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Ebola stocks run

19 Oct Ebola stocks run

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On September 30th, as the markets were closing for the day, news hit that Ebola had entered the United States with the first confirmed Ebola patient at a hospital in Dallas, Texas.  Some of the main biotech tickers linked to infectious diseases in the past began to see an instant rise in price including TKMR, BCRX, LAKE, HEB, and SRPT.

Before the after hours trading was even complete we had a report out for our members about the confirmed Ebola case and the effect it could have in the coming days and possibly weeks for tickers that had any link to Ebola.  That list started with a little over a dozen tickers to watch, and since September 30th, we have continued to add tickers to that list as new tickers have done press releases trying to take advantage of the hype surrounding the industry and Ebola twists on other tickers were discovered.  Much like we did with the Cannabis Stock Run, we have stayed on top of all momentum linked to Ebola tickers on a daily basis trying to provide our members with the best profit opportunities possible.

The following are a list of just some of the Ebola tickers that have offered our members opportunities for big profits as of today, October 19th, since we first added the ticker to our list of Ebola stocks along with some brief information about why we decided to add the ticker to our list.


1) Sanomedics International Holdings (SIMH)

SIMH was added to our list on October 9th during the pre market because the ticker had news about supply thermometers for Ebola screening.  We liked the share structure and recent price history for SIMH a lot and especially liked it when it held at $.04 on the pullback after spiking up at the open that morning.  SIMH closed strong and gained momentum over the weekend when its thermometer showed up in a video on CNN helping the ticker run to $.60/share on October 13th. 

Alert Price = $.025/share (price of first trade after the stock opened on October 9th)

Top Price = $.60/share (on October 13th)

Profit Potential = 2300%


2) Revolutions Medical Corp (RMCP)

RMCP was added to our list on October 2nd at $.0022/share when an old press release from the summer was discovered by our team that mentioned Ebola.  RMCP didn't get much attention from retail investors the first week it was on our list, but on October 13th it finally got noticed and ran to $.0375/share.

Alert Price = $.0022/share (October 2nd)

Top Price = $.0375/share (October 13th)

Profit Potential = 1604%


3) Independence Energy Corp (IDNG)

IDNG was added to our list on October 13th at $.0017/share because we knew any ticker that was involved with selling thermometers like SIMH might start to run.  IDNG did run after our alert to our members hitting $.0198/share.

Alert Price = $.0017 (October 13th)

Top Price = $.0198 (October 13th)

Profit Potential = 1064%


4) IBIO Inc (IBIO)

IBIO was added to our list on October 6th at $.83/share because we found an article discussing how IBIO cultivated vaccines through tobacco plants which was the same process used by a private pharmaceutical company in California that was developing zMAPP a popular drug being used on Ebola patients.  One article about zMAPP even mentioned IBIO by name sealing the deal.  IBIO got some attention on October 6th when we first added it to our list, but then it got quiet for a few days until some big groups of investors started discovering it on October 10th.  On October 17th IBIO really took off when a big article hit about the zMAPP drug and its use with Ebola patients.

Alert Price = $.83 (October 6th)

Top Price = $3.48 (October 17th)

Profit Potential = 319%


5) Lakeland Industries (LAKE)

LAKE was one of the original tickers on our list when we first published it on September 30th with a share price of $7.85/share.  Lake would start to push up well on October 1st to $9.80, but then really got going starting on October 7th when it pushed to new highs past $10 climbing daily until it hit $32.76 on October 13th.

Alert Price = $7.85 (September 30th)

Top Price = $32.76 (October 13th)

Profit Potential = 317%


6) American Scientific Resources (ASFX)

ASFX was added to our list on October 13th at $.0004/share because the ticker used to sell thermometers back when it was last active in 2012.  ASFX has been a dead ticker since 2012 with no filings or news but we added it to our list in case it got any attention with IDNG and SIMH running.  ASFX picked up some volume later that day tapping $.0012/share but really didn't turn into an easy profit.  ASFX  hasn't really caught on much since.

Alert Price = $.0004 (October 13th)

Top Price = $.0012 (October 13th)

Profit Potential = 200% (but a very weak opportunity)


7) Nanologix Inc (NNLX)

NNLX was added to our list on the morning of October 14th because the ticker did a press release right at the open that day about Ebola.  We alerted our chat room about the news right when it hit.  The first trade that day went off at $.064/share.  NNLX quickly spiked up to $.1824/share then pulled back to the $.10/share range.  A couple days later it offered a nice bounce from the $.07s to $.16/share.

Alert Price = $.064 (October 14th)

Top Price = $.18 (October 14th)

Profit Potential = 185%


8) Positive ID Corp (PSID)

PSID was added to our list on October 1st at $.03/share because of pre market news about Ebola.  It was the first ticker to enter the Ebola industry because of new news since information about the first U.S. Ebola patient went public.  PSID opened that day at $.031/share pushing to $.055 a couple of days later. After dipping back to the low $.03s PSID made another nice run to $.085/share on October 13th coinciding with the other big penny stock Ebola runs.

