countless previous promotion and current pre-promo plays. Here are just some of them:  (SNPK, HDSI, RARS, STNT, WLOC, ENDP, ROSV, BRFH, QWTR, PBCW, DMHI, APHD, DCGD, DOGO and so many more)

Harbor Island Development Corp. was incorporated in Nevada on March 19, 2010

As of March 31, 2010, the Company had assets of $15,444 cash, $16,163 note payable, and $113 of interest expense relating to the notes payable.

The CEO for the HIDC shell was Donald Ross.

Donald is also the largest shareholder in DCGD (formerly NCDL which is the HIDC 'mirror' ticker)

There were 5,000,000 shares outstanding at the time of the S1 held by the CEO, Donald Ross for $5000.

The S1 registered 1,500,000 shares to be sold.


[b]Outstanding notes at the time of the S1:[/b]

Prior to incorporation, and then dated April 23, 2010, Harbor Island issued a one year 10% Promissory Note in the principal amount of $8,063 to Steve Ross, who is the brother of Don Ross, the President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Steven Ross is issued 4 debt notes along the timeline and I will touch on those a little later.

On April 23, 2010, Harbor Island issued a one year 10% Promissory Note, in the principal amount of $8,100 to Alpha Eagle Development Limited to evidence such monies Alpha Eagle Development Limited has lent the Company.

Alpha Eagle was also involved in a short lived 2011 NanoCap Gems pump of SSIE.


[b]Business plan[/b]

HIDC intends to be a beach, resort, and summer apparel company specializing in casual apparel for women.

The Company went public using a 'non-exclusive agreement to distribute, market and resell beach and island resort clothing manufactured by Island Stuff, USA' dated March 12, 2010.

Clearly innovative stuff. :/

The administrative contact for the IslandStuff website is none other than CEO Donald's brother, Steven. There are a few other websites on the same server including a St Louis bar and photography sites. Probably Steven's friends.

Steven Ross and Anthony A. Brown are the players of record there with IslandStuff. Anthony Brown recently came on the scene in June of 2012.

An Anthony [b]W[/b] Brown (The Brown Group, LLC) has been a major fraud player in California, but one can only wonder there.


[b]Steven Ross - HIDC debt notes and NCDL / DCGD[/b]

(1) $8,063 April 23, 2010
(2) $10,000 May 10, 2010
(3) $9,994 July 21, 2010
(4) $25,494 September 23, 2010
$53,551 total

Steve clearly has been keeping the shell afloat while the play is developing. Donald and Steven have played large parts in both HIDC and the 'mirror' ticker Norman Cay Development, Inc (NCDL) which has gone on to be Discovery Gold Corp (DCGD).

Donald Ross is the largest shareholder in DCGD and Steven very recently loaned $50,000 to DCGD on September 7, 2012 as well.

That brings the total owed to Steven by DCGD to $175,384.

I have been wondering for some time what their [b]end game[/b] plans are there at DCGD.

The stock had a nice slow grind, quiet run to the .60 area over the summer, but volume and any interest has waned.

On September 7, 2012, DCGD announced that with regards to the Edum Banso Gold Project in Ghana, they have determined to focus the next phase of their exploration programs on two gold targets selected out of the six targets previously identified at the site.

Possibly a string of PR's to relating to those properties to try and wring every last dollar out of that play possible.

[b]Carrillo Huettel serial consultant - Voltaire Gomez[/b]

Voltaire Gomez has signed 5 consulting agreements with Carrillo Huettel shells including HIDC. - each of them for $10k/yr + expenses. In addition to HIDC we have Pub Crawl Holdings Inc (PBCW), Norman Cay Development / now Discovery Gold Corp (DCGD), DMH International, Inc (DMHI), and Appiphany Technologies Holdings Corp (APHD).

4 of those agreements were signed with Voltaire on the same exact day - September 23, 2010. They clearly believe Voltaire can make things happen.

Below is a link to ND's research about Voltaire and CH, LLP. If you scroll down to the bottom of ND's research, he goes into some history about Voltaire and is a solid read.


[color=red][b]Change of Control 8k [/b][/color]

On September 26, 2012, Julian Benavides acquired control of 1,500,000 (300,000,000 post split) representing approximately 67% of the Company’s total issued and outstanding common stock, from Donald Ross in a private transaction.

Donald Ross resigned from all positions with the Company effective as of September 26, 2012.

