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Pub Crawl Holdings Inc (PBCW) – goes from crawling to walking, will it be running soon?

30 Nov Pub Crawl Holdings Inc (PBCW) – goes from crawling to walking, will it be running soon?



This shell that has been crawling towards a future paid promotion for months finally got up on 2 legs and started walking.  PBCW saw its first ever trade at $.05/share today.  With several big name promoters announcing their new picks would be coming out next week that 2,600 share block trade today helped shoot PBCW up our list of tickers to watch for a paid promotion next week. 

There is no question that PBCW was set up for a future paid promotion.  I've had PBCW on my watch list since December of 2011 and did a research report on September 15, 2012 explaining many of the reasons why.

I'll re-post that report below followed by some recent developments and new thoughts about the ticker:


History of PBCW

The S-1 filed on 10/7/10 with the help of APS regular, Carrillo Huettel.

Pub Crawl Holdings Inc was incorporated in Nevada on 5/27/10

Location - San Diego, California - hometown of Carrillo Huettel.

Young/Inexperienced nominee CEO

Original CEO - Peter J. Kremer (age 29) - sole officer and director.  Kremer graduated from the University of California in Santa Barbara in 2003 and had no prior experience with any publicly traded companies.  He sites his experience building a website at one time as qualifying him to run the PBCW shell.

Peter J. Kremer makes it no secret on his LinkedIn page that he was hand picked by Carrillo Huettel thanks to his nearly 2 years of experience working in the Carrillo Huettel law firm

Peter J. Kremer received 5,000,000 shares on 6/14/10 in exchange for 100% interest in his company,, LLC, LLC is a California business entity that was just formed on 6/7/10 (1 week before the acquisition).

Business operations consist of a website,, that provides information on Happy Hours, drink specials, nightly specials and pub crawls for bars and restaurants in the Pacific and Mission Beach areas with plans to expand across the United States

At this time there were no other shareholders.

Suspicious Consulting Agreement

On September 23, 2010, PBCW signed a consulting agreement with Voltaire Gomez agreeing to pay him $10,000/year plus expenses for his part in helping Peter Kremer run the shell.

Voltaire Gomez is a former employee of Island Stock transfer.  Voltaire Gomez also has some past experience as a market maker and has been involved with two publicly traded shells as an officer (RDSH) and (AVVC).

Voltaire Gomez has signed identical consulting agreements with at least 5 different Carrillo Huettel shells. Read here for more details.

Debt Notes to Anonymous Foreign Entities

Pub Crawl Holdings Inc took out a $75,000 promissory debt Note owed to an anonymous company - Sun Valley Investments

A settlement agreement was reached between Pub Crawl Holdings Inc and Sun Valley Investments on 5/25/11 for the $75,000 plus interest accrued ($7,500) for a total of $82,500

The Sun Valley Investments Note was paid off by Pub Crawl Holdings Inc taking out a new promissory debt Note with Deville Enterprises, Inc - an anonymous Panamanian business entity set up by Gray & Co which is the same group that set up all of the other Panamanian entities used in past APS pump&dumps.  See here for more details.

So Pub Crawl Holdings Inc now has a $120,000 promissory debt Note plus interest owed to anonymous Panamanian entity, Deville Enterprises, Inc.  So far to date the Note has accrued around $14,000.

Seed Shareholders set up for future enrichment

On February 27, 2012, PBCW sold 900,000 shares at $.05/share to 30 different private unnamed investors (30,000 each) for proceeds of $45,000.

Change of control

On September 3, 2012, Peter Kremer sold his 5,000,000 shares and control of the PBCW shell to Hubert Elrington for an undisclosed amount of cash.  Hubert Elrington took over as the sole officer/director of the shell.  Mr. Elrington has been a resident of Belize for at least the past 25 years.

On September 7, 2012, Hubert Elrington raised the authorized share count from 260,000,000 to 350,000,000 preparing the shell for the inevitable forward split that is so common in these Carrillo Huettel/APS pump&dump shells.

Forward Split

Today PBCW got approved for a 45:1 forward split.

Since PBCW hasn't done any financial disclosures since May 14, 2012, we don't know if any of that Panamanian debt Note has been converted yet.  Putting that Note aside for now.  The new outstanding share count after the forward split now looks like this:

260,500,000 shares outstanding

Hubert Elrington owns 225,000,000 shares
30 different seed shareholders own 1,350,000 shares each (40,500,000 total)

What to expect next

Those 40,500,000 seed shareholder shares will eventually want to be dumped for huge profits, but I'm not sure that a market for PBCW shares will start any time really soon.

