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Learn which Tickers are Set-up for large

stock promotion Before the Promotions Begin

Promotion Stock Secrets is the premium research membership level of

Through our talented research team, we have predicted nearly every major stock promotion ticker prior to the actual start of the stock promotion since the spring of 2012. In each instance, we not only identify the ticker, we also provided an extremely detailed research report (view some of our past research reports here) that shows exactly where we connected the dots and explain why we believe the company is set-up for a stock promotion. For many of these promotions, we also successfully predicted which stock promoter would release the promotion.

100% of stock promotion are set-up for someone (insiders, promoters, share holders) to unload shares on hyped up volume and/or price.  The stock promoters are attempting to take advantage of unknowing traders that believe they are making a good investment.

Traders utilize our information to not only gain an edge over other traders, but to also outsmart the crooked stock promoters. Some traders like to use our information to get into stock promotions early on the long side, while many traders like to use our information to identify the best potential shorting opportunities. You can find a list of Promotions that we predicted click here!

There is no other site in the world that provides more detailed information on future stock promotions and volatile stocks.

Know the Best Stocks that are in play

before other traders each and Every Day

Our team scans through hundreds of press releases, SEC filings, social media post, and court documents to Narrow Down the absolute Best Catalyst that could provoke a Large Move throughout each and Every Day and pass this information to our members as rapidly as possible.

Members work with pro traders, in real time, that can quickly identify the Best Chart Set-ups for day trading Opportunities.

Have Access to detailed research reports and Extensive Hot Sector List. Our research edge is a Unique and Exclusive feature not found on any other trading service, providing a huge advantage for our members. Click here to learn more

Belong to a Strong and Helpful Community of some of the absolute Best Traders in the World. The trading room has both a strict on topic chat room for catalyst and actionable trade ideas and an off topic from for more in-depth discussions.

Have Access to a variety of Traders Tools to keep you in front of the crowd. View our screen share of Scanners, Charts, visual live News Feeds, and hear our live audio news feeds. You can find the catalyst the same time that we do. See our top trading opportunities for prior weeks here. Do not miss the next next big catalyst.

No Time to Sit in a Chat Room all day? No problem! We keep our members updated through out the day by email. Emails include a detailed Daily Watch List, an additional Pre Market Watch List (with all of the latest pre market catalyst) released prior to the market opening, an updated copy of the Chat Logs multiple times during the day, and a copy of the chat history. Members also receive a detailed weekly Video Update.

Multi-level Traders Education

Drastically Reduce your Learning Curve

If you are Struggling to become Consistent, we will do everything in our power to help you identify how to move to the next level.

PSS members can schedule One on One Personalized Mentoring Sessions with our team. You will receive Undivided Attention to Help You target the areas that you would like to Improve.

The market is always changing and Traders never stop learning. Our members have access to Trading Educational Videos, Webinars, and real time Mentoring.

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