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Terra Tech Corp (TRTC) – welcome back old buddy

16 Aug Terra Tech Corp (TRTC) – welcome back old buddy


Almost 8 full months ago I identified Terra Tech Corp (then known as Private Secretary Inc) as a future promotion stock in this IHUB post.

At that point in time the Private Secretary Inc shell had just gotten a trading symbol (PVST) and was several steps away from being ready for a pump&dump.

What clued me in to the shell?

The biggest clue was the attorney that took the shell public, Thomas E. Puzzo (RAYS, NSRS, APCN, STNT GQHL).

The other big clue was a recent 150:1 forward split in August of 2011 while all of the shares were still insider owned.  A forward split while all the shares are insider owned (especially one that big) just screams out future pump&dump.

Since that December, 2011 IHUB post, Private Secretary Inc went through a change of control and name/symbol change as predicted.  The shell is now known as Terra Tech Corp (TRTC).

Following the 150:1 forward split, private seed shareholders owned 48,000,000 shares which are now free trading.  They paid next to nothing for those shares - just $.00013/share.

On January 26, 2012, the original sole directory/officer, Maureen Cotton, stepped down and Michael Nahass took her place.  Maureen Cotton was just a nominee officer anyways planted there to hold that position for insiders that wanted to remain anonymous.   

Before giving up her 199,999,950 shares, Maureen Cotton used her voting power to change the name of the shell to Terra Tech Corp in February of 2012.

TRTC would go on to do a reverse merger with a Nevada business entity called TT Acquisitions Inc which is a wholly owned subsidiary of GrowOp Technology Ltd. (also a Nevada business entity).  All of Maureen Cotton's shares were cancelled and 33,998,520 new common shares and a bunch of preferred shares were issued to the officers/shareholders of TT Acquisitions Inc/GrowOp Technology Ltd.

According to the last 10Q, TT Acquisitions Inc/GrowOp Technology Ltd. came with $583,772 in assets and $82,475 in profits from revenues, but over $1,000,000 in debt Notes and expenses owed and an accumulated deficit of over $21,000,000.


Terra Tech Corp (TRTC) has only seen small inconsistent trading volume since the symbol change took effect on April 20, 2012.  Those small trading blocks have taken the stock down from $1.15/share to and all-time low of $.55/share.  

With 48,000,000 free trading shares owned by anonymous insiders, TRTC should certainly still be on watch for a future pump&dump.

I plan on putting out a much more detailed research report on TRTC tonight.






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