With the change of control a change of business operations will probably occur soon.

There is no question that PBCW is set up for a future paid promotion.  The question is will it be another RARS or will this one get the first class APS treatment?





Carrillo Huettel

Pub Crawl Holdings Inc is a Carrillo Huettel creation.  PBCW still lists Carrillo Huettel as their legal counsel.

On November 29, 2012, reported that Carrillo Huettel had suddenly abandoned their office in San Diego fleeing the country because the regulators were asking questions.  See their report here.

Pump & Dump Incubator, Carrillo Huettel Shuts Its Doors
Luis Carrillo Flees Country

November 29, 2012:  In a shocking revelation, law firm Carrillo Huettel, LLP, an incubator for some of the biggest Pump & Dump schemes of the last several years and legal representative for several others, shut its doors last month, following a midnight move out if its San Diego, Fifth Avenue offices.  Managing Partner, Luis Carrillo has reportedly left the country and is in hiding from investigators who are looking to question him.  Some sources have placed Carrillo in his ancestral home, Mexico, while others place his whereabouts to be in South America.  One usually reliable source has placed him alternatively in France and Switzerland.

Doors Shut Tight And Office Appears To Be Abandoned

Carrillo's involvement with some of the biggest stock frauds is legendary and he is estimated to have benefited to the tune of millions gleaned from the PRTN, SNPK and NSRS scams. In fact, Carrillo Huettel had its name all over so many Awesome Penny Stocks promotions, that many wondered if they were not one and the same.

More recently, the law firm's name was attached to the current GRPH promotion at the start of that Pump & Dump campaign.  On November 8, GRPH reported that Zouvas Law Group had been retained as its legal counsel.  Interestingly, Luke Zouvas was once a partner at Carrillo Huettel & Zouvas, just long enough to have a cup of coffee at the firm. The two legal firms' merger lasted but a short while, and we'd guess that Zouvas didn't like the looks of the land mines he was stepping into.

The end of Carrillo Huettel looks to be just the latest event in a string of clandestine happenings involving Awesome Penny Stocks.  Over the summer, APS reported changing ownership following the massive failure of its GWBU Pump & Dump campaign.  That announcement was followed by several movements of its newtork servers, from Central America, to Asia and then to Europe, seemingly in an attempt to hide its whereabouts.  About the same time, APS' mailing rights through iContact were revoked by that company following the email service providers' pronouncement that APS was spamming.


People calling the building today questioning the above report were told that Carrillo Huettel did in fact move out, but that the move was expected and planned well in advance.

Whether Luis Carrillo really did flee the country or Carrillo Huettel LLP is just moving to a new location in the U.S. is yet to be determined.

Neither scenario would surprise me.  Carrillo Huettel has been involved in aiding and abetting pump&dump scams for years and has been getting investigated for their role in some former Skymark pump&dumps.  It is rumored that Skymark sold handed over their data base of subscribers and information to AwesomePennyStocks after they were shut down by the regulators.  This would make perfect sense and explain why Carrillo Huettel became an AwesomePennyStocks favorite after Skymark was shut down.


Another Change in Control

Between September 15th and November 15th nothing happened with the PBCW shell.  The share structure remained unchanged.  No progress was made with any business operations.   Cash just slowly dwindled down to nothing.

Finally on November 30, 2012, a couple of new 8k's were filed announcing an acquisition/share exchange and a change of control.

PBCW entered into a share exchange agreement with Mobile Dynamic Marketing Inc issuing Mobile Dynamic Marketing 10,000,000 PBCW shares in exchange for all of the outstanding shares of Mobile Dynamic Marketing Inc stock making MDM a wholly owned subsidiary of PBCW.

Mobile Dynamic Marketing Inc is a Florida business entity that was just registered on November 6, 2012 using Clifford J Hunt as its registrant agent.

Clifford J Hunt is on our list of top 10 attorneys to watch for a future paid promotion.  Some tickers linked to Clifford J Hunt include SILV, PPWE, FTTN, MNGA, SFRX, SWVI, and the current APS ticker, SVEN.

Mobile Dynamic Marketing Inc doesn't list any officers for its Florida entity which is now just 24 days old.  It is obvious that the entity was just created as a way to issue 10,000,000 shares to a select group of anonymous shareholders and to create a new forward looking business plan as we close in on a future paid promotion.

