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GWBU – research on the current APS play

28 May GWBU – research on the current APS play

I want to take some time to analyze GWBU which became the latest P&D supported by such infamous penny stock promoters as Capital Financial  Media (CFM) and the AwesomePennyStock (APS) family.

The current people behind the APS promotional sites are famous for such P&Ds as POTG, HDSI, AMWI, CRWV, MILV, NSRS, ABOT, and SNPK

CFM (Eric Dickson, Brian Sodi, Shawn Ambrosino aka Mr. X, Tim Fields, etc) is famous for such P&Ds as AVVC, ALZM, FCPG, HHWW, KNKT, WSML, and XCLL

Here are their $1.6m GWBU hard copy mailers (courtesy of  here, here, and here







Peter who?

I started reviewing the GWBU filings today (more on this forthcoming).

One thing that struck me as odd was the various ways that the GWBU filings address Peter Evan Bell.

The first time Peter's name shows up is in an 8K filed on 8/8/11

In this 8K Peter is addressed as Peter Evan Bell and as Mr. Evans

On August 3, 2011, Peter Evan Bell was appointed to our board of directors and appointed president, principal executive officer, secretary, treasurer, principal financial officer and principal accounting officer. On the same date, Tian Su Hua resigned as a director and Tian Jia resigned an officer. Neither Tian Su Hua or Tian Jia had any disagreements with us relating to our operations, policies or practices.

In 1987, Mr. Evans graduated from The Lakeland College in Ohio with an Associates Degree in Business Marketing. From there he worked many full and part time jobs as a Manager overseeing projects and personnel. From 2003 to 2006, Mr. Evans worked as the Hotel and Catering Manage for Premier Beverage Company (“Premier”). As Hotel and Catering Manager, he was responsible for handling Premier’s high end hotel and catering accounts. From 2006 to 2007, Mr. Evans worked for Quintessential Wines (“Quintessential”) in Napa Valley, where he was the Manager of consumer accounts for the State of Florida. As Manager, Mr. Evans was responsible for sales, inventory, distributor programs, and growth of Quintessential’s wine portfolio. From 2007 to 2008, Mr. Evans worked as the South Eastern Regional Manager for Liquid International Premium Spirits Company (“Liquid”). As Regional Manager he was responsible for programming, pricing promotions, and budget for the Liquid’s portfolio in the region, and he implemented sales programs and market strategies. From 2008 to 2009, Mr. Evans worked as the Beverage Manager for Coconut Creek Casino in Coconut Creek, Florida. As Beverage Manager, he was responsible for the direct supervision of approximately 50 employees, and management of the entire beverage department including budget, inventory, implementing promotional programs with distributors, and marketing for special events. Most recently from 2009 to present, Mr. Evans has worked as the Director of Business Development for Break Through Marketing Company (“BTM”). As Director of Business Development, he is responsible for the leadership and coordination of BTM’s sales and marketing. Additionally he manages and directly supervises senior sales specialists and recruits and trains the sales and marketing department staff. As an executive officer and director, Mr. Evans brings a wealth of management and leadership experience to Shawcore Development Corp.

In two other filings GWBU spells the name Peter Even Bell - here and here

So which way is the proper spelling?

Is it really Peter Evans, Peter Evan Bell, or Peter Even Bell?

The answer appears to be b) Peter Evan Bell. There is a Peter Evan Bell originally from Ohio that has spent many years in the wine distribution business. I find the whole wine angle interesting because of awesomepennystocks being involved in this shell (more on that in the future maybe)

GWBU continued to have trouble with the name Peter Evan Bell in one of their recently filed 10Q.  Even though Peter Evan Bell is no longer a part of the shell, his name still showed up in the sworn statement

GWBU is guilty of a SARBANES-OXLEY ACT violation by having one name listed in the sworn statement and another name in the signature



I, Peter Evan Bell, the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer of Great Wall Builders Ltd. (the "Company") in compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 1350, as adopted pursuant to Section 906 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, hereby certify that, the Company's Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the period ended March 31, 2012, fully complies with the requirements of Section 13(a) or 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and fairly presents, in all material respects, the financial condition and results of operations of the Company.

