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AMLH paid promo report

20 Jan AMLH paid promo report



Today the Elite Penny Stock group announced AMLH as their latest paid promotion through some of their domains. 

The pick came as a little bit of a surprise because AMLH isn't your typical paid promotion ticker.  It wasn't taken public as a shell company then put through a change in control, forward split, symbol/name change like we are used to.  AMLH is a pink sheet ticker that has been publicly trading for nearly 15 years. 


Some Brief History about AMLH

Between 2001 - 2008 AMLH was a real company that was bringing in millions of dollars in revenues through its business operations which consisted of Real Estate and land development.  The company suffered some major operating losses and went out of business.  In March of 2008 AMLH sold off all of its assets for $14,000,000 then the ticker was abandoned by its officers and left for dead.    The Nevada Secretary of State also revoked the ticker's business license in 2010 because the company didn't pay its annual taxes or file its annual report any more after 2008. 

Since the SEC allowed the zombie ticker to continue to publicly trade despite being abandoned, that opened the door for the ticker to be hijacked by Ricochet Trading Inc in October of 2013.


Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 12.06.31 PM


Ricochet Trading Inc is controlled by Warren Wheeler and has been involved in several shell hijackings in the past few years including HRID in 2011 (which became NOUV), UIBT (now revoked) in 2011, GVIT (now KAST) in 2012, GLBH in 2012, CEOS in 2013, DEQI in 2013, TKNK (now HAON) in 2014, and AWWI in 2014.   More info here.

Now here is the odd part.  According to that screen shot above taken from an AMLH OTC filing, the case number for the AMLH hijacking was A-12-662821-B, but when you plug that case number into the Clark County records search you don't get a case related to AMLH.  What you get is a case for the hijacking of GVIT from June of 2012.


Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 1.01.18 PM


The actual case number for the AMLH shell hijacking was A-13-687558-B a seen below in the full list of all shells hijacked by Ricochet Trading Inc (Warren Wheeler).


Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 1.43.53 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 1.05.19 PM

In each case, Ricochet Trading Inc was represented by attorney Peter L Chasey.  Mr. Chasey used to do all the legal work for another notorious shell hijacking group that went by the name Mina Mar Group.

At the time that Warren Wheeler hijacked AMLH in October of 2013, the ticker only had 890,146 shares in the float.  After hijacking AMLH, Warren Wheeler then issued 400,000,000 shares to himself through his company Omega Energy LLC to ensure voting control of the shell.  Warren Wheeler also used Omega Energy LLC to control a bunch of stock in IGPK which ended up getting promoted by Stock Castle in May of 2014.  IGPK also shared the same legal counsel currently used by AMLH, Matheau J. W. Stout Esq.

IGPK was also allegedly hijacked in 2012 by Wheeler and his buddy at the time, Jonathan Launders, using Ricochet Trading Inc by filing for custodianship through the Nevada court system, but I could find no record of that custodianship request in the Nevada court records.

The next thing that Warren Wheeler did with AMLH was to sell 80,144,928 free trading shares at to some anonymous insider(s) for $.0003/share.   It is those 80,144,928 free trading shares that are the reason for the current paid promotion on the ticker.  In reality those shares probably shouldn't have legally have been free trading, but welcome to the pink sheets where people like Warren Wheeler can get away with stuff like this without the SEC taking notice.


Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 2.33.33 PM


With IGPK, Warren Wheeler did almost the exact same thing issuing 80,000,000 free trading shares just days ahead of its paid promotion only the IGPK gave no explanation about why the shares were issued or at what price.  Indications are that they were issued at $.0001/share for cash and probably shouldn't have been free trading.  We aren't told who owns the free trading stock in IGPK or in AMLH.  Most likely they are being laundered through anonymous foreign entities to go into the pockets of Warren Wheeler and the promoters involved in running the pump&dump.  The Stock Castle promotion started on May 5, 2014.  The price opened at $.16 then pushed all the way to $.81/share the next day before falling apart.  The promotion was short but effective.


Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 5.29.17 PM


To support the AMLH paid promotion, Wheeler signed a letter of intent to acquire a company called Wroblewski Oil & Gas back in November of 2014.  That acquisition allegedly closed in December of 2014.  According to AMLH filings (which are unregulated because they are OTC filings not SEC filings) Wroblewski Oil & Gas has annual revenues in the millions of dollars and holds receivables and inventory valued at about $750,000.

Despite its claims of being a multimillion dollar company, Wroblewski Oil & Gas did not have an active website until November of 2014 - the same month it signed a letter of intent with AMLH.   On November 11, 2014 the domain was registered and on November 26, 2014, AMLH signed its letter of intent to acquire Wroblewski Oil & Gas.  

