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BIZM Promotion?

29 May BIZM Promotion?


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BIZM has been getting walked up slowly from $1.10 on some purely manipulative trades until today when an ask finally showed up for BIZM and the volume suddenly began pick up.  I decided to sweep the great world of the internet to see if there were any promotional type awareness campaigns going on for BIZM and I found this very detailed 24 page glowing research report for BIZM.

The Stock Report which did the report seems to be suggesting in their disclaimer that they did not receive compensation for the report.

Digging through the site some more I noticed that there is a second report for BIZM that is giving BIZM a $10.30 price target and calling it the Stock Report #1 ticker for 2013 ahead of ZNGA and KORS.  In the report BIZM got far more attention than the other two tickers.


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A closer look at the domain shows that it was first registered in 2005.  Using the Wayback Machine website it becomes obvious very quickly that the site changed ownership sometime after June of 2012 and in March of 2013 it became the website that you see today.

According to the Disclaimer, The Stock Report is owned by Global Investor Research LLP which has two websites of their own found here and hereThe was registered back in 2006, but was recently just updated on March 13, 2013 (same day as The Stock Report website).

The second links isn't working but the host site used reminds me of the early SMA websites because they used the same host site (Parallel Planels of Parallel Holdings IP GmbH - a German hosting site). 


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The Stock Report / Global Investor Research is based out of the UK according to their websites. Fleet House 8-12 New Bridge Street, London, UK, EC4V 6AL.  The UK is the same place as Elliott Dobbs claims to be from.  Even though we have been expecting SMA to reemerge with new websites, at this point I am far from sure that this could be SMA reinventing themselves.  When a brand new site like this suddenly pops up I naturally wonder with whom they might be associated.  Could Ryan Nelson be the new Elliott Dobbs?


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Also interesting is that only one domain can be linked to these Stock Report domains - is not a published website yet, but in the UK there is a website and there is a similar website both of which offer some kind of phone call center service.  Makes you wonder if there is a legitimate link here possibly having to do with boiler room type phone calls.

Some of this speculation is just that - speculation.  We can't be sure what type of site The Stock Report is yet or to whom they may be linked.  We also can't be sure what to expect from BIZM or how much exposure these reports will get.  Promotion Stock Secrets is the first site to catch the reports.  With an elaborate research report like this, I think BIZM should be watched closely over the next for days just in case it is being set up for a bigger promotion.

We have been expecting BIZM to see some kind of promotion.  See our full BIZM research report here.





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