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American Graphite Technologies Inc (GQHL) – future promotional stock

18 Jul American Graphite Technologies Inc (GQHL) – future promotional stock

American Graphite Technologies inc went public as Green & Quality Home Life Inc.  The business entity was registered in the state of Nevada on June 1, 2010.  On June 21, 2010, 12,000,000 shares were issued to the company's sole officer/director, 31 year old Fabrio Alexandra Narita of Brazil, for $12,000.

On August 4, 2010, an S-1 was filed to take Green & Quality Home Life Inc public. The legal opinion was done by Thomas E. Puzzo (RAYS, NSRS, STNT).  The company had no real business operations.  It was a developmental stage company with a plan to offer a portfolio of unspecified products and services to provide solutions for every family to automate domestic activities, making them less time consuming, easy to manage and leveraging the quality of every member of a family.

Since the SEC will let any company go public even with the most ridiculous business plan and no real business operations, Green & Quality Home Life Inc was granted public trading status on June 30, 2011.

After going public, Green & Quality Home LIfe Inc sold 259,500 shares to some unnamed private investors for $5,190 ($.02/share).

On May 23, 2012, a change of control took place.  Rick Walchuk acquired the 12,000,000 shares from Fabio Alexandre Narita for $350,000.  Mr. Narita was happy with this because he did his part taking the P&D shell public and made over $330,000 minus the out of pocket expenses.  Rick Walchuk of Athens, Greece and Alberta, Canada currently also acts as the CEO for two other publicly traded companies.  He is the CEO of Viosolar Inc (VIOS) which 2 days ago did a 1:100 reverse split, and he is the CEO of New America Energy Corp (NECA).   NECA followed a similar pattern to Green & Quality Home Life Inc.  NECA went public as Atherton Inc and then after going public, Rick Walchuk purchased control of the shell in November of 2010 and immediately effected a 25:1 forward splitShortly after that in February of 2011, NECA signed an agreement with another often pumped shell, First Liberty Power Corp (FLPC).  Following the forward split NECA traded at $.40/share briefly jumping up to over $1.00/share.  Finally in November of 2011 a pump&dump was run on the stock.  The price was pushed up from $.31/share on October 31, 2011 to $.61/share on November 1, 2011 before the dumping gradually pushed the price down to where it sits today at $.04/share.  The pump&dump was only run by second rate promoters with modest compensations.  Rick Walchuk may have learned from that experience though and this time around some higher profile promoters may be chosen for the future GQHL pump&dump.  Prior to all of this, Rick Walchuk was also an officer/shareholder in the following companies - Acrongenomics Inc (AGNM), Sprout Development Inc (SODVF) which later became Viosolar Inc (VIOS), and Cascade Technologies Corp (CSDT).  Rick Walchuk form 3 and form 4 filings can be found here.

Rick Walchuk immediately kicked the next stage of the pump&dump shell into gear for GQHL after taking over by filing to raise the authorized share count, to do a 125:1 forward split, and to change the name of the shell to American Graphite Technologies Inc.

Today (July 18, 2012) the changes were put into effect.

Prior to the 125:1 forward split, Rick Walchuk returned 11,640,000 shares leaving him with 360,000 shares.

That means that after the 125:1 forward split, Rick Walchuk will own 45,000,000 shares purchased for $350,000 ($.00778/share), but more importantly some unnamed private investors (seed shareholders) will own 32,437,500 shares that they purchased for only $5,190 ($.00016/share).  

At some point in the future it will be time to sell those 32,437,500 shares for a few million dollars and a high priced promotion could be the difference between selling them for $16,000,000+ or only selling them for around $6,000,000 - $8,000,000.  The next stage for this one will be a symbol change and probably an 8K announcing some kind of agreement to provide the shell with some forward looking business operations.






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