Wroblewski Oil & Gas does exist as a business entity in Pennsylvania where they have operated a gas station/car wash business since 2003.  Since the AMLH acquisition, however, this mom&pop gas station has suddenly taken an interest in oil drilling in West Virginia, Refinery & Byproduct sales, and FracSand operations in Wisconsin.


Thoughts on the Paid Promo

This morning at 8:45 am some of the domains linked to the Elite Penny Stock group announced they would be promoting AMLH.  The price instantly moved from $.09 to $.13 on one trade then gapped up further in the pre market to the $.17s.  The ticker opened at $.16 then shot to $24/share very quickly.  Following a pull back the ticker began trending down to the $.17s before reversing its course and beginning a new slow climb back towards its high of the day starting before lunch time.

The Elite Penny Stock group ran three very nice promotions in 2014.  RNBI pushed up 129% over 10 days in May of 2014, GLRKF pushed up 45% over 10 days in November of 2014, and MEDA pushed up 382% over 3 days in December of 2014.   Because of this there is reason to believe that even with the ugly history and share issuances behind AMLH, the Elite group could possibly push this one higher in the coming days.


Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 1.13.51 PM


Will Stock Tips also promote AMLH?

Either the Elite group intentionally wants people to think that Stock Tips will also promote AMLH through some subtle (but obvious to us) hints as a way to draw more attention to the ticker or there really is a plan for Stock Tips to join in with the AMLH promotion in the future.


The hints

The first thing that sticks out is how the Elite group created a video for AMLH that resembles past Stock Tips videos both in narrative and design.   The video was put on their domain.  The fictional narrator (Keith Richmond) has a similar delivery to that done by the fictional narrator of the stock tips videos (Mike Statler), and like the Stock Tips videos, Elite used  white board animation.

Now take a look at the following snap shot.  You'll notice 3 things I've circled that I consider Stock Tips hints.  

1) logo above the video. is a Stock Tips website.  

2) the use of MONSTER pick.  Stock Tips has been calling their recent picks monster picks before they were released. 

3) the use of the phrase stock tip several times in the AMLH video.




The timing

Earlier this month, Stock Tips announced they would come out with a new pick as soon as they reached 2000 twitter followers.    On Friday,  the same day that Stock Tips reached 2000 followers, the Elite group put out emails announcing their new pick coming on Tuesday morning in the pre market which turned out to be AMLH.  This could have just been a coincidence, but maybe not...    

Stock Tips has since removed their tweets about releasing their next pick after gaining 2000 followers.

With 80,144,928 free trading shares issued at $.0003/share that insiders would love to sell during this paid promotion, there is a lot of money that could be made.   At $.0003/share those 80,144,928 shares only cost $24,043 to acquire.  If all those shares were sold at an average of $.10/share those same insiders would make $7,986,000 in profits.  At an average of $.20/share we are talking profits nearly $15 million.   That is a lot of money and plenty of reason to pay not one, but two big name promoters to promote your stock.

Based on its history, the Elite group should be good to run AMLH for 3 - 4 days.  That would take AMLH to the weekend and since Stock Tips always announces their promotions on Sundays, that would make the timing right for Stock Tips to join in on AMLH this Sunday.


Will Stock Tips promote AMLH?

Obviously at this point we don't know.  All we can do is consider the possibility based on the hints and timing.   Personally, we'd rather see Stock Tips go out on their own fresh ticker, but we have to be prepared for anything so we'll consider AMLH a possibility assuming Stock Tips does come out with their pick as early as this weekend.


Keep an eye on HAON and AWWI in the future

With IGPK and AMLH both getting big name paid promotions it will be important to keep an eye on HAON and AWWI in the future.  Both have Warren Wheeler in common with IGPK and AMLH.  HAON also shares a common insider with AMLH in Glenda Patin (aka G.E. Patin).  So far neither HAON nor AWWI have issued the big chunk of control shares to Warren Wheeler and so far neither HAON nor AWWI have issued that big chunk of 80,000,000 free trading shares to the anonymous insiders that are really behind these tickers, but if those things ever happen you can almost guarantee some type of bigger name paid promotion will probably be soon to follow.   We'll keep a close eye on the HAON and AWWI filings to see if those share issuances ever happen in the future.











  • JT-the-DD-KIng
    Posted at 21:02h, 20 January Reply

    As always, AWESOME DD

  • alive
    Posted at 22:43h, 20 January Reply

    fantastic work – thank you!

  • alive
    Posted at 18:34h, 21 January Reply

    Thanks 4 the updates – great work

  • nodummy
    Posted at 21:34h, 23 December Reply

    HAON did about 50 OTC filings today to cover the past 8 years of missing filings and is now Pink Sheet Current – this makes it much more ready for a possible future paid promotion

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