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Bayside Corp: From no revenues, no cash, to billions?

25 Jul Bayside Corp: From no revenues, no cash, to billions?

After the bell on 23 July, 2013, Bayside Corp. (BYSD) made an extraordinary announcement.  It claimed that “the company has been awarded a purchase order to supply 3,600,000 Metric [sic] tons of heavy fuel oil exports annually.  Additionally, the order represents approximately $160,500,000 in gross revenues every month for the next thirty-six months.”  Additionally?  A little more clarity would have been good.

But never mind.  That's $1.92 billion a year.


bysd chart


Naturally the stock ran hard on the morning of the 24th.  Just to make sure that run didn't falter, the company followed up with a second PR announcing major financing supplied on very short notice by Nick Kontonicolas's C-Trade Group, “a petroleum logistics trade and finance company.”  BYSD closed up 186.96% at $0.0132 on volume of 143 million shares.  It trades on OTCMarkets' Pink Current Information tier; it has never been an SEC filer.

All this didn't happen without a little help from promoters.  On 27 June, several low-profile touts were paid $5000 (impossible to tell whether they were related or not; that may have been the total amount) for a two-day profile.  On 17 July, OTC Magic noted receipt of $8,500 to promote BYSD for a couple of days.  On the 23rd, a number of new promoters joined in the fun.  Moving Pennies disclosed payment of $4000 by Microcap Innovations, LLC; the others, “up to fifteen thousand dollars cash by a non-controlling third party.”



Bayside is a petroleum exploration, development and production company with oil and gas leases in Texas and Mississippi.  Its headquarters are in Dallas.  It was originally incorporated in Nevada in 1984, but redomiciled in Wyoming on 14 November 2012.  It still hasn't bothered to update that information on its OTCMarkets company info page.  The company website hasn't been updated recently either:  the latest news offered there is from 23 March 2012.  Chairman of the board and president is Gordon H. Johnson, who apparently works for several other gas and oil outfits as well.  The CEO is Darren Toomer.  As of 31 March, BYSD was controlled by DZ Energy, LLC, of Dallas, which, between common and preferred stock, had an 81% interest in the company.  DZ's stock was not issued to DK itself, but to individuals associated with it.




In Wyoming, stock authorized is given as 3.4 billion shares.  According to a press release of 18 July, the company has reduced that number to a mere 2 billion.  Either it didn't bother to inform Wyoming, or the change hasn't yet been posted.  According to Wyoming, the outstanding is 65,642,630 shares; according to the most recent financial report (a quarterly for the period ended 31 March), it's 66,142,631 shares.  But by 10 April, when the numbers at OTCMarkets were most recently changed, the o/s had risen dramatically, to 913,142,631.  How'd that happen?  The company hasn't offered an explanation.  On 8 July, BYSD's attorney William Goode filed an opinion in which he explained, among other things, that shares had been issued to a number of individuals and entities during the course of 2011 and 2012.  (In the most recent quarterly, the company merely responded “no” to questions about stock issuance on the OTCMarkets form.)  Those issuances should have been reported, but the number of shares involved doesn't add up to more than 15 or 20 million.

Stranger still, the company says the float is a mere 5,653,426 shares as of April 10, 2013.  Like so much about this story, that doesn't make sense.   Obviously, based on the volume and price action since  April 10, 2013, the float is many times bigger than that now.

Bayside's financials are dismal.  For the quarter ended 31 March, it had no cash and no revenues.  It had no revenues in fiscal 2012, and just $110,000 in 2011.  Its only assets are oil and gas leases worth $2,299,950.  Why do they call themselves a producer, and where's that 3,600,000 metric tons of oil going to come from?  Who's the customer?  It's normal to mention these things when announcing an important contractual relationship.  

C-Trade Group

C-Trade Group, Inc. is confusingly described at its website as “part of the C. Trade Group of Companies.”  Another member of this group is C. Trade-BARD, Inc.  The original C. Trade formed a new company called C. Trade-BARD in November 2012; it sells algae-based products and agricultural products.  C-Trade Group created a new website for C. Trade-BARD and itself in December 2012.  On the “About us” page, the original entity is called both “C. Trade” and “C-Trade.”  

