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Santo Mining Corp (SANP) – did SMA tease too much information?

20 Sep Santo Mining Corp (SANP) – did SMA tease too much information?



On September 14, 2012, Stock Market Authority (SMA) put out a teaser email about their upcoming pick:


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The Stock Market Authority website focuses a lot on gold which already had me thinking that the next SMA pick would probably be a gold stock.  LEXG after all was their biggest success to date.

On Friday one of our subscribers mentioned SANP in our chat room.  Over the weekend Alive and I discussed the ticker as a possible pre-promo pick.  The further I dug into the stock the more I started to wonder if I might be looking at the next Stock Market Authority pick. 

On July 19, 2012, SANP signed a mineral property acquisition agreement.  All total 32,283,003 SANP shares were to be issued to Gexplo Gold SRL, an entity owned by Alain French, an officer of SANP.  SANP also agreed to pay a total of $800,000 for the acquisition of some mineral claims from Gexplo known as the Alexia claims in the Dominican Republic.

Most of the $800,000 was raised through a series of private placements in which 1,339,500 shares have been issued to raise $501,000 so far (between $.44/share and $.50/share).  A chunk of that private placement has gone to pay for legal, filing, and consulting fees.

According to the SANP filings and this 2010 Gexplo press release, the Alexia claim lies "immediately adjacent or close to" claims owned by Barrick Gold, Xstrata Falconado, Brigus, Perilya, Unigold, Goldquest, Goldstar, and others (see picture below)



The Barrick Gold claim is most interesting on that list.  The claim is known as the Pueblo Viejo claim.  According to this article the Pueblo Viejo claim is valued at $40 billion.


"The long-awaited debut of Barrick’s Pueblo Viejo, one of the largest gold deposits in the world, has finally arrived with the mine producing its first commercial gold, announced Barrick on Tuesday.

The $3.8 billion Barrick Gold mine (40%-owned by Goldcorp), located 100 km from the capital Santo Domingo, holds 25 million ounces of proven and probable reserves worth about $40 billion."


Remember the SMA teaser?

"It's a rocket-hot stock in the midst of a $40 BILLION BOOM -while the market is hitting all time highs"

Are they talking about the gold market?



Given that the Barrick Gold article goes on to say

"Given that the geological society pegs total reserves in the country at 27 million ounces there doesn't seem to be much gold on the islands beyond Pueblo Viejo."

I wouldn't get too excited about the actual prospect of mineral riches from the SANP claim if SANP does become the next SMA pick.

Obviously if SANP were to end up being the next SMA pick there is no way that SMA starts a promo on SANP tomorrow.  The share price is way too high right now.  It will take a few days to get the share price where they need it to be to start a promotion.



More information about SANP

Basic Details

CEO = Adrain French
Secretary = Rosa Habeila Feliz Ruiz
Salvador Brouwer = Consultant
Mario Mendez = Director


IR = Circadian Group (AGRT, FGLD, IAGM, PFNI, SANP)

Nevada business entity found here

Share Structure

- Authorized shares = 450,000,000
- Outstanding shares = 63,900,005 (at least)
- Shares issued for the acquisition of mining properties = 32,283,003 once the Alexia acquisition is complete (so far Santo Mining Corp has exercised its option on 3 of the 5 available claims)
- Seed Shareholder shares = 25,462,496 bought at a cost of $.0013/share (free trading)
- Shares owned by Rosa Ruiz = 5,216,997 shares once the Alexia acquisition is complete
-Private Placement shares = 1,339,500 shares

Consulting Agreements:

On December 1, 2011, SANP entered into an consulting agreement with an anonymous independent consulting firm. The Firm was hired to evaluate the business of the Company as well as coordinate the Company’s SEC reporting requirements and filings. SANP agreed to pay the Firm $4,000 a month and to issue the Consultant 350,000 shares at the end of the third month from the date the agreement was signed. The Agreement will terminate on December 1, 2012, with the Company having an option to extend the Agreement for an additional year.

To date that consultant agreement has not been filed with the SEC

During August 2010, SANP executed a consulting agreement to pay Executive Consulting Services Group ("ECS") $1,000 per month for an initial period of six months and renewable for successive six month terms by mutual agreement. ECS provides administrative, compliance, accounting, and SEC reporting support for the operations of the Company. Administrative duties include maintaining compliance with regulatory agencies such as Nevada Secretary of State and the Securities and Exchange Commission, maintaining the Corporate Minute Book, acting as the Company's bookkeeper and EDGAR/IDEA filing agent.

Executive Consulting Services Group is owned by Natasha Lysiak who is related to attorney Conrad Lysiak.  She worked for 9 years in his law firm.

Anslow Jaclin, ECS, and Conrad Lysiak are all part of the MaloneBailey group as well as many other prominent players.




I'm still digging for other connections that may link SANP to past SMA picks or any of the SMA insiders like Fransisco Abellan.  If I find any more key links that could solidify SANP as the next SMA pick I'll be sure to post them right away.

SANP has plenty of free trading shares available to be sold during a paid promotion.  The seed shareholders have over 25 million free trading shares to dump and we've already seen over 1,339,000 shares sold to a private non-US investor in private placements at prices between $.44/share and $.50/share.  There might be one more private placement done to help SANP raise the rest of the money they need to complete the acquisition of the remaining Alexia claims.

Gold is a hot market right now and SANP seems to match the description in the SMA teaser as the next SMA promoted stock.  You can bet if SANP is the next stock that there will be a large focus on the near by (if you consider miles to be near by) $40 billion Barrick property.  The Alexia claims probably have very little value, but that has never stopped a penny stock from being pumped in the past.

The share price is way too high right now for a paid promotion to begin so don't look for anything tomorrow.  It will probably take a few trading days to get the SANP price down to a good price for a paid promotion.

SANP is one of a handful of tickers we are currently focused on as possibly being the next SMA pick.  It is currently our favorite choice.  As always the most telling factor is the trading activity as the promotion gets ready to kick off.








  • Anthony11
    Posted at 00:30h, 21 September Reply

    This article is exceptionally insightful. It evidences logical analysis, supported by objective facts, and substantial knowledge of not just the penny stock world, but the financial markets in general. SANP is quite lucky to have property next to Barrick Gold and in the area of “Gold Mountain.” If you are correct that this is the next SMA pick, or for that matter, a future SMA pick, dinner is on me if you ever come to my part of the world. Of course, I shall provide you with my address and telephone number so you can collect!

    I also realize that you work with Alive, Dan, and Kroy. The dinner offer is therefore also extended to them. We, your members, should refer to you as the “Fantastic Four.”

    So let the next SMA pick come forward, if not this week, then next week!


  • nodummy
    Posted at 01:04h, 26 September Reply

    Website is now available

    Also new press release today at the closing bell announcing the acquisition of the last 2 Alexia claims are completed.

  • Kg
    Posted at 23:21h, 28 September Reply

    *wow! I wish I read your article a week ago!!

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