Date: May 21, 2012

/s/ Daniele Brazzi

Daniele Brazzi
Chief Financial Officer,
Chief Executive Officer



More odd findings in the GWBU filings

We are also told for the first time in the August 8th 8K that somebody named Randall Richards had control of GBWU owning 2,846,500 shares out of 4,800,000 outstanding and that he had sold those 2,846,500 shares to Peter Evan Bell way back on February 20, 2011.

GBWU never disclosed either material event (change of control).

GBWU never disclosed that Randall Richards had somehow gained control of the shell.

GBWU never disclosed that Peter Evan Bell had already gained control of the shell way back in February several months before being assigned to any officer positions.

I also find it quite entertaining that GWBU misspells the name of the dPollution International Inc (RMGX) multiple times in their filings including in the most recent 10Q

On March 28, 2012, the Company completed the acquisition of assets of DPOLUTION International, Inc. (DPOLUTION), a Nevada corporation including certain intellectual property related to manufacturing and distributing an electro cracking devise designed to reduce emissions, lower fuel consumption and improve engine performance. The acquisition is expected to close on May, 2012. Following completion of the acquisition, the Company plans to redirect its business plan to focus on developing its business relative to its acquisition. The Company will research potential production and distribution options for products related to its recently acquired assets.


Going back through the history of the shell from the filings we learn that the 4,800,000 outstanding shares were originally distributed as follows:

2,832,000 to Tian Jia in exchange for an empty residential lot valued at $37,500.

1,968,000 to 55 non-affiliated investors in exchange for $26,000 ($.0132/share)

Tian Jia split up her 2,832,000 shares as follows:

480,000 shares controlled by Tian Jia (age 38) directly
720,000 shares controlled by Tian Jia (age 38) through an entity called Apple Solar Co.
720,000 shares controlled by Tian Jia (age 38) through an entity called Valor Solar Co.
912,000 shares given to Tian Su Hua (age 67) the company secretary.

Somehow between June 30, 2010 and February 20, 2011, without any explanation given in any GWBU filings, Randall Richards gained control of all 2,832,000 shares held by the former officers of the shell plus he managed to snatch away another 14,500 shares from the seed shareholders given him a total of 2,846,500 shares.

We only know that Tiam Jia sold off 3,500 of her shares in small blocks between 3/6/09 and 4/01/09 for a total of $10,370.


Vantone Reality Corp

Speaking of Tian Su Hua, shortly after Tian Su Hua resigned from her positions with GWBU, she showed up as the sole officer and director of another shell that shares the same original address, phone number, and fax number as Great Wall Builders Ltd, Vantone Reality Corp

12520 Westheimer Rd #138, Houston, TX, 77077
Telephone (281) 575-0636
Fax (281) 575-6983

Supporting links here, here, here, and here

Like with GWBU, Tian Su Hua received 2,500,000 of her 3,500,000 shares for contributing an empty lot to the Vantone Reality Corp shell.

The Vantone Reality Corp shell will definitely be one to keep an eye on in the future. They are currently doing a public offering of 5,000,000 shares at $.02/share. A trading symbol has yet to be issued to the shell and is probably still several weeks away.

I find it very interesting that the same address, phone number, and fax number is also shared by Kapun P Lam (aka David Lam) of Excelsior Realty & Mortgage Co

Kapun P Lam | Excelsior Realty & Mortgage Co
Address 12520 Westheimer Rd #138, Houston, TX, 77077
County Harris
Real Estate Agency Excelsior Realty & Mortgage Co
E-mail [email protected]
Telephone (281) 575-0636
Fax (281) 575-6983


More on David Lam

Here is David Lam posting on a the GWBU forum at yahoo recently


Houston, Texas

18-May-12 08:37 am

GWBU goes up to $3 ?

In order to upgrade from OTCBB to NASDAQ listing, GWBU has to have a) decent volume which they alread have b) seasoned issuer which  they already are c) at least 300 shareholder's base which they may
already have ? d) good management team which they already have in place e) now all they need is to inject more capitals to the existing enterprise and meet other qualification for listing to the NASDAQ.

What do you traders think ?

David Lam has had some interesting requests posted around the internet

There is this one from September of 2010:


September 20, 2010
Freelance attorney jobs nationwide
We are currently looking for inexperienced newly licensed attorney(s) for freelance assignments. typical paid is $50 to $100 per freelance asignment. typical
time involved is less an 1 hour. Candidates must licensed attorney in any States and enjoy freelance work. Please provide your Resume to our attention. Thank
you. Global Legal Clinic. E-mail contact info: [email protected]

Location: nationwide
Compensation: $15-$20 per hour.
This is a part-time job.
This is a contract job.