C-Trade's relationship with Bayside isn't new.  In January 2012, as C. Trade, it struck a deal by the terms of which it would provide funding in an initial amount of $1.5 million for the reworking and completion of 13 oil wells in South Texas.  In its recent quarterly, it described the arrangement as a joint venture, but did not offer a copy of the agreement between the parties.

Strangely, BYSD made no reference whatsoever to the joint venture in its annual report for 2012.  It appears that no revenues of any kind were generated.  That raises an obvious question:  why would C-Trade want to become involved with Bayside again?  No answer presents itself.

The person behind all of the C-Trade companies is Nick Kontonicolas, who describes himself as an “experienced, well-seasoned professional investor and corporate development Banker.”  The reality is that he's a guy who offers financing to penny stock companies.  Over the years, he's been involved with a great many, none of which has proved to be a long-term success.  One way or another, though, he must make money on his financing, or he wouldn't do it.

Kontonicolas has at least one odd and unsavory associate.  On 15 and 16 June, he announced a partnership with Lord Neil B. Gibson and Gibson's company Handels Securities Ltd.  The notice from the 15th features a photo of the pair, Gibson at the left, Kontonicolas at the right:


Lord Neil B Gibson Partners with C Trade partners 


Gibson describes himself as a “businessman, humanitarian, philanthropist” who runs an organization based in Las Vegas called LNBG, LLC.  Needless to say, “LNBG” stands for “Lord Neil B. Gibson”; that is the name under which it's registered in Nevada.  He claims to be lord of the manor of Wheldrake and Warter Priory, an office that, if really his, would not qualify him as a member of the British aristocracy.  An amusing discussion of that issue may be found in an anti-Gibson blog.  In the course of a lawsuit brought by Gibson a few years ago in California, an appellate panel noted that he'd purchased the title.  Not a great deal of information about Gibson that wasn't written by him is available online, but more than one source strongly suggests that he's a con artist.  Unfortunately even the most credible of these sites is fantastic, and reeks of conspiracy theories involving the Federal Reserve and three-letter government agencies.  

That said, Gibson's Handels Securities, which first partnered with C-Trade in January 2013, was turfed out of Belize on 30 April by the country's International Financial Services Commission.  Its website has been dismantled; only remnants of it may be seen courtesy of the Wayback Machine.  Kontonicolas is apparently unperturbed by, or unaware of, these events.

Back in January of this year, when the arrangement with Handels was announced, it was said that Handels would be “joining C. Trade Group of Companies as the financial institution in the funding of all future projects of the joint venture” with BARD.  It isn't known whether Handels was or is to put up the money C-Trade has promised to BYSD.  According to today's press release, C-Trade will be on the hook for “monthly bank guarantees in the amount of $160,500,000 for heavy fuel oil exports.”  

Gordon Johnson, Bayside's chairman, remarked:  “We are pleased to be able to partner with the C-Trade Group once more to continue our efforts to expand our revenue base.”

What revenue base?  They have no revenues.

And what, exactly, is the purchase order for 3,600,000 metric tons of oil all about?  BYSD can't possibly produce it, given that it apparently has no working wells, and probably couldn't produce that much even if all its properties were operational.  Will it simply be brokering purchases and seeing to their delivery?  If so, presumably C-Trade would provide the money for those purchases up front, Bayside would buy and ship the product, and the two would share in a profit that would not be anywhere near $160 million a month.  But we don't know what's planned, because the company hasn't offered any explanation.

Or perhaps something else is going on.  At its website, again on the “About us” page, C-Trade says:  “C-Trade Worldwide Corp has assigned CTBI [C. Trade-BARD] its 3,600,000 (Three Million Six Hundred [sic]) Metric Tons of Mazut 100-75 Type II (referred as heavy fuel) with a one month trading amount Bank Guarantee (BG) Of US$159 million.  The total contracted amount for first month is 300,000 Metric Tons.”

Those numbers sound very familiar, although the statement seems to have been written some time before Bayside made its big announcement.  The correct interpretation is anyone's guess.  One possibility might be that BSYD will, as a broker, sell C-Trade's oil it to a customer, as outlined above.  C-Trade may not actually own the oil, of course.  Remember:  it describes itself as a “petroleum logistics trade and finance company.”

We're left to assume that the point of Bayside's carefully yet vaguely worded press releases was to send stock price skyward.  And that is what happened.  A retracement is to be expected, but more news, even if implausible, and a continuing promo campaign could change that.

