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African Copper Corp (NWYT) – the next Luis Carrillo ticker in line for a paid promotion?

15 Apr African Copper Corp (NWYT) – the next Luis Carrillo ticker in line for a paid promotion?


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On the same day that one Victory Mark ticker (HIDC) started getting promoted, another Victory Mark ticker (NWYT) took a big step forward towards its future paid promotion.  With Pub Crawl Holding (PBCW), DMH International (DMHI), and now Harbor Island Development (HIDC) all checked off their list, Victory Mark is already preparing the next one of their tickers for a future paid promotion, New York Tutor (NWYT).

Today New York Tutor (NWYT) filed an amendment with the Nevada SOS to merge in a newly created wholly owned subsidiary called African Copper Corp to effect a name change for the ticker.

We first did a report on NWYT back on December 13, 2012 after following it for months prior to that beginning in April of 2012.  The following is a re-post of that December 13, 2012 report followed by an update about everything that has happened since December 13, 2012.



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New York Tutor (NWYT) is yet another Luis Carrillo shell set up for the mere purpose of being used for a future pump&dump to enrich anonymous insiders.   I've been following the progress of New York tutor since April of 2012.  New York Tutor showed up in two of my past research posts on the IHUB found here and here.

NWYT just got approval for a 160:1 forward split.  It is possible that because Luis Carrillo is allegedly on the run, NWYT may now be on the fast track to be used by one of the two affiliated promotional companies for which Luis Carrillo often fronts (Victory Mark or Awesome Penny Stocks). 

With the way that the most recent stock promotion (PBCW) went for this stock manipulation outfit and all the rumors out there about regulator pressure on some of the incubators of these illegal stock manipulation schemes like WDCO, Luis Carrillo, and individuals with connections to APS it doesn't as seem as safe to play VM picks any more.  Insiders appear to be more concerned with making their money quickly using heavy front end dumping than they are with extending the plays to build their reputation for future paid promotions.

I almost get the sense that the VM Cartel is now in a race to dump their shares and move on before the regulators start bearing down on the tickers being promoted.




New York Tutor Research

New York Tutor Company was incorporated in Nevada on 4/6/11

Location - New York

Original CEO - Mark Simon (age 59) - sole officer and director

Mark Simon was also the CEO of HDS International Corp (HDSI) which is a Carrillo Huettel, LLP, Aaron Lamkin, Don Calabria, Frank Hariton, Alan Collier, and Mackie Barch linked company. HDSI was promoted by AwesomePennyStocks starting on August 18, 2011.  More information about HDSI in our MSSD research report.  Prior to being recruited as a nominee officer for Luis Carrillo linked shells, Mark Simon was a rooming college professor and a trade supervisor on the New York Commodities Exchange and American Stock Exchange mostly facilitating the clearing of commodity and stock option trades.

Mark Simon received 4,500,000 shares of New York Tutor stock at no cost as its founder on 4/6/11.

An S-1 was filed to take New York Tutor public on 8/08/11

The attorney helping to take this shell public was pump&dump attorney firm, Carrillo Huettel LLP.

Business operations consist of a plan to offer a tutoring service in the New York City area.  The website for the company can be found at

The tutoring company plan was just a front to get SEC approval to become publicly traded, and the SEC gave that approval on 10/27/11.

To help support its financial needs and probably to be used as a vehicle to issue APS insiders free trading stock to dump in the future, NWYT borrowed $87,500 from an anonymous foreign entity called 888 Investment Ltd through a series of promissory Notes issued between April of 2011 and February of 2012.  Indications are that 888 Investment Ltd has connections to both Panama and Hong Kong (very similar to the foreign entities used to hold stock in another recent APS ticker - SVEN).

Since going public, NWYT has sold 562,500 shares at $.08/share in a private placement raising $45,000.

Other than selling 562,500 shares to some anonymous hand picked seed shareholders, not much happened with the NWYT tutor shell since going public.  The company has yet to start any real operations or realize any revenues of any kind.

Carrillo Huettel LLP continued to act as legal counsel for the shell at least as recently as the last 10Q filing in October which was authored by Luis Carrillo's legal assistant, Laura Puhl.

Finally this week this future pump&dump shell took a huge step forward by getting approval for a 160:1 forward split.  The forward split will give our anonymous seed shareholders 90,000,000 free trading shares of stock to dump when the paid promotion finally happens.  Most recent APS affiliated pump&dumps have had between 80,000,000 and 180,000,000 free trading shares of stock ready to be dumped by insiders putting NWYT right in APS promo range.


