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Swingplane Ventures Inc (SWVI) – This APS Cartel Shell just took a major step towards its future paid promotion

17 Oct Swingplane Ventures Inc (SWVI) – This APS Cartel Shell just took a major step towards its future paid promotion


Back on September 7, 2012 when we did our research report on SWVI, we showed all of the major connections the shell has to APS insiders (Matt Diehl, Carrillo Huettel).  Those APS connections plus a $150,000 anonymous debt Note and a 35:1 forward split propelled SWVI high up on our list of tickers to watch for a future paid promotion.

Read our September 7, 2012 pick here.




On Tuesday, October 16, 2012, SWVI took another huge step towards a future paid promotion.  An 8K was filed announcing that SWVI issued 300,000,000 shares to a Belize entity called Mid Americas Corp. In exchange for those 300,000,000 shares issued to Mid Americas Corp, Mid Americas Corp gave to SWVI the option to acquire 75% ownership in a mining property located in Chile known as the Algarrobo Property.   Mid Americas Corp doesn't own 75% of that mining property.  They only own the rights to acquire 75% ownership and it was those rights to acquire 75% ownership in the Chilean mining concession that SWVI now owns.

In order to complete the acquisition of those mining rights, SWVI must pay to Gunter Stromberger and Elsa Dorila Durate Horta (the owners of the Chilean mining concession) a total of $2,700,000 in cash payments ($950,000 of which Mid Americas Corp had paid already) plus $5,000,000 in cash payments from new proceeds of production.  On top of that $6,750,000 in cash payments stilled owed, SWVI is required to spend a total of $20,000,000 on the development of the mining property. 

Here is a copy of the original agreement between Mid Americas Corp and Gunter Stromber and Elsa Dorila Durate Horta dated April 23, 2012.

I find one thing very interesting about the agreement.

At no time any where in the document does Mid Americas Corp ever disclose who controls the entity.  All the places where the control person for Mid Americas Corp was supposed to sign were left blank.  So we have an anonymous business entity located in Belize owning 300,000,000 shares in a very obvious APS controlled penny stock shell.


The last financial report showed that SWVI only had $18,494 cash as of June 30, 2012 and source of revenues.

Obviously SWVI will never come up with all the money needed to satisfy the terms of the agreement and complete the acquisition.  It isn't about that.  It's about setting up the shell with the type of business operations that can support a massive future pump&dump campaign.

SWVI has until December 1, 2012 to come up with the next $250,000 payment and until June 30, 2013 to come up with the next $750,000 payment after that.  By June 30, 2012 the pump&dump will probably be over and SWVI will just disappear into darkness having lost 99% of its value from the peak of the paid promotion.


Gunter Stromberger won't care if SWVI is ever able to fulfill their financial obligations to complete the agreement because as part of the agreement he is guaranteed to be paid $25,000/month until the agreement is completed.  At $25,000/month, Gunter Stromberger will make a cool $300,000/year just for allowing SWVI to attach his name to their future stock manipulation scheme.




What can be found about the Algarrobo mining property?  Very little.  More information is needed to be provided.  Fact is that there are dozens of mining concessions located in this region of Chile and fact is that SWVI was probably very vague for a reason.

I did find mention of Gunter Stromberger and his Algarrobo mining property in an old 2002 press release for American Canyon Mining Inc.

"American Canyon Mining (AMC) is planning up to 20,000m of drilling at its Algarrobo and San Ramon copper-focused properties in northern Chile's Region III, a company official said.

Drilling is set to start shortly after the drilling permits are issued by the Chilean government, which is expected to take place sometime in May, said company partner Gunter Stromberger.

"The extent [of the drilling] depends on the success of the first drilling phase, which will qualify phase two, etc. If all phases work out as anticipated, we expect to drill 15,000-20,000m," he told BNamericas.

AMC is a Chilean company and was incorporated in 1994 as a subsidiary of a Nevada corporation, which Stromberger did not name. AMC Nevada has since ceased to operate, he added.

"Algarrobo and San Ramon are the only 'serious' projects we are pursuing as a result of our exploration activities at this time, all other activities are grass-roots," he said."




As part of the agreement with Mid Americas Corp, the current CEO of Swingplane Ventures Inc, Michel Voyer, agreed to cancel 337,500,000 of his 350,000,000 shares that he owned giving up control of the shell.

The 8K shows a new corporate address in Panama for SWVI probably due to the change in control now given to the anonymous Belize entity, Mid Americas Corp.

Punta Pacifica, Torres de las Americas, Piso 15, Torre A,  Panama


Prior to the agreement, Micheal Voyer filed a Form 4 to pass off ownership of 2,500,000 of his shares to the newly appointed director, Johannes Antonius Lindorfer of Chile.


The new SWVI share count now looks as follows:

Michael Voyer - 10,000,000 shares (restricted)

Johannes Antonius Lindorfer - 2,500,000 shares

Mid Americas Corp - 300,000,000 shares (not legally free trading, but this is a dirty APS shell so who knows)

Seed Shareholders - 122,500,000 free trading shares




It will be interesting to see if Michel Voyer steps down in the near future and who takes his place.

I'm not sure that SWVI will go through a name/symbol change.  If it does it will happen soon.

SWVI is now set up with as much as it needs for that future paid promotion.  It is just a matter of time from here.




  • nodummy
    Posted at 19:33h, 23 October Reply

    WDCO visited the SWVI ticker today and SWVI saw its first ever trades – two 10,000 share blocks at $.15/share (the second was a t-trade).