Family Affair

So how does David Lam know Tian Jia?

They were married in 2001:

David K Lam and Jia Tian were married on September 25, 2001 in Harris County, Texas.

Marriage Date 09/25/2001
Husband David K Lam
Husband Born 1953/1952
Wife Jia Tian
Wife Born 1971/1970
Certificate Number 139012

So it is not Tian Jia. It is Jia Tian with Tian being the last name.

That must mean that Tian Su Hua is really Su Hua Tian and she is probably the mother of Jia Tian.

David Lam shares a Texas business entity with Jia Tian and Su Hua Tian:


A really BIG family affair

Those 1,968,000 GWBU seed shares original purchased for $26,000 ($.0132/share) were probably purchased by many individuals that are friends and family of David Lam and Jia Tian.

Five Individuals do share the same last name:

Tian Zhi Qiang 30,000
Tian Qin 30,000
Tian Zhi Gang 30,000
Tian Xia 30,000
Tian Su Yan 30,000

The S-1 filing disclosed that those 5 individuals are cousins of Jia Tiam.

Those 30,000 shares became 2,250,000 shares after the 75:1 forward split meaning that the Tian family still owned 10,000,000 shares which they purchased for around $1,980.

Those 10,000,000 shares are now worth $16,000,000 as of Friday's close.

I also find it interesting that 3 seed shareholders have the last name Zhang (owning 160,000 shares combined - 12,000,000 after the forward split) .  I realize that is a common Chinese name, but it may not be a coincidence that the co-owner of a patent used by GWBU is Ji-Ying Zhang.


Insiders are set up to get rich

All total the 1,980,000 shares sold to those 55 seed shareholders for $26,000 ($.0132/share) became 148,500,000 shares after the 75:1 forward split. As of Friday's close those 148,500,000 shares are now worth $237,600,000.

I wonder how many of those 148,500,000 shares ended up in the hands of the promoters.

No doubt that most if not all of those 148,500,000 shares will be dumped by the time the paid promotions are over.


Who is Anissa Smith?

She has been authoring most of the recent GWBU filings and was also authoring filings going way back to the 9/26/11 8K

She offers paralegal services out of Oregon:

I perform paralegal services for the same law firm which employed me as a full-time employee from 1996 until 2005 - Parsons/Burnett, LLP

So Anissa is an SEC filer working out of the Parson/Burnett/Hume law firm. Parsons/Burnett/Hume was the legal counsel for NSRS and RARS.

They also can be connected to tickers linked to some SNPK insiders:

Maybe Parsons/Burnnett/Hume is the legal counsel for GWBU? GWBU doesn't list a current legal counsel.

Former attorneys associated with members of this group have been banned by the SEC including John Briner, Diane Dalmy, and Joseph Emas.

Their former attorney used with the RMGX shell died of old age - Leonard Aronoff, Esq.

Call me crazy, but usually when you have a change in control you expect to see the people handling the filings change.

This tells me that the current dPollution group running the shell have been involved in the shell since 9/26/11 preparing to take over the shell.

The coincides pretty well with a number of events. At the end of the summer of 2011, the RMGX promotions had just wrapped up and the shell went silent after that. The last peep we heard from that shell was August 8, 2011.

It looks like they were already planning their next move to transfer assets into the GWBU shell to continue the same promotion driven schemes over again centered around promises of fuel efficiency technology revenues that will probably never happen.

The first GWBU filing done by Anissa Smith was an 8k filed on 9/26/11 announcing that a previous share exchange agreement with GroveWare Technologies Ltd had been cancelled opening the door for the dPollution crew to move in on the shell a few months later.






Ness Tech GmbH

In recent news put out by the GWBU shell to try to help support the P&D, GWBU has announced that they have signed agreements with foreign distributors to market their technology in some foreign countries.

One of these distributors, NESS Tech GmbH, is located in Austria

Their website doesn't exist yet:

They do have a business entity registered in Austria with filings available for purchase

The entity was registered in 2010 and the name attached to the entity as the sole officer and director is Fabio Gobbo

they work out of a virtual office

Mooslackengasse 17
1190 Wien, Austria

Must be tough to distribute anything from a virtual office with no website or phone number.


