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Eric Van Nguyen and His Awesome Penny Stock Story

   a Over the past 4 years I have spent a great deal of time researching stock promoters and penny stocks and during that time no stock promotion company created a bigger fan base than Awesome Penny Stocks.   One name above all others stands out in connection...

Awesome Penny Stocks – the walls come tumbling down

      Last week we wrote a report about the breaking news of Awesome Penny Stocks closing down its doors.  In the days that have followed some major details have been coming to light that help verify information posted by yours truly way back in 2011 about...

REFG – radio ad promo

    We first mentioned ReFill Energy (REFG) in the chat room on Monday when the ticker was trading at $.31/share.  It got our attention because of the unusual trading action.  At that point we knew that the ticker was controlled by Jehu Hand.  Two other Jedu...

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