    This could be the first sign of pre-promo trade action for SWVI

  • alive
    Posted at 09:19h, 31 October Reply

    SWVI website up and running

  • alive
    Posted at 09:20h, 31 October Reply

    Corporate Update 10.31.12

    Swingplane Ventures, Inc. Provides Corporate Update

    SANTIAGO, CHILE — (Marketwire) — 10/31/12 — Swingplane Ventures, Inc. (OTCQB: SWVI) (the “Company”) is pleased to update information on the Company.

    Change of Control

    On August 22, 2012 , Michel Voyer was appointed as the sole director and officer of the Company and effected a change in control by the purchase 350,000,000 shares of the common stock of the Company from the prior director and officer. These shares represented 74.1% of the Company’s currently issued and outstanding common stock.

    Mr. Voyer graduated (B.A.A.) from Université du Québec à Montréal (U.Q.A.M.). From October 1981 to August 1995 , he worked as Director of Finance for Studio Green Scenes Inc. , a manufacturer based in Montréal . He developed financial structures to expand the company across Canada . He implemented a market for import business with Guatemala , Mexico and U.S.A. and export business to U.S.A. , France , Korea , and Japan .

    Since September 1995 , Mr. Voyer has been working for the largest cooperative financial group in Canada as a financial planner where he has developed and maintained a personalized relationship with wealthy individuals and business members. Mr. Voyer has over 30 years of experience with companies involved in different sectors.

    Concurrent with the change in control, the Company determined to seek other business opportunities and to drop its current business.

    Property Acquisition:

    On October 15, 2012 , the Company entered into an assignment agreement whereby the Company can acquire a 75% interest in certain mining concessions in the Algarrobo mining district in Chile .

    The Algarrobo Property consists of 21 “Angela” and 11 “Roble” tenures, comprising a total of 6,161 ha located approximately 35 km east of the port city of Caldera . The Property is located within a regionally extensive, iron-enriched metallogenic belt, part of a Mesozoic volcanic arc extending from southern Peru through northern Chile .

    Mining operations completed to date, on both the Property and immediately adjacent tenures have resulted in approximately 35 mines, ranging from near surface workings to more extensive operations extending several hundred metres below surface.

    The Algarrobo mining district is an important area of historic mining activity. At the beginning of the 20th century, the mines in the immediate area of the Algarrobo property were the principal source of high grade copper for the smelter in Caldera . The amount of ore produced from the approximately 40 mines in the area warranted the construction of a railroad, connecting the smelter in Caldera with the Algarrobo district in approximately 1900.

    The closing of this transaction will effect a further change in control of the Company.

    The transaction is expected to close on or before October 31, 2012 .

  • alive
    Posted at 09:06h, 05 November Reply

    Monday, November 05 2012 9:00 AM, EST

    Swingplane Ventures, Inc. Appoints New Director and Establishes Offices in Chile Marketwire   

    SANTIAGO, CHILE — (Marketwire) — 11/05/12 — Swingplane Ventures, Inc. (OTCBB: SWVI) (the “Company”) is pleased to update information on the Company. The Company has entered today into an assignment agreement to acquire certain mining concessions in Chile and has appointed a new director to oversee the Chilean operations.

    Appointment to the Board of Directors:

    On November 2, 2012 , the Company appointed Johannes Lindorfer to the Board of Directors.

    Mr. Lindorfer studied geology at the Innsbruck University , Austria . He specializes in applied geology to engineering, mining and water treatment. He has over 20 years experience in management, planning and participating in numerous geotechnical, geological, metallurgical and other work in different areas of the mining sector.

    In addition to his work experience in Austria and Chile , he has worked in Australia , Bolivia , Mexico , the USA and Bhutan , in mineral exploration projects for Molybdenum, Tungsten, Gold, Copper, limestone, puzolan plaster, clay, aggregate, ornamental stones. Mr. Lindorfer has been involved in gold placer workings, limestone quarry and underground mine, puzolan, plaster, ornamentals stones, gravitational processing of Gold (wet and dry), flotation and leaching of copper minerals, exploration, documentation and geotechnical mapping of tunnels and facilities related with Hydroelectric Projects in Austria and Chile , and specializes in geological and geotechnical mapping and drilling, testing in situ.

    Mr. Lindorfer will work directly with our project in Chile .


    The Company will be opening offices in Chile to undertake operations of its new project. Currently the Company has temporary office space at a Regus office center in Santiago until it can establish permanent offices, either at the property or in close proximity or in Santiago .

    Web site:

    The Company announces that it has now launched its new enhanced web site

    Swingplane Ventures, Inc. For more information please visit our website at Web: Or call; Investor Relations: 1 800-253-1692

    Source: Swingplane Ventures, Inc.

  • nodummy
    Posted at 17:34h, 21 January Reply

    Link to follow SwingPlane Ventures Inc on the German market

    The last 4 APS picks all traded on the German market. There is no question this is an APS shell. We’ll see if APS cancelling SWVI as their next pick for Wednesday morning turns into just a psyche out

    • RealThing
      Posted at 17:42h, 22 January Reply

      It’s listed there but not tradable yet. There is no Addmission filed for it so far. If they allo trading, then ONLY during OTC hours, so very limited like FARE now

  • nodummy
    Posted at 09:00h, 22 January Reply

    Pre-market news today

    They restructured the agreement with Mid Americas Corp

    Instead of Mid Americas Corp getting 300,000,000 common shares they will now be getting 100,000,000 common shares and 5,000,000 preferred shares. The preferred shares are convertible into 50 common shares each and carry voting rights of 100 votes each.

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