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Cindisue Mining Corp (CDMC) – another Coldicutt shell in waiting

24 Jan Cindisue Mining Corp (CDMC) – another Coldicutt shell in waiting


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When I did my research report on America's Diamond Corp (ADMC) I learned that Cindisue Minding Corp (CDMC) had links to ADMC (a definite Andrew Coldicutt shell) and also included familiar insiders which have been used often in the past by the Coldicutt family.

When ADMC filed an 8K today even more links between CDMC and other past Coldicutt shells became clear.

In light of the new stronger evidence that CDMC may in fact be a Coldicutt family controlled shell I think it is time to do a full research report on Cindisue Mining Corp (CDMC).


The Set-up

Cindisue Mining Corp was incorporated in the state of Delaware on January 8, 2010.

The original nominee sole officer/director of the shell was San Diego native - Donovan L. Cooper.   Donovan L. Cooper had no experience in mining.  His previous experience was mostly in flexible benefit plans.  His main venture is a company he runs with his wife called Triflex Corporation.

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San Diego is home base for Andrew Coldicutt whose previous pump&dump shells include - CDOI, VLNX, PWEI, and some time soon - ADMC.

Andrew Coldicutt spent some time working in the law office of Carrillo HuettelLuis Carrillo and Wade Huettel along with their former partner, Luke Zouvas, can be connected to dozens of pump&dump shells.  They have extremely strong ties to many promotional companies as well.

Andrew Coldicutt's parents, Thomas and Elizabeth Coldicutt, played the pump&dump shell game for years before finally getting busted by the SEC.  See the SEC news release and SEC litigation release for more information.  David Baines did an excellent job of summarizing many of the Thomas and Elizabeth shells and some of the regulars like James McCleod and George Stewart.  See the Baines article here.

Doing the Attorney Opinion Letter for the Cindisue Mining Corp shell was Robert C. Weaver Jr. also of San Diego. 

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Robert C. Weaver Jr. is a close friend and business associate of Thomas Coldicutt.  Robert C. Weaver Jr. was named in the SEC litigation against Thomas D. Coldicutt and Elizabeth L. Coldicutt.  The following is an excerpt from that litigation:

"After the Coldicutt Companies were incorporated by, among others, Linda Farrell, Christopher Greenwood, and Robert Weaver, the Coldicutts often provided funding to capitalize and take the companies public, provided funding for investors to purchase shares in registered offerings, and also directed the nominees in obtaining OTC Bulletin Board listing, filing periodic and annual reports with the Commission, and ultimately selling the Coldicutt Companies. The Coldicutts realized nearly $5,000,000 in profits from these transactions.

Although Farrell, Gomez, Greenwood, and Weaver, among others, were to run the public Coldicutt Companies, none of them had any experience in the mining industry, and only Weaver had prior experience in the securities industry. Without their participation in the Coldicutts’ fraudulent scheme, however, the scheme would have failed.

In addition to their service as corporate nominees willing to cloak the Coldicutts’ control over the Coldicutt Companies, Greenwood and Weaver appropriated the Coldicutts’ blueprint to form, take public, and sell shell companies of their own."


And if there is still any doubt that Cindisue Mining Corp is a Coldicutt shell.  The geologist used to help provide a report on the Cindisue Mining Corp property was Coldicutt favorite, James McCleod.

James McCleod was the geologist for two other Andrew Coldicutt shells (ADMC and MFON) as well as 10 of the 15 companies named in the Thomas and Elizabeth Coldicutt litigation.

The S-1 for Cindisue Mining Corp was filed on March 8, 2010 exactly 3 months after the entity was created.

All 3,000,000 outstanding shares were owned by the then sole officer/director of the shell, Donovan Cooper.

Cindisue Mining Corp had purchased the rights to some mineral properties in the Montezuma Peak Esmeralda County, Nevada area known as the Ford 1-4 mineral claims for $3,500 (a common purchase cost used by Coldicutt mining companies) to help get approval from the SEC to go public.  Cindisue Mining Corp then paid James McCleod $3,500 to write up the report for the property (again a common price paid to McCleod for his use in past Coldicutt shells).


You'll love this part

The "Ford 1-4 mineral claims" were previously used in another Coldicutt shell called Wildrose Mining Inc. with Wildrose Mining Inc the claims were called the "Cord 1-4 mineral claims"

Wildrose Mining Inc filed an S-1 to go public on February 2, 2010.  Wildrose Mining Inc would end up withdrawing the S-1 filing on May 7, 2010.

