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Energizer Tennis Inc (EZRT) stock research report – now West Coast Ventures Group

09 May Energizer Tennis Inc (EZRT) stock research report – now West Coast Ventures Group

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Energizer Tennis Inc (EZRT) got very active this week after never having any trading history before that.  The ticker put out news on April 30th then saw a flurry of day 1 volume on May 5th drawing our attention to the ticker. 

(EZRT) first caught our attention more than 2 1/2 years ago when we were doing research on Andrew Coldicutt thanks to VLNX becoming a big Awesome Penny Stock money grab during the fall of 2012 and PWEI becoming the best Victory Mark promotion a few weeks later.  At the time Energizer Tennis Inc was in the S-1 process and hadn't even gotten a ticker symbol yet.

With Andrew Coldicutt being from San Diego not far from Luis Carrillo and Wade Huettel (2 key attorneys involved in many of the Awesome Penny Stock and Victory Mark promos), it was probably easy for Andrew Coldicutt to form a strong relationship with the Awesome Penny Stock insiders.  Over the years several Coldicutt tickers got pumped by APS and its affiliated websites including CDOI, VLNX, and PWEI (twice).    Andrew Coldicutt was a natural to get involved in the pump&dump world of penny stocks since his parents, Thomas Coldicutt and Elizabeth Coldicutt, made a living in that world before being busted by the SEC for their "shell factory" scheme.   A shell factory scheme is basically a scheme that involves taking a company public by lying to the SEC about the intent to form a real business after going public (using a fake forward looking business plan) and secretly controlling the free trading stock then selling the shell and dumping the free trading stock into the market later for a profit.   Andrew Coldicutt even married an attorney, Abby Ertz, that also made her living with penny stocks that often ended up involved in pump&dump activities.

In the case of Energizer Tennis Inc, Andrew Coldicutt's name doesn't show up on paper for the ticker.  When the ticker first filed an S-1 to go public back on June 18, 2012, it was Michael J. Muellerleile, Esq of M2 Law Professional Corporation in Newport Beach, CA that provided the legal opinion.   Michael J. Muellerleile, Esq made his mark as the attorney that helped take the Bio-Solutions Corp (BISU) shell public back in 2007.   BISU pretended to be a pharmaceutical company working out of Quebec but really it was just a pump&dump scheme that involved some big names out of the Quebec area including Jean Francois Amyot and Max Arella who were both busted for their role in the Spencer Pharmaceuticals scam which also operated out of the Quebec area.  Amyot was extremely close with Eric Van Nguyen back when Eric was first getting rolling as a big name stock promoter.  This relationship was mentioned in great detail in our Eric Van Nguyen research report.   This same group of insiders that ran the BISU pump&dump would attempt to repeat their success with another shell they took public called Technologies Scan Corp (TENP), but between all the legal issues and other possible problems they were never able to turn TENP into a profitable penny stock pump&dump instead selling the shell and getting squeezed out through a 1:500 reverse split.  TENP became Petvivo Holdings Inc (PETV) in April of 2014.

Muellerleile has taken a few tickers public that haven't turned into big pump&dumps plays.   What makes Energizer Tennis Inc (EZRT) stand out the most is one of its original officers, Daniel Martinez (aka Daniel Martinez-Atkinson), of the UK.  Daniel Martinez had served as an officer of three Andrew Coldicutt link shells before Energizer Tennis Inc.  Those tickers were Liberty Energy Corp (LBYE), Cindisue Mining Corp (CDMC), and America's Diamond Corp (ADMC).  LBYE tied in to Andrew Coldicutt's father and his associates and got lots of pump&dump/paid promotion activity including a Capital Financial Media (CFM) paid promo.  ADMC which now trades as Midwest Oil and Gas (MWOG) also had some links to the elder Coldicutt and his associates.   CDMC has still yet to start actively trading.


Early History

Energizer Tennis Inc was first incorporated as a business entity in Nevada on June 16, 2011 with Daniel Martinez (mentioned earlier in this report) and Alexander Farquharson listed as the officers.  Mr. Farquharson was from Israel where he spent time working at a tennis coaching facility.   Martinez and Farquharson each got 1,000,000 founder shares for their roles.

When Energizer Tennis Inc filed its S-1 to register up to 5,000,000 shares at $.04/share and to go public on June 18, 2012 it told the SEC that it needed the money raised from the public offering to initiate its forward looking business plan to offer advice to tennis players through a website located at   To date the company had no real business operations or revenues and the only cash Energizer Tennis Inc had was that provided by its officers.  

