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African Copper Corp (ACCS) – updated research report

    Back on May 14, 2013, we were quite certain that African Copper Corp (ACCS) was ready to be the next Awesome Penny Stock play.  We had been following ACCS for several months and it followed pretty much all the basic steps that would make one...

Abby, Inc. (ABBY) – From Canada to Thailand

[b]ABBY[/b] [i]Abby, Inc.[/i] [b]Phetchabun, Thailand[/b] [b]Westerose, Alberta (Canada)[/b] ABBY came onto our radar recently when a 5 for 1 forward split hit the daily list. Here we have a company who purchased some gas leases in Thailand and Canada and has yet to generate any revenues. Quite frankly,...

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