The claims were originally staked by James McLeod then sold to Wildrose Mining Inc for $7,000 in December of 2009.  After Wildrose Mining Inc decided to withdraw their attempt to go public the claims were then sold to Cindisue Mining Corp for $3,500.  In each case, James McLeod was paid $3,500 for the mining report.

Compare the notes about the claims from the two S-1 filings:

From the Wildrose Mining Inc S-1:

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 7.06.46 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 7.06.01 PM

From the Cindisue Mining Corp S-1:

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 7.13.53 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 7.14.22 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 7.14.38 PM


The president of Wildrose Mining was listed as Robin Hansen of Fullerton, Calif., who had no prior experience in exploration. When David Baines tried to talk to her about the company, she referred Baines to her “assistant,” who happened to be Linda Farrell another individual named in the SEC litigation against the Coldicutts.

Wildrose’s lawyer was Abby Ertz of San Diego, who is married to Andrew Coldicutt, and its accountant was George Stewart of Seattle, who is the accountant of record for six of the 15 companies named in the SEC litigation.


Back to Cindisue Mining Corp

After being granted public trading status, CDMC issued an addition 3,000,000 shares to Donovan L. Cooper and sold 2,500,000 shares to 27 individuals (seed shareholders) at a price of $.01/share raising $25,000.

In October of 2011, CDMC filed an 8K announcing that they had completed their Phase 1 study of their mineral claims.  James McLeod was paid $6,500 for the completion of the study.  The results were so poor that CDMC decided no further studies would be necessary and that selling the shell would be a consideration.

Phase 1 consisted of mobile metal ion (MMI) soil sampling, proprietary IONIC
Leach (IL) digestion and induction coupled plasma (ICP) analysis. The Phase 1
work involved a total of 45 grid controlled MMI soil samples.

The Phase 1 data rendered poor results. It is not likely that further study of
the claim will yield any better result. Management, with the prime objective of
maximizing shareholder value, is considering the options of obtaining additional
funds to seek additional claims for exploration or an outright sale of the


On March 5, 2012, a new officer was appointed to the CDMC shell. Daniel Martinez (aka Daniel Martinez-Atkinson) of the UK was appointed as the new CFO, treasurer, secretary, and director. 

Turns out that Daniel Martinez-Atkinson is just another friend/business associate of the Coldicutt family.  Daniel Martinez-Atkinson is the CEO of another Andrew Coldicutt shell called America's Diamond Corp (ADMC) and is the CFO of another Coldicutt shell called Liberty Energy Corp (LBYE).

LBYE had much of the gang involved including James McLeod, George Stewart, and the newest ADMC officer/director, Thomas L. Crom III.

Other common links between ADMC and LBYE are McDonald Tuskey Law Firm and Asia-Pacific Capital Ltd (an anonymous financier).  LBYE has already had its big paid promotion getting pumped by Capital Financial Media (CFM) in 2011.

Another shell linked to Daniel Martinez-Atkinson is Energizer Tennis Inc which is still awaiting its trading symbol.

On September 14, 2012, Daniel Martinez-Atkinson purchased control of the CDMC shell by acquiring all 6,000,000 of Donovan L. Cooper's shares for $10,000.  Donovan Cooper resigned, and Daniel Martinez-Atkinson is now the sole officer/director of the CDMC shell.


Latest Developments/Conclusion

CDMC is out of cash.  The mineral claims they control are worthless.  It is just a matter of time before the company goes through some kind of change of direction.

CDMC completed a private placement on January 2, 2013 selling 300,000 shares for $15,000 ($.05/share) to an anonymous Marshall Islands entity called ACR Holdings Ltd.  ACR Holdings Ltd was established as a Marshall Islands entity on June 11, 2011.  Who owns ACR Holdings Ltd is anybody's guess.  Could be linked to a future paid promotion.  Could be linked to the Coldicutt family.  Could be none of the above.  I guarantee that those 300,000 shares will get sold for much more than $.05/share especially if CDMC does the prototypical forward split.

There are two ACR Holdings Ltd that have been incorporated in the UK.  One is now in bad standing that was controlled by Pancho Heick and AnneMieke Heick of the Netherlands.  The other was only recently incorporated and is controlled by Carmine Aurelio Coladangelo and Lawrence Coladangelo.

I suspect to see a forward split executed by the ticker in the not too distant future.  This is after all a Coldicutt shell and nearly all Coldicutt shells seem to eventually turn into an insider enrichment scheme supported by a paid promotion.

If CDMC follows the previous Coldicutt shells this one should eventually also see a paid promotion.





















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