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Awesome Penny Stocks – the walls come tumbling down

      Last week we wrote a report about the breaking news of Awesome Penny Stocks closing down its doors.  In the days that have followed some major details have been coming to light that help verify information posted by yours truly way back in 2011 about...

RARS – The APS Play that left APS behind

Rarus Technology Inc (RARS) was all set up from day one to be an AwesomePennyStocks (APS) play.  It was in many ways a mirror to North Springs Resources (NSRS). Both shells were set up as Nevada business entities NSRS started out as Aurum Resources and was registered...

GWBU – research on the current APS play

I want to take some time to analyze GWBU which became the latest P&D supported by such infamous penny stock promoters as Capital Financial  Media (CFM) and the AwesomePennyStock (APS) family. The current people behind the APS promotional sites are famous for such P&Ds as POTG,...

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