Promotion Stock Secrets will be on... Baywatch.  Perhaps Pamela Anderson will appear for a cameo.





  • Ivan Ivanovitch
    Posted at 14:08h, 25 July Reply

    Lord Gibson is a world class con man and he has fooled many people over the years through his letters of credit and bank guarantees. Nick Kontonicolas is heavily involved with everything Lord Gibson is doing. the Lord purchased his Title and that was the subject of many hilarious articles. if you Google the Lord Gibson you will get many fantastic stories and blogs on his incredible schemes. No wonder Nick joined up with him.
    Nick has been doing this for MYRG/MYRL(Military Resale-bankrupt and delisted) and EMXC(finished) and MPIX (same scam as EMXC)and for so many other companies that all failed miserably. Not before Nick created massively false news releases for those companies. He has also associated with a bogus engine company called Coates(COTE). If you read about his C trade scams you will see that he was the one who orchestrated the 400 million gallon scam for MPIX in January 2012. You will see that he goes way back with the scamster Roxanne Weber (foxy roxy)of MPIX/EMXC. I have found news releases he created for Ms. Weber back to 2003.
    Bayside Oil is a fraud and they had 18 wells that were not producing. they were about to pull the plug when Nick came up with an idea. How can i do what Lord Gibson could do or what i did for Ms. Weber and so many others that made so many illicit millions in pump and dump/dilution?
    So, he creted the false scam of letters of credit and bank guarantees that do not exist. he then went to his Indian and Chinese friends and influenced them to write nonsense purchase orders( that were never ever going to happen) based upon those LC’s and BG’s and used them for news releases.
    Now he wants to do a billion dollar Madoff style scam, but he dares not use his own penny stock controlled company like the one he is attempting to do with C Trade/BARD. That BARD company website shows that they are attempting to use algae to create bio diesel. yet, Google has blogs and articles on that company regarding their specific technology that does not work.
    Nick has made a deal with Gordon of bayside to increase the shares OS from 60 million to over 900 million. Nick obviously owns a huge chunk of that new paper that he will convert into free trading. He is an expert at this.
    You all have been suckered into the scam of the year.This will rival MPIX. You will see continued nonsensical billion dollar fraud contracts that he will get from china or India and you will see clever usage of language in the releases( just like he did for MPIX).
    BYSD paid 27 promoters over 40 grand to pump this for 2 days. I say they do it again. the risk here is will they? If yes, stay in( you have to as the stock just went to .007 from .013. Or, if you got in at .003 then dump the POS. The SEC will not halt this crap as they care less about this type of nonsense.

    • Janice Shell
      Posted at 15:04h, 25 July Reply

      Thanks for the information; it’s very interesting indeed. I find it odd that Nick is, apparently, completely unfazed by Gibson’s very recent problems in Belize. But I suppose that isn’t really surprising; just dumb.

      lol, getting involved with Nick didn’t work out so well in the end for Roxy.

  • Ivan Ivanovitch
    Posted at 19:39h, 26 July Reply
    reported by DD Support Board and Fraud research room… post #47590 by samsamsamiam….

    I just found something fascinating and revealing in the BYSD/NK scam.

    In this pressroom blog that relates to lord Gibsons activities and very much a compilation of PR forGibson , the post states that on June 16, 2013, Lord Neil Gibson partnered with Nick Kontonicolas.

    If you go to the bottom of the deals that they both are involved in it states that they are funding with Nick and Gibsons nonsensical and non-existent letters of credit and bank guarantees EMXC/MPIX because of MPIX/EMXC 900 million dollar music library.

    This is another proof of their scam(s). It is not only well known that the music has zero value but after dumping millions of dollars of stock to the un-weary public over at least a year, MPIX finally admitted that the music library was worthless and in fact worth, in their new estimation a million or so. Furthermore they never said it was worth more than 400 million.
    So Nick, long time associate with the con artist Roxanne Weber (Control insider of MPIX/EMXC) knew this even though he OK’d ( as he is a partner with Gibson) of this PR article.

