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GSTV and PZOO updates

27 Jul GSTV and PZOO updates


Two of our stocks on our watch list had note worthy updates today.


Global Stevia Corp (GRUH) will have a new symbol starting on Monday - GSTV.

12:58 7/30/2012 GRUH GSTV Global Stevia Corp Common Symbol Change


We identified GSTV as a possible future paid promo before most providing a research report on July 19th seen here.

Our early research report on GSTV found here.

A review of some of that research:

On May 31, 2012, Matthew Christopherson bought all of Gillis and Bradshaw's shares (2,600,000) for $30,000 taking over control of the shell.

On June 4, 2012, GRUH filed for an authorized share increase from 75,000,000 to 975,000,000, a name change from Guru Health Inc to Global Stevia Corp, and a 13:1 forward split.

On June 14, 2012, Christopherson merged Guru Health Inc into a new entity he created called Global Stevia Corp.

The 13:1 forward split sets up all the insiders for future enrichment.

Matthew Christopherson now has 33,800,000 shares he got for $30,000 ($.00088/share)

The private seed shareholders now have 26,000,000 shares they got for $20,000 ($.00076/share)

The foreign convertible debt Note holder can now convert their $125,000 Note into shares at $.038/share.

After the forward split clears and the shell is issued its new ticker it will become a prime candidate for a future promotion so those insiders (seed shareholder and debt Note holder) can profit as much as possible off of their holdings.


In our Follow up GSTV research report we noted the connections between GSTV's potential future promoter and past Stevia company promotions

We noted in that follow up report that Bedford/Paragon promoted STVF using the following domain

Well today to coincide with ticker change our stock promoter in waiting registered a new stock promotion domain  The domain is being built as we speak and the promotion could be coming very soon.  Hopefully our subscribers waited until after the symbol change as we suggested before jumping the gun on this one.



Aim High Profits also put out a good research report on GSTV showing some of the interesting connections of the GSTV insiders.  From their research:



Pictured above is Matthew “Matt” Christopherson (left), David Clifton (center), and Kevin Mizuno (right). Clifton (see LinkedIn Profile Pic here) has a lengthy track record with OTC listed companies which went to crap that have also been connected directly with Mizuno (see LinkedIn Profile Pic here).

Kevin Mizuno filed the articles of incorporation for Santos Resources Corp. (OTC: SANZ) (see here). Santos Resources has now changed its name to Discovery Energy Corp. (OTC: DENR). Although he was not listed anywhere with SANZ or DENR as a direct shareholder, Mizuno found himself doing consulting work for Clifton at Pure BioFuels Corp. through his MIZ 1 Consulting. (see here)

Formerly known as Metasun Enterprises, Inc. (OTC: MESU), Clifton was the Director, Officer and Vice President of Pure Biofuels Corp. (OTC: PBOF) in August, 2006. (see here) Pure BioFuels conducted its business out of Peru. David Clifton (see here) is currently listed as a Strategic Advisor with Stevia Nutra Corp. (OTC: STNT), currently in early pump phase, where it claims he is the Founder of Stevia One, the largest single owned stevia plantation in the world. Chistopherson also claims to be one of Stevia One’s co-founders.

How far does the rabbit hole go?

The picture of the three amigos, Christopherson, Clifton and Mizuno, and the ones used currently on Clifton’s STNT profile and his and Mizuno’s LinkedIn profiles was taken at SteviaOne in Peru. Clifton claims to be the Founder according to his STNT profile, but has no reference anywhere on SteviaOne’s website. (see here) Worse than that, Clifton is on numerous documents from his days at Pure Biofuels with Chad DeGroot (see here, here, and here).

Chad DeGroot, former President of Metasun Enterprises, is/was the husband to Jessica Jaynes, sister of  Jeremy Jaynes, aka Jeremy Dagan Jaynes, aka Jeremy O Jaynes, aka Gaven Stubberfield. Jaynes ran the group, aka Worldwide Picks LTD, last decades version of (see here)  Jaynes was sentenced to 9 years in prison, but that was for spamming; he’s never been arrested for stock fraud and he’s never served any time in jail since his case is/was being appealed. However, ties to DeGroot are direct as both his wife and his work have been connected to the crew.