As a result of the acquisition, Hubert Elrington resigned as the sole officer/director of the PBCW shell and agreed to cancel 150,000,000 of his 225,000,000 shares.  The other 75,000,000 shares owned by Hubert Elrington were divided up between the new CEO, Brian McFadden (37,500,000 shares) and the new secretary/treasurer/CFO, Michelle Pannoni (37,500,000 shares).  McFadden and Pannoni acquired those shares for an undisclosed amount of cash.  See the 8k for more details.


Amar Bahadoorsingh

The author of the 8k's filed today for PBCW is APS insider, Amar Bahadoorsingh who uses Luis Carrillo as his personal attorney.  See these two reports here and here for more details.  Amar Bahadoorsingh also recently authored filings for another Carrillo Huettel connected shell, HIDC.


The Current Share Count

The new share count now looks like this:

Authorized - 350,000,000 shares
Outstanding - 125,500,000 shares
Brian McFadden - 37,500,000 shares (restricted)
Michelle Pannoni - 37,500,000 shares (restricted)
Anonymous Mobile Dynamic Marketing Inc shareholders - 10,000,000 shares (???)
Anonymous Seed Shareholders - 40,500,000 shares (free trading)


Who are Brian McFadden and Michelle Pannoni?

Brian McFadden is a recent college graduate.

Since graduation, Brian McFadden, who is from Tampa, Florida, founded Rail Nine Media where he still works today.

Michelle Pannoni relocated to Florida after graduating from college in New York.  She met Brian McFadden while her company, Trudico LLC, was working together with a former Brian McFadden company called Let's Stay Local.  Michelle Pannoni also still works part-time as a Realtor in Clearwater, Florida.  I believe it was the very same Michelle Pannoni that from April of 2009 through June of 2010 served as an officer and director of Connect Corp (now trading under the ticker IFCI).   IFCI was a shell that James Parsons helped take public as Iron Head Mining Corp which then did a 6:1 forward split and two name changes before it became IFCI.  IFCI traded at almost $3.00/share at the start of 2012, but now trades at just $.11/share.


What is Mobile Dynamics Marketing Inc?

PBCW has already created a new website at which forwards to another new domain at

PBCW also has a twitter page for its new subsidiary.

According to information found in those locations, Mobile Dynamics Marketing Inc was created to be a mobile app development and marketing company.  It appears that the San Diego based web crawl business will be no more.

Pub Crawl Holdings / Mobile Dynamic Marketing is a marketing driven company that has developed a mobile app-based platform which it seeks to leverage, monetize and roll out in strategic phases. Mobile Dynamic Marketing delivers unique mobile marketing solutions to the $158 billion retail market currently influenced by mobile marketing in 2012, on its way to $689 Billion in mobile marketing influence by 2016 according to Deloitte analysts.

Mobile Dynamic Marketing is currently developing unique apps that will combine social media, QR and push marketing features, integrated with its proprietary “loyalShare" brand that will deliver unique marketing solutions for the formidable “big box” retailer marketplace.  They are currently losing billions of revenue dollars annually to the online “etailers” as a result of “showrooming” where shoppers price shop brick and mortar but purchase at Amazon thus providing an enormous opportunity for Mobile Dynamic Marketing.

Concurrent with its development, however, Mobile Dynamic Marketing has already validated “proof of concept” in the mobile app marketplace by closing several app sales to small businesses.  This action was a direct result from Mobile Dynamic Marketing’s ability to deliver phase one state of the art apps at below current market  pricing.


What to expect next

In just a matter of one day, PBCW took a huge leap from being a future paid promotion to possibly being a present paid promotion as early as Monday, December 3rd.

There are between 40,500,000 and 50,500,000 free trading share waiting to be dumped and it is obvious those shares were all issued to be dumped during a future paid promotion.  Because of the obvious links between PBCW and AwesomePennyStock insiders, I would expect an APS affiliated site to end up promoting PBCW whenever the promotion does start.  Since APS will be promoting SVEN for the next month, that makes Victory Mark (who is obviously affiliated to APS on some level) the favorite to promote PBCW if a promotion does start soon.  Of course there is no guarantee that PBCW will be Victory Mark, but if it is, at the current price of $.05/share, a promotion from Victory Mark could mean major gains for people that can get in early and do not chase the price too high.  



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