Michael J Muellerleile provided the legal opinion.   Providing the auditors consent was prolific pump&dump accountant Peter Messineo.  Mr. Messineo has providing accounting work to more pump&dump tickers than can be listed in this report including many APS/VM promoted tickers.  Several of his tickers later got suspended or became subjects of investigations.  Some how, to date, Messineo has managed to keep his name out of SEC litigation despite past criticisms from the PCAOB and lots of criticism from the press for his role in providing auditing consent to a fake company known as Cynk Technology Corp (CYNK).  

The S-1 for Energizer Tennis Inc was approved on October 23, 2012.  Energizer Tennis Inc was given the trading symbol EZRT.

After going public, EZRT managed to sell 947,500 of the registered shares to some anonymous hand picked insiders raising $37,900.  This would be enough money to pay the auditor and attorney, but not enough to initiate the forward looking business plan.  Since this was just a shell scheme the insiders never had any real intention to try to succeed with the forward looking business plan.  The real plan was to get those free trading shares in the hands of certain people then sell the shell and use it as a future pump&dump so that those free trading shares could be sold into the market for a big big profit.

Almost immediately after the seed share holder shares were in the hands of the select insiders, Daniel Martinez resigned as an officer having completed his role in insuring that the going public portion of the shell scheme was a success.

For the first 2 years after going public, EZRT operated as a shell company with no real business operations, no revenues, and no assets.  It sat in waiting for a buyer to take the shell and provide some business operations that would allow the insiders to dump their stock into the market.


Enter Robert Thompson

On November 25, 2014, Alexander Farquharson sold his 2,000,000 shares and thus control of the EZRT shell to Mayya Khalay for an undisclosed amount of cash.      Mayya Khalay appears to have just been some kind of nominee from the Czech Republic holding control of the shell in name only.

Mayya Khalay didn't want to be an officer of the ticker so she quickly brought in Robert Thompson as the sole officer/director of EZRT on December 5, 2014.

Robert Thompson played a huge role in two old Roger Pawson pump&dump tickers - Envirotek (ENTK) which was heavily tied into Biocentric Energy (BEHL) and Cal-bay International (CBYI).     ENTK now trades as SUFF.  In both cases, Thompson acted instrumental in the going public process before passed the tickers off to Roger Pawson.   Thompson along with Charles Prebay took CBYI public in 2001 before resigning full control to Roger Pawson in 2005.  Thompson along with Prebay were involved in ENTK very early on while it was Atlantis Holding Group before it eventually got passed on to Pawson.   Roger Pawson made millions off the backs of retail investors by dumping billions of shares he secretly controlled into the market often using fake/exaggerated business operations and hiring promoters like Dale Baeten or Penny Stock Chasers or just using massive message board and social media pumps to support the dumping.


Forward Split

Robert Thompson wasted no time helping set up the anonymous insiders for future enrichment through their seed shareholder shares by filing for a 30:1 forward stock split on February 13, 2015 with a record date of March 3, 2015.

This made the share structure look as follows:

Outstanding - 88,425,000 shares
Mayya Khalay (our Czech nominee control person on paper) - 60,000,000 shares (restricted)
Seed shareholders - 28,425,000 shares (free trading) - costing $.0013/share

EZRT used the old school pump&dump set-up that we don't see as often any more by taking a shell with a fake forward looking business plan public then selling shares to hand picked insiders then doing the change of control, forward split, and name/symbol change to help make those seed shareholder shares more valuable and free trading to be dumped during a future pump&dump. 


Completing the Set-up

There is no question what the purpose of Energizer Tennis Inc from the very first day the company was created was a future pump&dump.  Now all that was left was to bring in some real business operations so that our anonymous insiders can start selling their S-1 registered free trading stock into the market.

On April 30, 2015 as disclosed in a May 7, 2015 8k, EZRT signed a deal to bring some business operations into the ticker.  

EZRT signed an agreement with Warwick Overseas, LLC, a Nevis business entity operating out of Belize allegedly controlled by Lilia Senticum, to acquire assets owned by Warwick for $250,000.   Since EZRT had no cash Warwick Overseas LLC agreed to accept a $250,000 Promissory Note instead.   The address used by Warwick Overseas LLC points towards Ally Professional Services Ltd which is a resident agent company in Belize that helps individuals set up anonymous offshore business entities in Nevis and Belize using nominee officers to help hide the real ownership of the entities. 