Rinse Wash Repeat

The whole Start Fuel Efficiency and Emission Device is just recycled news anyways.

Sure Domenico Chiovitti is the co-owner with Ji-Ying Zhang of a patent in Canada for a clean combustion device

But that is a far cry from revenue producing breakthrough technology. Fact is that the whole Fuel Efficiency act has been washed and repeated several times by this group and it has never produced any revenues or real business operations, only pump&dump opportunities for insiders.

Patriot Energy Corporations (PGYC)

Back in early 2009, scam company Patriot Energy Corporation (PGYC), used this Fuel Efficiency technology idea and GWBU's new Director of Research and Technology, Domenico Chiovitti, to put out a series of press releases to try to help pump up that stock.

At the time Domenico Chiovitti (pictured below) was a part of OTI Petroleum Labs and affiliated with a company called Tectate Technologies Corp as their International Research Director and Member of their Advisory Board.

About Patriot Energy Corporation

Patriot Energy Corp. is a management holding corporation, which owns a wholly owned subsidiary named TelTeck Solutions and owns a 99 year exclusive leased license agreement with Tectane Technologies Corporation for the Dual H2O Engine Oxygenator and New Tri-Brid Engine (Electric/Flex-Fuels/H2O) Technologies. Patriot Energy specializes in the development and marketing of energy efficient technologies with a focus on reducing America's dependence on Foreign Oil.

Patriot Energy Corporation pretended to be marketing its Fuel Efficiency technology in the Middle East.

Some of the people involved with PGYC as officers, directors, advisers, shareholders, and promoters included:

Jean Francois-Amyot, Dan Ryan, Alex Barta, Diane Dalmy, Sylvain Amyot, Eric Van Nguyen, Tony Papa, Domenico Chiovitti, Tony Bisante, Robert De Santis, and John Briner

PGYC got suspended on June 2, 2009

Rinse Wash Repeat

After PGYC got suspended, the insiders involved in that shell couldn't let such promising technology go to waste.

Lotta Coal Inc (LCOL)

The Fuel Efficiency technology made its way over to a another scam company called Lotta Coal Inc (LCOL)

In August of 2009, Lotta Coal Inc launched its new dpollution website

About dpollution Inc. (Lotta Coal)

dpollution is a publicly traded company that has acquired the manufacturing and distribution rights of a pollution reduction technology. It consists of a series of 3 Patented fuel conditioning devices that improve the combustion efficiency and lower pollution emissions of a gas or diesel engine.

Once again there were no revenues or real business operations associated with the shell.

Some of the people involved with LCOL as officers, directors, advisers, shareholders, and promoters included:

Rocco Di Frusica, Bernard Royer, Gilles Monette, Roger Boileau, Dominic Chiovetti, Nicolas Matossian, Allen Soltis, Ron Evans, Jean-Francois Amyot, David Glassman, Marc Gagnon, Alex Barta, and John Briner

LCOL was a Jason Wong hijacked shell before being passed over to Jean-Francois Amyot:

Lotta Coal, Inc was suspended on September 23, 2009

Rinse Wash Repeat

After the suspension Amyot and crew moved over to RMGX taking the same dpollution technology and same CEO over to that shell to fleece a whole new group of unsuspecting investors.

dPollution International Inc (RMGX)

In June of 2010, Rocco Di Fruscia signed an agreement with the Ram Gold Exploration Inc shell a patented Fuel Conditioning Device (patented by Gilles Monette and Robert Boivin) with him

Like with GWBU, the technology was passed on to the RMGX shell in exchange for millions of shares to the dPollution insiders

On July 10, 2010 the Company signed a definitive agreement with Dpollution Inc., a private company operating in Quebec, Canada to acquire 100% interest in Dpollution Inc. by issuing 125,000,000 common shares of the Company.

Once again the technology would not lead to any revenues or real business operations - only lots of promotional hype and a Pump&Dump.

RMGX was heavily promoted for months on end including this expensive promotion in the summer of 2011

Capital K Corporation paid for several different promoters to pump RMGX.

