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USA Graphite Inc (USGT) – research report

      USA Graphite Inc (USGT) just recently started trading on November 12, 2012.  Since that day, the USGT share price has fallen from $.67/share to $.40/share as of the last close.  USGT has lots of connects to past pump&dumps and a history that suggests it could...

Endeavor Power Corp (EDVP) – getting ready for round 2?

    Endeavor Power Corp (EDVP) was a pump&dump back in 2009.  A 1:100 reverse split, 140,000,000 shares issued towards old debts at $.006/share, and 90,375,750 shares issued to acquire an Edward W Withrow III company later and EDVP looks ready for a brand spanking new pump&dump...

Cloud Star Corporation (CLDS) – research report

[b]CLDS[/b] [i]Cloud Star Corporation[/i] CLDS came on to our radar recently during a Thomas C. Cook ticker connect search. After perusing the filings, we have decided that it deserves a closer look. Let's go: [color=red][b]Shellgames:[/b][/color] The shell was originally set up as Accend Media (ACNM) The S1 registered 6,000,000 shares...

Exposing IDNG

Independence Energy Corp (IDNG) has been a hot stock for the past 4 months rising from $.45/share on February 23rd to $4.81/share today fueled by a change in control and a paid promotion led by the Bollinger Report (no affiliation to John Bollinger and

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