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CDII – Today’s 5,000% + Mover. Learn how to profit from Sub Pennies!

02 Dec CDII – Today’s 5,000% + Mover. Learn how to profit from Sub Pennies!

While our team focuses on several types of trading opportunities (both OTC and NASDAQ / NYSE), there is no other team or service in the world that has a better understanding of the OTC market, stock promotions, penny stocks, or sub penny movers than the Promotion Stock Secrets team. We possess a detailed knowledge of how this market works, who the scammers are, and how to identify the top potential profit opportunities. Our goal is to provide information that is unbiased as possible so our members have the ultimate advantage. The truth is nearly all sub penny press releases are scammy and the insiders are out to take advantage of traders, but there are a few that do provide extreme profit opportunities for traders that understand how to identify the top potential movers.

Sub penny stocks are never a long term investment. Most are extremely illiquid with large spreads and difficult to trade. Occasionally there are a few that are not only liquid (trading hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars during one trading day) but also provide amazing profit opportunities.

The majority of the trades we follow during a regular day require a good understanding of technical analysis and traders should size their trades with an understanding of the potential risk. Many traders avoid sub pennies because they do not always follow the same rules of technical analysis. Regardless, size is the #1 one rule that remains consistent. Since the upside (and downside) potential can be so enormous if you get in early on the right stock, there is really no need to risk too much if you plan to trade this type of stock. It is not uncommon for most day traders to take several $100 losses each day between making profitable trades. If a trader risk $100 (or an amount you would consider minimal if you were to loss 100%) on a sub penny stock that moved up 5,000%, the potential profits could be near $5,000. While it is not realistic to expect to make 5,000%, there are good odds of profiting from a large portion of these big moves while taking partial profits on the way up and riding free shares (take out your initial investment after a 100-300% move and hold the profits until a trend change).

One of our main goals is to narrow down the top potential catalyst that could provoke the largest moves during each and every trading day. We attempt to keep this information as unbiased as possible. While we have several pro traders on our team, unlike most other services (other service - the guru buys and then alerts to members, counting on followers to help the guru profit), our intentions are to push this information out to our members before any member of our pro trader team starts trading.

CDII is the latest 5,000% plus mover for our members.


During each pre market our team sorts through all the latest press release, SEC filing, email promotions, social media, and pre market price action to provide our members with our top potential catalyst for short term large moves. We release this information in a pre market report. The report list the latest IPOs to watch, the top Big board catalyst, the main promo / pre promo tickers to watch, the current D list promo tickers, the sub penny stocks with news to monitor, and the latest OTC potential catalyst.

This morning, December 2, 2015, after sorting through a large number of potential catalyst, our pre market report had only one ticker listed on the "Sub penny stocks with news or filings to monitor for activity" list, that ticker was CDII. We also only listed one ticker with a news catalyst in our OTC catalyst section, that ticker was CDII. The news - "CD International Enterprises Receives a Purchase Order of 240,000 Tons, Valued at Approximately $350 Million, of Copper Concentrate for a Period of 24 Months". The price traded around $0.0013 at the time of our pre market report.

The news was ridiculous and most likely not factual but it was just the type of catalyst that could provoke a large move on this type of stock. At 9:31 am we notified our members in the chat room of a volume spike. We continued to monitor CDII throughout the day. According to equityfeed, CDII closed the day with $10.8 million dollar volume traded. Around 1:04 pm, the price had reached a high of $0.07 , a potential increase of around 5,285% since our pre market catalyst notification.

Over the next several months we will be making updates to our site and service. We realize the value of our information and we plan to limit this information to a smaller crowd. In the coming weeks we will be increasing our price for the Promotion Stock Secrets premium service form $189 to $299 for new member.

Do you want to find the next big catalyst prior to the big move?

Join today before the price increases!

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