Current Share Count following the 160:1 forward split

Authorized - 950,000,000 shares
Outstanding - 810,000,000 shares
Mark Simon - 720,000,000 shares (restricted)
Anonymous Seed Shareholders - 90,000,000 shares (free trading) - costing $.0005/share


What to expect next

Obviously there is no guarantee that NWYT will become a VM promotion.  We have seen other Luis Carrillo linked shells do huge forward splits and not get promoted by APS or VM like Georgetown Corp (GTCP) which did a 400:1 forward split yet despite the obvious APS/VM connections never got promoted by this group.

I consider NWYT to be most similar to PBCW.  If that proves to be true, NWYT will probably continue to follow a similar pattern to PBCW.  I expect that right before any paid promotion kicks off for NWYT, a share exchange will occur followed almost immediately with the paid promotion - no name change or symbol change.

Following the large forward split for PBCW around 3 1/2 months passed before the paid promotion kicked off.  That would put a projected date for a NWYT paid promotion sometime in April of 2013.  We already have New York Tutor (NWYT) on our list of tickers to watch for a future paid promotion.



What has happened since December 13, 2012


Change of Control

On March 22, 2013, Mark Simon resigned from all of his positions.  He was replaced by Andrew Stone as the sole officer/director of the shell.


Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 7.07.42 PM Andrew Stone who is original from Australia but now resides in Cape Town, South Africa has been the Managing Director of Liquid Wallpaper (a closed corporation) which he founded in February of 2010. Liquid Wallpaper operates licensed agents throughout South Africa who operate their own franchises selling specialized eco-friendly water based paint.

Coinciding with the change of control, Andrew Stone acquired all 720,000,000 shares from Mark Simon for $18,000.  That comes out to a price of $000025/share.  At the current market price for NWYT ($.197/share), those 720,000,000 shares are worth $141,840,000 making this one of the greatest deals of all-time.

With the change of control, the NWYT corporate address has moved from New York to Cape Town, South Africa.


Change of Business Operations

On March 28, 2013, a business entity was created with the Nevada SOS called African Copper Corporation.  The entity was created to be used to merge into the New York Tutor shell to effect a name change for the entity.  On April 12, 2013 that merger took place and the New York Tutor shell is now officially known as African Copper Corporation.

The resident agent, National Registered Agents, Inc of NV, that was used for the African Copper Corporation entity was the same resident agent used to make the GOFF wholly owned subsidiary, Golden Glory Resources Inc.

To date we have yet to see any SEC filings from NWYT announcing the merger and name change, but I'm sure we'll see an 8K show up soon.


What to expect next

With the name change, we might see a symbol change for the ticker as well. 

At some point a website will be created for African Copper Corp.

Andrew Stone obviously has no experience in mining which reminds me of the horse trainer, Warwick Calasse, that took over for GOFF.  Just like Andrew Stone, Warwick Calasse was also from Cape Town, South Africa.  I do not think that this is a coincidence.  See our GOFF report hereGOFF was of course the most recent Awesome Penny Stocks promotion.  The new similarities between GOFF and NWYT should not be over looked.

Throw in the fact that NWYT has a Panamanian entity as the owner of a $87,500 debt Note, the fact that NWYT is now involved in mining, and the fact that NWYT has gone that one step further than most Victor Mark promoted tickers with the name change, and I'm started to lean towards NWYT being slated for a future Awesome Penny Stocks promotion instead of being used by Victory Mark.

I am sure that the Panamanian debt Note will come into play as a way to enrich insiders to go with the 90,000,000 free trading seed shareholder shares.  We will probably also see NWYT sign some agreement with a foreign entity to bring some kind of African based copper mining claim to the NWYT shell.  This transaction will probably involve NWYT issuing 100,000,000 shares or more to the insiders of this future stock promotion ticker to get dumped during the future paid promotion.

After the name change from New York Tutor to African Copper Corp has been completed with FINRA we'll have to keep a close look out with the German stock exchange to see if any application is submitted for African Copper Corp to trade on the Frankfort exchange.  This would be the final sign in determining if NWYT will be promoted by Victory Mark or Awesome Penny Stocks.

As further developments take place we'll keep all PSS members updated as to the eventual prospects of this future paid promotion.





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