  • Ivan Ivanovitch
    Posted at 19:47h, 26 July Reply

    This is the link for the above Gibson/Kontonicolas

  • Ivan Ivanovitch
    Posted at 23:12h, 27 July Reply

    Lord Gibson’s game is over thanks to the disgusting scam BYSD created. The news of his latest scam with Nick K surfaced in Belize and they want all to know who he is. Read the following that came out Friday afternoon in Belize Chanel 5 news. http:://

    The article states that Lord Gibson is a fraud and a liar. He never helped Belize and he is fraudulently moving fraudulent paper(like IBOE’s and false BG’s). This is the paper that Nick Kontonicolas is using to fool the BYSD public into believing he will fund fabricated Chines contracts to be. So, I guess he may be fooling the Chinese as well. Nick is the 30% partner of Lord Gibson and the kicked out of Belize Handels securities.

    This scam has to stop now and it is time for the SEC to stop trading in BYSD until a full investigation is completed. Everyone knows Nick and his buddies blew out a million dollars to the unsuspecting new BYSD shareholders. The OS went from 60 to over 900 million shares and the float should be about 106 million shares by now, or more.

  • Ivan Ivanovitch
    Posted at 23:20h, 27 July Reply July 26, 2013 breaking news!!!

    Go to the main site of Belize news 5 and scroll down for further proof this is not made up.

    I am so sorry for the BYSD investors. Guess Nick has to create a news release fast like he did for Foxy roxy Weber of EMXC and MPIX to lessen the value of Lord Gibson. After all, if the Lordie can create a magic act so can good ole St. Nick.

  • Ivan Ivanovitch
    Posted at 12:56h, 29 July Reply

    Nick Kontonicolas owns 30% of Handels Securities according to his own words on Lord Gibsons blogs and websites. Channel 5 news in Belize showcased Lord Gibson in this fraud last Friday, July 26, 2013.

    #17697 post in the Bayside Corp. forum( BYSD on OTC) is evident of the further denial of the scam by company management. The poster “Euripides90′ is obviously a shill for the company or paid promoters. The entire basis for Gordon to have partnered with Kontonicolas and split the 850 million shares issued from March 31 to mid April 2013 was based on the fact that Gordon had 18 worthless reuse wells and Kontonicolas was going to be able to either put him back in business through stock sales on a pump and dump or that they both just wanted to do a stock scam and retire.

    The entire basis for Kontonicolas to be such a partner was not his abilities to lie about billion dollar contracts but to have paperwork to bail themselves out later when the so called legitimate buyer asks what happened. By that time the game is over and the Chinese buyer walks away./ After all they lost very little in a cancelled contract. Kontonicolas uses the contract to fool the pink sheet suckers after dumping 800 million shares on several false news releases with Gordon for a several million dollar take.

    The entire key is based upon the other side. The bank guarantee side. If Gordon expects to avoid prison( I expect Kontoniclas to flee) he will defend himself by saying that Kontonicolas showed him the Handels securities bank guarantees and assumed it was good paper. He will not be able to get away with that. Why? because these two scamsters knew that Lord Gibson’s Handels Securities are out of business. they were kicked out of Belize a couple months ago and their charter was cancelled and voided by the Belize Trade Commission and Banking regulation ministries.
    So, they outrageously, now are selling not only worthless bank guarantees( a scam that many have done through Belize over the past 20 years but Lord Gibson is well known for) but the bank/securities company that issued them do not even have a charter. In fact Belize wants him out of the country and the Belize national news is crying foul about his claims to have helped them.

    This is the biggest fraud and biggest lie from a stock swindler who has been doing this for many years.
    Just look at what he did for Mindpix(MPIX) and Emax (EMXC) before this scam. He issued a 400 million bank guarantee to those companies in January 2012 and Roxanne Weber( control insider at both companies-EMXC since delisted) on a news release about HIS BANK GUARANTEES for mega tons of oil.
    Roxanne Weber was a fraudulent music company with no assets. What was she doing in the oil business? Kontonicolas has been the brains behind every swindle he has touched but when the s..t hits the fan he blames the management. Now he is putting all his eggs into the basket for a big hit( many millions) and instead of watching others like Roxanne( they call her foxy roxy in IHUB board rooms)make the real money, he wants a piece of the action before the SEC and FINRA close the loop on this type of fraud.
    Again, this stock must be HALTED and a real investigation into these criminals must be initiated.
    Upon reading all ten listed companies that Lord Gibson and Nick kontonicolas have claimed to have brought these bank guarantees/LC’s/IBOE’s…are Indian biodiesel companies, Coates(COTE on the pinks), Kontonicolas has partnered with a company called BARD and I am sure is swindling them out of their assets and reutation with his false bank guarantees. In Kontonicolas own website (that is he claims they will go public as well. The SEC should be notified immediately on this as he will continue his scams forever( like Roxanne Weber did) unless stopped.
    I also see real estate companies and I am sure they would not want to know he is ruining their good reputation( assuming they are real companies).