Julian Benavides was appointed as the sole member of the Company’s Board of Directors and as the Company’s President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, and Secretary.

[b]Bio for Julian [/b]

On September 26, 2012 Julian was appointed as the Company’s President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer, Secretary, Treasurer and Director.

Mr. Benavides holds a Ph. D. in Business, Finance Track (2005) from Tulane University, New Orleans, USA, a Master in Management (2001) from Tulane University, New Orleans, USA,?a Graduate Degree in Finance (1996), a Graduate Degree in Management (1996) from Universidad Icesi, Cali, Colombia and a degree in Electrical Engineering (1987), from the Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia.

From 1998 to the present he has acted as the Chair of the Finance Department for Universidad ICESI in Cali, Colombia.


[b]Amar Bahadoorsingh behind the curtain[/b]

This alleged APS insider authored the October 5 change of control 8k filing by HIDC.

Research by nodummy has connected him and his Marine Industries, LLC entity to the Carrillo Huettel / APS clan.

Interesting,  that he has entities listed in Florida and Nevada - and none of them are Marine Global, LLC.


CT MIAMI, LLC (Revoked)

One merge dissolved entity 9278 Communications is on the Nevada site.

9278 (post merger ticker NTSE) was an Amar play back in the late 90's / early 2000's.

Here is a link to a PR with Amar and 9278 where he claims to have added $40M in revs with an acquisition.

The good ole'

Amar is being sued by a toxic financier out of the Cayman Islands, TCA Global Credit Masters Fund LP.

As you can see they are very active in the penny stock financing world.

Including a recent $5 million dollar credit facility signed Thursday, October 11 with SNPK.

Read no dummy's research here.


[b]Owen Naccarato: [/b]

Owen authors the recent 10Q (and amended Q-A) filings for HIDC. Owen is a player is his own right and has been involved in many promotion plays in the past. He was involved with TSLI which is the APS insider, Aaron Lamkin shell.Owen also has authored filings for RMGX which later became the APS promotion, GWBU. Owen has also authored filings for the current Victory Mark monster, PWEI and a host of other dirty pump tickers including STTN and current fake promo disaster STKO.


[color=red][b]August 18, 2011 - 750,000 shares issued for .05 / share[/b][/color]

Here is where the seedholders step to the plate and get ready to play ball. In 25 separate transactions, a total of 750,000 shares were sold to unnamed investors for total proceeds of $37,500. There is no question in my mind those investors were promised to have their bounty increased by multiples.


[color=red][b]Authorized Increase and Forward Split[/b][/color]

Amendments to the articles of incorporation for the authorized increase and forward split first hit the Nevada site on 10/1/2012.

Now showing 700,000,000 common and 50,000,000 preferred authorized.

10/11/2012 a 200 for 1 forward split for HIDC hit the daily list.


[color=red][b]Current share structure: [/b][/color]

On July 3, 2012, 3,500,000 founder shares were given back to the treasury and cancelled. bAs of August 9, 2012, there were 2,250,000 common outstanding (Julian's 1.5M and the seedholder 750k)

now post split:

Authorized: 700,000,000
Outstanding: 450,000,000
Julian Benavides: 300,000,000 restricted
Free trading shares: [color=mediumblue][b]150,000,000[/b][/color]

750,000 x 200  = 150,000,000 / $37,500  =  .00025/share


Here we have another Carrillo Huettell shell primed for promotion. HIDC has been on our watch list for a future paid promotion since the beginning. APS characters behind the scenes. Colombian CEO. Following all the steps of a shell set up for insider enrichment. On the surface the story isn't strong enough to sell as a mega promotion yet, so I would not be surprised to see a name change and subsequent PR campaign ensue. There have been many a pump before it with worse story lines, but a behind the times website hawking overpriced clothing doesn't strike me as the way to best take advantage of the [color=mediumblue]150,000,000[/color] free trading share bounty they have established with this forward split. We are ready and waiting the next Harbor Island development... =)

[b]Extra Author info:[/b]

In the HIDC filings we also have apparent CH, LLP office interns Bernadette Enojo and Laura Puhl authoring filings as well.

Looks like Laura is a teacher (and her students think she is an attractive one) at San Diego State University, which of course make sense as Carrillo Huettel are also based in San Diego.

They have been around the CH offices for many a play.

in our GTCP research report nodummy lists all of the tickers Laura has authored for, which now we can add HIDC to.

Bernadette has authored filings for HIDC, PBEC, FEGR and GRPH.



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