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Cloud Star Corporation (CLDS) – research report

[b]CLDS[/b] [i]Cloud Star Corporation[/i] CLDS came on to our radar recently during a Thomas C. Cook ticker connect search. After perusing the filings, we have decided that it deserves a closer look. Let's go: [color=red][b]Shellgames:[/b][/color] The shell was originally set up as Accend Media (ACNM) The S1 registered 6,000,000 shares...

PetroTerra Corp. (PTRA) – from the Ukraine and back again

PTRA came onto our radar while connecting dots with Dean Law Corp. Let's take a closer look: Shellgames: Filed S1 May 28,2009 registering 1,890,000 shares as Loran Connection Corp. Corporate address: 190 DZERJINSKOGO ST. Ovidiopol, Odesska Obl. 67801 Ukraine 485131902 (phone) Address for process service: Registered agent is  Corp95, LLC  at 2620 Regatta Drive, Suite...

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