  • Ivan Ivanovitch
    Posted at 19:38h, 29 July Reply

    I report what I see here as I have no interest in posting in the board room of BYSD. It seems that BYSD has one paid promoter in that room that is attempting to nullify Gordons and BYSD role in the Lord Gibson bank Guarantee scam. In fact, that ‘Euripides90’ poster is also attempting to lessen the value of even Nick Kontonicolas in the success of the ‘new’ BYSD. This is completely outrageous.

    The entire story and new company we are seeing is 100% based upon Nicks false bank guarantees and to be fooled Chinese oil people who will undoubtedly sign contracts based upon those false papers. Gordon did not suddenly issue 850 million new shares to himself and say hyello to Nick for such a nice piece of news release(s). Gordon, as everyone knows, lost his company. The 18 wells were closed or not producing.It was over. Nick saw that a year ago when he attempted to work or take the company. Nick decided to make his move now and is very obviously the power behind this company. His stock was aged or converted and is all free trading. So is Gordons. They sold huge amounts on July 24 to new suckers with those two FALSE news items. Even if a Chinese concern signs, it is based upon false assurances that a bank guarantee can get the oil. This is massive fraud to the hifhest level and Nick’s specialty. he did it for Roxanne Weber in a 400 million oil deal 18 months ago and his OWN website with Lord Gibson shows he is trying to do so for not just BYSD but many others.
    HERE IS THE PROOF…What the hell does Lord Gibson have to do with GMND or BARD or BYSD or everyone on that list who is a proven Nick friend and associate?
    Nick gave or promised these pink sheet firms and people bank guaranteed sponsored money. Money that never will or ever did materialize. Lord Gibson was doing this for 20 years. Lord Gibsons own websites( not Nicks) show this.
    It does not matter what Chinese news release comes. It does not matter that they are or will file a S1 registration. We have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that it is Nicks current association and financial instruments that are criminal.
    ‘Euripides90’ has no value as everyone now knows that Handels Securities, thrown out of Belize in April 2013, was Nicks company too. he owned 30% of it and sold and IS SELLING bank guarantees on it’s name.
    I called the regulators in Belize to find the truth behind their actions.. I called the Channel 5 Belize news people for the same reason. I made an entire investigation and I shared it with the US regulators and law enforcement. they are very interested.It is those bank guarantees, and not some other made up country bank guarantees( too late for them to switch the originality of the Bank guarantees now) that caused Lord Gibson and Nick to be booted from Belize.

    I have been following Nick and his associates and activities for years now and it is all a con and made up game of stock dumping on false stories. the ones he controlled are not just bank guarantees either. Yet, the most outrageous ones are. This BYSD story is by far the largest of his attempted frauds and he is in good company with the likes of Lord Gibson.
    There is NO DEFENSE for Gordon because Gordon has read and approved these bank guarantees, knowing their falsity.
    I only wonder if BARD algae biodiesel people know of his activities and connections.
    I only wonder if any of the others on that list of ten bank guaranteed suckers know of his fraud and intent.
    They soon will find out.
    The putting out of an S1 or a statement from management or a retelling of a news release will and should have no effect on this story as it is fraud through and through.

    • Nick V Fleming
      Posted at 10:56h, 09 October Reply

      I have copies of the IBOE’s that Gibson has been using and I turned over tons of documents to the feds concerning him and his partners in crime.