Alert Price = $.031 (October 1st)

Top Price = $.085 (October 13th)

Profit Potential = 174%


9) Myriad Interactive Media (MYRY)

MYRY was added to our list at $.0077/share in the pre market on October 15th when MYRY did an Ebola press release.  MYRY is a scammy ticker with a history of just following the momo entering the Bit Coin industry when Bit Coin was hot and the cannnabis industry when cannabis was hott, but the ticker also had a history of some pretty good runs.   Early on there was some obvious selling through VNDM on the ask holding up the price, but once VNDM moved MYRY went on a very nice run eventually hitting $.0198/share. 

Alert Price = $.0077 (October 15th)

Top Price = $.0198 (October 15th)

Profit Potential = 158%


10) Alpha Pro Tech (APT)

APT was added to our list on October 9th.  The ticker was getting some attention that day because it was involved in supplying hazmat suits similar to LAKE.  We liked it in our chat room at $4.40/share after it  held its price well there for a while setting it up for a nice end of day push.  APT would hit $10.74 on October 13th.

Alert Price = $4.40 (October 9th)

Top Price = $10.74 (October 13th)

Profit Potential = 144%


11) Versar Inc (VSR)

VSR began as a pump&dump play started by a guru with a big chat room on October 13th.  The guru found a mention about VSR being involved in hazmat stuff as one of its lesser business operations grouping it to hot tickers LAKE and APT.  The price spiked up from $3.15 to $4.35 thanks to the twitter pumper posts by this guru and his followers then the dumping action started and it fell back lower than where it started under $3.00/share.  We waited for the p&d action to clear then liked VSR later that day when LAKE and APT got mentioned on the news and the ticker was showing new strength having climbed back to around $3.25/share.   VSR ran well into the close and eventually hit $7.84/share on Thursday before turning into a nice short play.

Alert Price = $3.25 (October 13th)

Top Price = $7.84 (October 16th)

Profit Potential = 141%


12) Geovax Labs (GOVX)

GOVX was added to our list at $.22/share on October 2nd when it did a pre market press release about Ebola.  The ticker made a nice push to $.42 that week then after dipping back under $.30/share got rolling again with the other penny stock Ebola tickers on the 13th eventually hitting $.51/share on October 14th.

Alert Price = $.22/share (October 2nd)

Top Price = $.51/share (October 14th)

Profit Potential = 131%


13) Aethlon Medical (AEMD)

AEMD was added to our list on October 11th at $.15/share.  It had started picking up a little volume on Friday the 11th.  We spend some time that weekend digging up tickers with loose Ebola connections for our list just in case they did any press releases in the near future.  AEMD did that press release on October 14th opening at $.14 then running to $.288/share.  The next day it went slightly higher hitting $.307/share.

Alert Price = $.15 (October 11th)

Top Price = $.307 (October 14th)

Profit Potential = 104%


14) Generex Biotechnology Corp (GNBT)

GNBT was added to our list on October 10th because of a pre market press release about Ebola.  GNBT opened that day at $.021/share and worked its way up to $.028/share.  On the 13th when the other penny stocks started to run, GNBT made a nice move from the mid $.02s to $.0388/share.

Alert Price = $.021 (October 10th)

Top Price = $.0388 (October 13th)

Profit Potential = 84%


15) Newlink (NLNK)

NLNK was added to our list on October 11th at $18.11 when we were looking for tickers with a loose Ebola connection that might do a future Ebola press release.   NLNK had a great following week gaining more and more attention as an Ebola ticker eventually hitting $33.10 on October 17th.

Alert Price = $18.11 (October 11th)

Top Price = $33.10 (October 17th)

Profit Potential = 82%


16) CodeSmart Holdings (ITEN)

We gave in and added ITEN to our list on October 13th at $.01/share when the momentum had grown enough that we knew ITEN could run further.  The ticker has a history of some nice short runs.  Some message board pumpers started pushing ITEN as an Ebola ticker because it does medical coding specifically focused on blood diseases which of course is the category that includes Ebola.  The ticker hit $.014/share that day then opened strong the next day as we expected hitting $.0181/share.  But like any good  pump&dump play the ticker collapsed from there falling back to the $.003s where it came from. 

Alert Price = $.01 (October 13th)

Top Price = $.0181 (October 14th)

Profit Potential = 81%



We'll stop our list there, but all total we now have 45 tickers on our members only Ebola list with business operations ranging from biotech, to hazmat, to supplies related to Ebola, to screening/testing.  All 45 tickers have offered some profits since being added to our list. 

We'll continue to add new tickers to our list for as long as the Ebola market remains hot and new tickers are discovered or do press releases to join the party.





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