The asset that EZRT acquired from Warwick Overseas LLC was a company called GameRevz Inc.   GameRevz Inc is a brand new Nevada business entity that was just set-up on April 30, 2015 (same day the deal was signed).    Listed in the paperwork as the director of GameRevz Inc is Miroslaw (Mirek) Gorny

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 3.27.53 PM  

Mirek Gorny has a financial background and most recently was working in Real Estate in the San Diego taking us full circle back to the start of this report which kicked off by mentioning the possible link between EZRT and Andrew Coldicutt of San Diego.

According to their youtube video just created on May 7th, GameRevz Inc helps provide some kind of marketing tool that advertises inside of the virtual gaming world for potential clients.  The concept of in-game advertising is not a new concept at all.



More information about GameRevz Inc can be found at:

their website

their facebook page

their twitter page

their youtube page

One thing of interest from the GameRevz Inc website is their small list of "current advertisers" which includes Air Com Audio, Art du Coco, DJ Culture, and HD View360.   One of those advertises brings us back to our mysterious Control Person for the shell, Mayya Khalay.  Ms. Khalay liked the Art du Coco facebook page with her facebook page and listed among her very few facebook friends (most of whom are from the Ukraine or Colorado) is the Art du Coco owner, Natasha Du Coco.  Meet our mysterious control person, Mayya Khalay, a Kazakhstan native now living in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 2.50.19 PM


With the business entity just having been set up on April 30, 2015, the domain for the website just registered on April 26, 2015, and all the social media stuff being set up after April 26, 2015 it gives the appearance that somebody quickly built all of this stuff for the mere purpose of having some kind of business operations to merge into the EZRT shell so the pump&dump plan can move forward.

With the change of operations, EZRT moved its office from the UK to a virtual office in Orange, California which just so happens to also be the address of the resident agent that helped set up GameRevz Inc in Nevada, Incorporating Solutions Group Inc. (Lissa Mitchell).


Recent Trading Activity

On April 30, 2015, the same day EZRT signed its agreement to acquire GameRevz Inc, EZRT put out a press release presenting itself as a technology holding company still based in the UK and announcing its plans to enter the $100 billion gaming market and to open a new office in Orange, California.  We've already determined that this new corporate office is just the office of their resident agent and a virtual office at that.  We've also already determined that EZRT's share of the $100 billion gaming market amounts to a brand new business entity with only forward looking business plans. 

The press release also announced a new company website for EZRT at which forwards to is a domain that was registered by Tony Delisio of Tacoma, Washington on March 30, 2015.   Tony Delisio is the lead guitarist of a Melodic Medal band and an online marketing and web design person.   He was no doubt just involved in helping with the web design for the new website but he does help provide us with an interesting link.    EZRT wasn't the only website that Tony Delisio helped set up for a publicly traded company.  IP info points back to Tony Delisio as having also helped set up the website for Iconic Minerals Ltd which trades on the Canadian stock exchange as ICM.   The CEO of Iconic Minerals Ltd is Richard R Kern a name that has come up in some of my past research as the owner of Minquest Inc.    MinQuest Inc was involved in a few Luis Carrillo/Wade Huettel tickers including APS promoted NSRS, Paragon promoted GRPH, CNTO which became an online newsletter promo, and WLOC which also had a big paid promo history as well as non-Carrillo/Huettel linked tickers TNUG, AMGC (formerly DAKO), NMEX (formerly PUNL), GDFI, PGOL, SRGZ, RNGC, TUFF, and KABE.     APS promoted and Andrew Coldicutt linked VLNX actually shared the same address as NSRS and TNUG at one point.

A few days after the press release hit, on May 5, 2015, EZRT saw its first ever real volume with 3.4 million shares hitting the market as the share price was pushed down from $.25/share to $.15/share.  The trading included some significant sized blocks late in the day in the $.15s.   EZRT saw over 1 million more shares total hit the market at $.15/share on May 6th and May 7th.   The sudden big volume screams possible set-up for a future paid promotion.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 4.24.54 PM


What to expect next

It is possible that we could see volume dry up a bit for a while.  We know from the April 30th press release that EZRT will be doing a name/symbol change.  Any future paid promotion most likely will not happen until that name/symbol change is complete.  The recent volume could have been insiders getting shares in specific hands at a specific price in preparation for some future paid promotion action.

With 28,425,000 shares outstanding some kind of email spam campaign is most likely, possibly from around that $.15/share range depending on which promoter is brought in for the task of running the pump&dump activity.

We'll be sure to track the market activity and any new corporate changes and filings to keep our members as up to date on any possible future paid promotion for EZRT as possible.






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