A new website and company name was created - Start Scientific

Some of the people connected with RMGX include:

Rocco Di Fruscia, Roger Boileau, Jean-Francois Amyot, Jay Almeida, Louis J. Torres, Gilles Monette, Dominic Chiovetti, Daniele Brazzi, Michael di Pumpo, and Donald R Keer

Rinse Wash Repeat

Earlier this year the dPollution crew once again passed their nonproductive technology on to yet another shell.

Great Wall Builders Ltd (GWBU)

On March 28, 2012, 27,306,793 shares of GWBU stock were issued to dPollution International for the acquisition of some of their technology.  Links available here and here.

Those 27,306,793 shares are currently worth $43,144,733 for technology that has never produced a penny of revenues ever.

Daniele Brazzi also received 176,000,000 shares of GWBU stock in a separate but related transaction for only $.0001/share ($17,600 total)

Those 176,000,000 shares of GWBU stock are currently worth $278,080,000.

The technology hasn't changed much nor have the insiders involved with the dPollution technology. It's just a new shell and the basically the same old technology being touted for yet another set of paid promotions being used to support yet another Pump&Dump.

Some of the GWBU people connected with RMGX include:

Rocco Di Fruscia, Roger Boileau, Daniele Brazzi, Jay Almeida, Michael di Pumpo, and Dominic Chiovetti


Some more connections

Jay Almeida can be connected to the Bio Nitrogen Corporation (BION) Pump&Dump along with John Jarvis, Claude Eldridge, Michael Strizzi, Diane Dalmy, and others.  Supporting links here and here

Dominic Chiovetti and Roger Boileau can both be connected to Energy 1 Corp (EGOC) along with Jean-Francois Amyot, Francis Mailhot, Ian Morrice, Nicolas Matossian, Alex Barta, Jean-Guy Lambert, Allen Soltis, Ron Evans, Marc Gagnon, Simon Phaneuf, La Posta & Associates, Jill Arlene Robbins, and Joseph I. Emas.  Supporting links here and here

Roger Boileau was also involved with Far Vista Interactive Corp (FVSTA)

Rocco Di Fruscia has also been involved in Horizon Health International Corp (HZHI) with Max Arella (SPPH, AFLB, and PKTX), Donald R Keer (LXES), and Harold Schneider (SLMU and LXES)

Rocco Di Fruscia and Roger Boileau were also involved in eMamba International Corp (EMBA) along with Michael di Pumpo, Diane Dalmy and Harry Lappa (NSRS, SUNB, GBEN, NTRO, and EDVP) and Lee Borschowa (SRCN)

Now isn't that interesting. A shell that ties Fruscia with Lappa and Lappa with Dalmy.

More information about some of those connections/tickers here

There are lots more dots that can be connected from the Amyot and Dalmy side of things, but I won't go there in this post.



On May 22, 2012, GWBU filed an 8K announcing the sale of  blocks of 500,000 shares at $.10/share and warrants at $.20/share to some private unnamed investors.

Why would people want to invest $1.50/share in a company that is issuing stock to private investors at $.10/share?

I think that sort of thing is pretty common (discounted shares being offered to private investors), but you don't always see a company announcing it. Maybe the regulators are already keeping a very close eye on GWBU.

GWBU also recently moved its offices to a tiny office in Italy

I'm curious. If GWBU moved their offices to Italy then why don't they have an Italian phone number.

Their phone number is from Austria.




Seed shareholders have 148,500,000 shares to dump.  dPollution insiders have tens of millions more.

Everybody knows that GWBU is a pump&dump set up for insider enrichment.

Based on the history of the technology and individuals involved with GWBU pretty much nobody expects the technology to amount to any real business operations or revenues.

Just like ALZM, FCPG, HHWW, KNKT, WSML, and other CFM pump&dumps before this, GWBU will eventually crash and crash hard.

Just like SNPK, AMWI, NSRS, POTG, and all the other APS pump&dumps before this, GWBU will eventually crash and crash hard.

Because GWBU has so many insider shares that need to be dumped and APS joined the party late and has barely helped the stock maintain its share price levels, I don't expect to see any where near the profits with GWBU that other APS plays have offered.  Even with all the bid support, wash trading, and MM manipulation (WDCO) that APS usually likes to bring with its plays, I see the insiders winning this battle with the retail investors sooner rather than later.



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