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Health Directory Inc (HLTD) – soon to be Sollensys Corp added to watch list today

26 Aug Health Directory Inc (HLTD) – soon to be Sollensys Corp added to watch list today


HLTD got approval for a 131.69:1 forward split which will go into effect on Monday.  Since all of the HLTD shares are still insider owned such a huge forward split screams out insider enrichment scheme which often come accompanied with some kind of paid promotion to support the share selling once it begins.

When Anslow & Jaclin (connected to too many past P&Ds to list here) helped take Health Directory Inc public with an S-1 filing on May 27, 2011, there were 2,759,400 shares outstanding.  2,000,000 owned by Humaira Haider the sole officer and director which she received for $2,000 and 759,400 shares owned by 35 seed shareholders which they received for $.05/share.  Humairi Haider would receive another 1,000,000 shares in December of 2011 for services rendered.

The company went public with only forward looking statements and no real business operations.  The plan was to raise money to start an online medical directory.

By June of 2012, the company had still yet to even register a domain name and cash was quickly running out.

On July 24, 2012 a change in control took place.  An anonymous business entity from the Middle East called Middle East Ventures FZE bought those 3,000,000 shares from Humairi Haider for $25,000.  The signature for Middle East Ventures FZE was just 2 letters (probably initials) RKSeventy-eight year old Rowland W Day was assigned to take over all the officer and director positions from Humairi Haider.  Ms Haider's roll as a nominee officer was completed.  Rowland W Day is the father of Rowland W Day II who acted as the attorney for the share exchange.



Rowland W. Day II has been involved in several past publicly traded companies.  He is an attorney out of the Newport Beach area in California.

Rowland W. Day II is the long time CEO of WebSafety Inc (WBSI) which has fallen from over $2.00/share to under $.01/share under his reign.



Prior to WBSI, Rowland W. Day II was the Chairman of the Board and major shareholder of Clearant Inc (CLRA) starting on April 5, 2007.   Clearant Inc got revoked by the SEC on August 9, 2012.

In 2004, Day II was involved in Cascade Dog Sled Adventures which later became Sunset Brands Inc (SSBN).


Rowland W Day (senior) immediately filed to raise the authorized share count to 1,500,000,000, to change the name of the shell to Sollensys Corp, and to do a 131.69:1 forward split.

Tomorrow the forward split and name change will take effect.

Our anonymous Middle East entity will own 395,070,000 shares.
Our 35 seed shareholders will own 100,005,386 free trading shares.


With the name change to Sollensys Corp a symbol change will be soon to follow.  After the symbol change keep an eye on this shell for a future paid promotion so those insiders can start dumping all those shares which is why I added this shell to our watch list for a future paid promotion.



The following is a list of those seed shareholders which may or may not just be nominee shareholders holding those shares in name only for anonymous insiders.




  • Anthony11
    Posted at 23:37h, 22 September Reply

    The “D” is now off HLTD. On 09-18-12 HLTD dismissed its old CPAs and got new ones.

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