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Harbor Island Development Corp (HIDC) – another Victory Mark money grab?

08 Apr Harbor Island Development Corp (HIDC) – another Victory Mark money grab?


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Today we watched Harbor Island Development Corp (HIDC) start trading out of no where, but it wasn't your typical first day of trading.  The insiders (which are obviously the Victory Mark / Awesome Penny Stock crew) started unloading shares and they didn't stop over the last 90 minutes of the day.  Before 2:30 pm today, HIDC had traded a grand total of 30,000 shares.  During the last 90 minutes of the day today, HIDC traded 14,651,250 shares. 

The first few minutes of traded left many wondering if HIDC might be setting up for a promotion like one of its sister tickers, PBCW or if HIDC was going to become another ugly money grab like one of its other sister tickers, DMHI.

When everything was said and done, the HIDC share price had fallen 85.93% from $.15/share to $.021/share.  The VM/APS crew probably easily made a good quarter million or more just unloading shares with absolutely no care about how low the HIDC price might drop.


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When DMHI started relentlessly dumping stock without making the ticker an official Victory Mark promotion we just assumed it was become there was too much pre-promo speculation so Victory Mark took advantage of the front loaders to make an easy score while teaching investors a lesson. 

After watching HIDC today, I'm starting to rethink things a little bit.  Let me explain by first pointing some obvious facts.

#1) On November 29, 2012, reported that Carrillo Huettel LLP had shut down shop and Luis Carrillo had fled the country possibly hiding out in Mexico.

#2) On February 25, 2013, DMHI sees its first major volume.  After 2 days of speculation trading, On February 27, 2013 the flood gates opened and DMHI traded over 59 million shares mostly all dumping taking the price down from $.15/share to $.026/share.

#3) On March 15, 2013, the SEC finally brought litigation against Luis Carrillo and Wade Huettel after opening an investigation over 2 years ago related to the duo's role in helping Skymark promote two tickers TSHO and PBEC.  See the Complaint here.

#4) On March 15, 2013, after the SEC announced the litigation against Luis Carrillo, 10 tickers that we had already identified as Victory Mark tickers in waiting all had their resident agent (Paracorp Incorporated) resign at the Nevada SOS.  Read more about this here.












The plan was simple.  Set up a shell using a forward looking business plan to get the SEC to approve the S-1 filing.  Issue some cheap stock to some nominee seed shareholders that are actually holding the stock for the Victory Mark insiders.  Do a large forward split turning those seed shareholders shares into around 150,000,000 free trading shares of stock.  Do a change of control/change of business operations.  Promote the stock and dump those 150,000,000 free trading shares of stock making $20 million or more.

The plan worked great with Pub Crawl Holdings Inc (PBCW), but with the fall of Carrillo Huettel and the obvious links between all those other tickers and Carrillo Huettel and Victory Mark, those other 9 tickers may have become much more difficult for Victory Mark to promote.

The fact is that when 150,000,000 shares cost you close to $.0002/share it is impossible not to make a few million dollars even without using a promotion.

We first did a research report on HIDC way back on October 12, 2012.  Read that report here.

We had been saying for months that HIDC needed to do the change of control filing and change of business operations before it was ready for any kind or promotion.

On Friday, HIDC filed an 8K for a change in control

On April 3, 2013, Chuck Anton acquired control of three hundred million (300,000,000) restricted shares of the Company’s issued and outstanding common stock, representing approximately 66.67% of the Company’s total issued and outstanding common stock, from Julian Benavides in exchange for $15,000

Mr. Julian Benavides resigned from all positions with the Company effective as of April 3, 2013

On April 3, 2013, Mr. Chuck Anton was appointed as the Company’s sole Director and as the Company’s President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Secretary.


This morning right after the open, HIDC filed another 8K for a change in business operations

On April 4, 2013, Harbor Island Development Corp. (the "Company") entered into a License Agreement (the "License Agreement") with BrandSeed Inc., a Virginia corporation, ("Licensor") under which the Licensor granted the Company a five (5) year worldwide, exclusive right to utilize that certain proprietary direct marketing software owned and developed by the Licensor (the "Software").

In exchange for the rights to use the Software, the Company agreed to issue 110,000,000 restricted shares of its common stock (the “Shares”) to Licensor.


HIDC was now ready for trading.... only this time it looks like HIDC will either be another DMHI with some D list promoters in the future or it will turn into an ugly Victory Mark money grab.

The fact is that all of the other remaining Carrillo Huettel/Victory Mark tickers listed above probably should be put on the crap list.


So while I'm looking at Harbor Island Development Inc - who is Chuck Anton and why is "BrandSeed Inc" worth 110,000,000 shares worth $16,500,000 as of the date of the transaction?


Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 6.07.43 PM First of all BrandSeed Inc does not exist.  I visited the Virginia SOS trying to find BrandSeed Inc and found out that the actual name of the entity is BrandSeed Group LLC.

BrandSeed Group LLC was registered as a business entity on November 8, 2011.

The principle office is located at:


See the BrandSeed Group website here and BrandSeed Group blog here.

Basically Chuck Anton is a life time salesman for hire.  He helps people market products and that is what BrandSeed Group is all about.


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Back in 2002, Chuck Anton got in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission for false advertising on products he was selling through his marketing company, TechnoBrands Inc.  A judgment of $4,300,000 was entered against TechnoBrands Inc along with other provisions/orders.  TechnoBrands Inc was renamed TechnoScout Int after the litigation.

Chuck's new job... to sell stock to penny stock investors to help make Victory Mark insiders rich.  If VM does go with HIDC despite the obvious connections to VM and Carrillo, I don't expect that it will be a very long promotion.





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