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EWRL – one forward split you may want to think twice about holding for

28 Jun EWRL – one forward split you may want to think twice about holding for

I think that EWRL will be a huge disaster starting on Monday.  People will hold tomorrow in anticipation of the 2:1 forward split which is supposed to have a record date of June 29th at the close.

By the time that the 21 days are up and the people holding shares at the close of the 29th have their shares cleared for trading again I expect that those investor's holdings in EWRL will be worth less than half of what they were worth before the forward split.

In other words, if the shares are worth $.80/share at the close tomorrow, I expect that they will only be worth around $.20/share or less by the time they are cleared to trade again.

That means the best time to get out of EWRL is actually right before the close tomorrow.  

I could be wrong of course, but that is my initial feeling about which way the stock is headed.  The company is obviously very much involved in the paid promotion having put out 3 press releases in 3 days to help support the paid promotion.  That means the forward split is most likely just a ploy to bring up the share price in preparation for dilution by the company or company insiders while the retail investors have their shares locked.

I'll try to get a research report out on EWRL for our premium members before the close tomorrow.  I expect that my findings will support my initial feelings.

BestDamnPennyStocks (Eric Cusimano) has a long history of being a part of some of the most harmful pump&dumps on record and EWRL may end up being another ugly feather for their cap.


  • Kevin Henderson
    Posted at 05:37h, 29 June Reply

    Could be a good one to short?

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