Today PZOO filed an 8K

The main insider behind PZOO (Integrated Capital Partners) converted 200,000 more of their preferred shares into 2,000,000 free trading common shares.

Integrated Capital Partners, Inc (James Farinella) previously converted 1,800,000 preferred shares into 10,800,000 free trading common shares making up almost the entire float.  After this conversion of 200,000 more preferred shares into 2,000,000 more free trading common shares they still have 3,020,000 preferred shares left (as of the last disclosure given by PZOO).  Those 3,020,000 preferred shares will be able to convert into 30,200,000 more free trading common shares at some point in the future.

A review of our past research provided here.

Integrated Capital Partners has many ties to PZOO and PZOO insiders.

An employee of theirs Gina Morreale was once the CFO/secretary for PZOO when it first went public.  She still holds 2,500,000 PZOO shares.

Integrated Capital Partners was once the investors relation firm for VitaminSpice LLC (VTMS).  VTMS signed a bogus agreement with PZOO to help that shell go public.  Nothing ever came of that agreement, but you need agreements or some kind of forward looking business plan to get the SEC to approve S-1 filings.

The attorney for PZOO, Wolfgang Heimerl, has only been the legal counsel for two publicly traded shells, VTMS and PZOO.

Integrated Capital Partners was also once the investors relation firm for 1st Global Financial Corp (FGBF).

The PZOO transfer agent, Platinum Stock Transfer is only listed as being the TA for two other companies - FGBF, and GDTK.

GDTK was formerly known as Seamless Corp (SMWF).  A paid consultant and spokesman for SMWF was James Farinella of Integrated Capital Partners.

But there is yet one more outside connection to Integrated Capital Partners.  Back in 2006, Integrated Capital Partners was the IR for Enxnet Inc (EXNT).  During that same period EXNT signed an agreement with a brand new company called DMC Athletics & Rehabilitation Inc.  The same DMC Athletics & Rehabilitation Inc which has a consulting agreement to be paid $15,000/month from PZOO.  The same DMC Athletics & Rehabilitation Inc that is run by the CEO of PZOO, David Cunic and the CFO of PZOO, Ben Hoehm.

So what did Integrated Capital Partners do to earn 4,300,000 preferred shares convertible into 43,000,000 free trading common shares?  They provide funding for the PZOO shell.  The first 3,800,000 preferred shares PZOO got for just $.05/share ($190,000 in funding). Since the preferred shares convert into 10 common shares each, Integrated Capital Partners got their first 38,000,000 worth of free trading PZOO common shares at $.005/share.  Since that time PZOO has signed a new agreement requiring them to pay $.50 for each preferred share.  So far they have purchased $250,000 worth of preferred shares at that price (500,000 preferred shares total).  After calculating the conversion ratio of 10 common shares for 1 preferred shares those 500,000 preferred shares will convert into 5,000,000 free trading common shares at $.05/share.

The investment agreement signed between Integrated Capital Partners and PZOO allows Integrated Capital Partners to purchase up to $1,000,000 worth of preferred shares at $.50/share so they have the option to purchase another 1,500,000 preferred shares if they want (all convertible into common stock at $.05/share).

I think you get the picture of who is set up to make the most money off of the PZOO shell.  The big question is will Integrated Capital Partners run any kind of paid promotion to increase their profits on their discounted free trading shares when they go to dump them?

We already know that PZOO signed a Financial Marketing Consulting Services Agreement with Equity Awareness group for 1 year paying them 3,000,000 shares.  

Equity Awareness Group has been involved in paying for several stock promotions in the past.  EAG has their own stock promotion website -  Equity Awareness Group also runs two other stock promotion companies - Emerging Media Group LLC which has a stock promotion website called and Premier Equity Reports which has a stock promotion website called  Their stock promotion history isn't exactly filled with huge success stories, but at this point we are still speculating about if a stock promotion will be run on PZOO or not.  I'd say that the odds are pretty good.

PZOO has already seen gains of 280% just on pre-promo hype alone.  We were the first ones on the internet to identify PZOO as a pre-promo pick providing our subscribers with a research report on July 19th seen here.  I still recommend caution on this stock once the promo hits (if there ends up being a paid promotion) because Integrated Capital Partners has a lot of discounted free trading shares to dump.  How well the promo goes will depend on what group is running the promo.




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