  • Ivan Ivanovitch
    Posted at 13:11h, 30 July Reply

    here is the current scenario possibility…
    Expect to see a Chinese oil buyer contract. That contract will be achieved through Nicks fraudulent bank guarantees. the news release wont talk about the bank guarantees because Gordon and Nick now know that the street is on to Nicks fraudulent bank guarantees. So, they will just keep you guessing how they swindled someone to sign worthless agreement. When those people in China( if they are real) find out what they signed is worthless, the contract will be voided. meanwhile Nick and Gordon will have dumped another 100 million shares. Remember that Nick can get many different bank guarantee/LC/IBOE’s and not just from Lord Gibson. That fraud is all over the world. From Belize to other shady places. Nick has been doing this for many years and for many P&D pink sheet frauds. Meanwhile Lord Gibson is on ‘vacation’. The damage control that Nick and his cronies are good at employs hired IHUB fronts to twist and turn the truth and they are doing a pretty good job. The 27 paid pink sheet promoters and 158 sites
    ( will do or try to do the same as before. problem is now that there are 100 million shares in float( or more) the news has to continue on its fraudulent manner.
    I guess the entire speculative world and IHUB bets that Nick is so bad that he will do and say anything.
    For all those deniers, Gordon does not control anything. Nick took over and placed his two fronts and Chinese translators into this shell. I assure you that Nick is good for a trade but I would exit fast when making a trade here as the long term( over a week) prospects are based on not being halted at any time by FINRA or the SEC.
    The S1 registration is totally nonsense as it wont reveal the bank guarantees origination, which is the basis of this entire fraud( and Nicks entire 20 year scam).

  • Ivan Ivanovitch
    Posted at 14:31h, 30 July Reply

    I will be starting to post on the IHUB room very shortly.
    The new BYSD will undoubtedly update with the new crap.
    The new crap will probably not include the words ‘bank guarantees’
    beacuse they were alerted by Euriopides90, their IHUB front of
    the massive information distributed on IHUB and here of the
    known scam Nick and Gordon are into. The spin will be that the
    company has the Chinese contract and that they are filing an S1 or
    any other filing to stay current. That is no news.
    The only thing that adds any legitimacy to the 20 years of failed Gordon
    reuse wells or 20 years of continuous scam of Nick is proof that the
    bank guarantees are now, for once, legitimate. That will never happen and is not
    the basis of speculation. The only thing we all know is that the OS went from
    60 to 913 million shares and Nick is the expert at debt to equity conversions
    ( he worked this legal game with Roxy at MPIX for years) . Nick and Gordon
    sold close to a million dollars worth of paper on July 24, 2013. They will liquidate the
    rest of the paper shortly on false news and nonsense S1’s before you realize it.
    I have been warning you that these type of people do not change and will do almost
    anything to P&D. Do your own research here and on Google of Nick.
    Any person who has the attitude of wait and see is another front. Not one thing
    that Nick has done since the last 20 years either succeeded or was even a tiny bit
    legitimate. Lord Gibson is about the biggest fraud Nick has been partnered with and
    the regulators here and overseas are heavily involved in this investigation.
    A changed website or a filed S1 wont help.
    I get a very good laugh when I read an IHUB poster claiming that they would not and could not say something that was not true because that is illegal. What do you think much of the pinks is? The
    DIFFERENCE in this one is that everyone knows, after the Lord Gibson/Nick story, that this is complete
    fraud. Nick controls BYSD. Nick put in Toomer and Ma. Nick has 400 million shares of free trading paper through legal opinions and transfer agent games.

  • Nick V Fleming
    Posted at 11:55h, 08 October Reply concerning Gibsons company Handels securities. I have been dealing with him concerning three law suits he filed against me in three different jurisdictions. My SLapp motions were denied but he still has not been able to get an injunction against me or my blog site

  • Nick V Fleming
    Posted at 12:01h, 08 October Reply

    I am the one that found out tat Gibson was not a Lord. The attorney he purchased his Lordship through was sanctioned for selling it to him. I have all sorts of actual documents that he has used in his scams concerning the IBOE, TOV boxes, and his being a NOC or a glorified snitch for the Government, now those same people do not want anything to do with him. One of his partners got about 7 years in prison in Bangkok for his part in the scam that Gibson was running.

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  • Squats
    Posted at 18:58h, 27 August Reply

    Extreme Caution If Considering Purchasing BYSD at this PPS (.0013). Broke past support at .0011 last week (08/23) and is being pumped by about multiple iHub members.
    Do your own DD. Do not trust what is being suggested and/or perpetuated here by traders.

    BYSD OTC Filings:

    BYSD management is up to their same tricks now using Bitcoin to pump and dump once again IMO.

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